Kora Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jaramnii Damee Muenchen bara 2013 Oromoota Motummaa Abbaa Irre Wayyaaneen  Ajjeffaman sirna dungoo qabsiisun Yaadate

Tokkumma Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG)

Baga Nagaan dhuftan! Welcome!Herzlich Willkommen!

Students Protest in Oromia intensified as the TPLF regime plans to evict thausends of Native Oromo farmers around  Addis Abeba

Oromia, Jimma, Nekemte, Haromaya, Metu, April 2014

"Es ist mein Politischer Wille mein Demokratisches Recht"

Gaaffiif deebie Obbo Watol Wado Miseensa GB-TBOJ, Baruu " Passauer Stadt Magazin " walinn geggeeffame. Afaan Germaniin dubbisuuf Sura kana jala jiru tuqi.

"It's my Political will and Democratic right"  Watol Wado, member of Representatives council of the UOSG,

an interview on the Passauer Stadt magazine. to read the full report in German please click the picture below.

Dear Mr. Bergmann,

It came to our attention through our members that, the December 8, 2013 program on DW  Amharic program, which we found to be insensitive and derogatory to the single largest ethnic group in the horn of Africa, the Oromo people. We, members of the Union of Oromo student in Europe-Germany (UOSG)   and the Oromo community residing in Germany, therefore are deeply offended by DW’s Amharic Service program which was defamatory and discriminatory against the Oromo people of Ethiopia to say the least. continue reading

Voice of Ormoiyaa Gaaffii fi Deebii Dr.Mohammad Hassan fi Dr. Asaffaa Jaallataa waa'ee duguuggsa  Meniliik II ummata Oromoo irratti raawwate

Oromo Community in Berlin e.V.

c/o Dr. Sufian Weise

Warnitzer Str. 24

13057 Berlin

Deutsche Welle

Mr. Klaus Bergmann

Director of International Affairs

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3

53113 Bonn

December 22, 2013

Dear Mr. Bergmann,

We, members of the Oromo community e.V, herewith express our utter dismay and indignation at what was recently aired on Deutsche Welle’s Amharic Service. In a program on December 8, 2013, a defamatory and discriminatory tirade against Oromo as a people was allowed unhindered; indeed encouraged by the host, purportedly as a discussion program. We are saddened to see the institution of Deutsche Welle, hitherto respected for its democratic and human right’s values enshrined in the Grundgesetz, being abused and reduced to an instrument of hate-propaganda against a whole people.

Our complaint is about hate-speech in the guise of free discussion and the promotion thereof. To begin with, a balanced representation for each side of the argument-line has not been observed; neither in numbers nor in their field of expertise: two historians against one economist. Read the whole text



By Gurraacho Silgaa

Since the OLF split into Transitional Authority (QC) and Shanee Gumii (SG) in 2001, the concept of reconciliation has emerged as a central theme of political discourse within the Oromo community in the diaspora. Reconciliation has been promoted as a way of re-directing Oromo resources and energy that is being wasted on in-fighting and toward challenging and eventually defeating Ethiopian colonialism.  The hope was, and remains to be, that the splintered organization – the OLF that is – will again become one, united in its purpose, in its structure, in its function and in its processes, made stronger and thereby play the midwifery role expected from it in the re-birth of an independent and democratic Oromo state. Read the whole Article

Gabaasa TBOJ Munich irra

Oromo in Action Part II-2013

Jawar's Speech on ethiotube

Call for Paper and Your Participation 

Biiftuu Bilisaa 10th volume 3rd edition will be published in mid of december, therefore you are invited  to express your view in the coming edition of Biiftuu Bilisaa. You can contact us through the following address for further information and you can also send us your view through the following email address.


Gabatee Gulaala TBOJ

Editorial team of UOSG

freeoromod@gmail.com or 015210249372

TPLF criminals Murdered Engineer Tasfahuun Camadaa! Enginar Tasfahuun Camadaa Mana Hidhaa Keessatti Ajjeefame; Reeffa Isaa Argachuuf Maatiin Kadhachaa Jira(Oromedia, 24 Hagayya 2013) Manni hidhaa Qaallittii fi Hospitaalli Minilik reeffa ilmaan Oromoo waggaa waggaan oomishuu isaanii itti fufanii jiru.

Memebers of UOSG or TBOJ would like to expresse our deepest condolences to the family, friends and the Oromo nation over the barabaric killing of Engineer Tasfahuun Camadaa in the Ethiopian Empire prison of Qaallittii.

Oduun Finfinnee keessaa nu dhaqqabe akka hubachiisutti, mootummaan Wayyaanee hidhamaa harka isaa jiru ajjeessee hospitaala Minilikitti darbuun reeffa illee akka hin arganneef maatii mankaraarsaa jiran.

Akka oduun arganne ibsutti guyyaa har’aa Hospitaalli Miniliki reeffa gooticha Oromoo, Enginara Tasfahuun Camadaa, maatiitti dabarsee kennuu diduun imimmaan ilmaan Oromoo akka dachaa dachaan dhangala’u taasisee jira.

Yeroo ammaa kanatti illee Oromoon hedduun reeffa Tasfahuun fudhachuuf Hospitaal miniliik fuulduratti walgahan illee haga ammaatti reeffi hin kennamiifiin akka jiru beekamee jira.

Akka oduu nu dhaqqabe kanaatti Tasfahuun kan ajjeefame Jimaata darbe galgala yookaan halkan, 23/08/2013, yoo ta’u, ganama isaa reeffi isaa gara Hospitaala Minilikitti darbame.

MaatiinTasfahuun garuu Roobii darbe, 21/08/2013 dhaqanii ijaan arganii jiran. Yeroo sanatti wal’aansa dhabee rakkachaa akka jiru ibsatee akka ture kan ibsan firoottan isaa, haalli yeroo sanaa garuu kan du’aaf isa ga’u akka hin turre shakkii tokko malee dubbatu.

Kana duras wal’aansa dhabee akka iyyachaa ture kan yaadachiisan kanneen Tasfahuun fa’aa waliin mana hidhaa keessa turan akka ibsanitti, Tasfahuun wagga lamaaf nama irraa adda bahee qobaatti hidhamuun hiraarfamaa akka ture dabalanii addeessanii jiru. Yeroo sanattis mana murtiitti otuu hin hafiin iyyatee deebii kan kennuuf dhabamuu isaa illee hiroyyooti isaa ragaa bahu.

Haata’uutii, Sambata kaleessaa obboleettiin isaa yeroo isa gaafachuuf Qaallittii deemtetti, guyyaa guutuu otuu itti hin himiin erga achi ishii oolchanii booda ‘hospitaala deemee jira, achi dhaqii gaafadhu,’ akka ittiin jedhan namooti ijaan argan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Yeroo odeeffannoo kana walitti qindeessaa jirru keessatti ergaan karaa marsaa walqunnamtii nu dhaaqqabe akka ibsutti, Oromoon yeroo lubbuun jirus yeroo du’us gidiraa walfakkaataan akka irra gahu kan ibsuu dha.

“Nama jiraatti dhabne, du’aa isaa ill argachuuf hin milkoofne,” kan jedhe, namni maqaa isaa ibsachuu hin feene tokko, “reeffa nama keenyaa argachuufis qabalee irraa hayyama argachuun dirqama nutti ta’ee jira,” jechuun gidiraan ilmaan Oromoo irra gahaa jiru saaxilee jira.

Tasfahuun Camadaa fi Masfin Abbabaa bara 2007 biyya Keenyaa keessaa qabamanii gara Itoophiyaatti erga geeffamanii booda hidhaa fi hiraarsaa olaanaa keessa turuun isaanii kan yaadatamuu dha.

Hiraarsaa bara dheeraa booda bara 2008 himannaan sobaa itti banameen murtiin hidhaa umurii guutuu itti darbee akka jiru illee kan beekamuu dha.

Tasfahuun erga murtiin umurii guutii irratti darbee boodas akka maatii isaa waliin wal hin argine, akka wal’aansa fayyaa hin arganne, akka qobaatti hidhamu godhamee akka ture kanneen itti dhiyeenyaan dhimma isaa hordofan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee kanaan duras bara 2005 fi bara 2006 keessa barattoota Oromoo kan akka Alamaayyoo Garbaa, Gaaddisaa Hirphasaa fi sabboontota Oromoo hedduu mana hidhaa keessatti ajjeessuun yakka olaanaa Oromoota irratti raawwachuun kan beekamuudha.


Ethiopian Nationalism is a wounded nationalism. The bloody war it has been fighting with its foes since the 1960s has left it severely wounded. It has been fighting both with its internal and external enemies which were created, harbored and brought up by Narrow Ethiopian Nationalism itself. It has been decisively defeated both in the battles of armed struggles and in the realm of ideas. Due to these bitter defeats Eritrea has gone forever. “Ethno”-Nationalists (even though I do not like this name, I could not get better one) have got State power and launched bloody wars against Ethiopian Nationalism. In fact, Ethno-Nationalists have scored so many successive “victories” that has far deepened the wound of Ethiopian Nationalism. Due to these defeats, Ethiopian Nationalists have started to doubt the validity and viability of their political commitments and values. They have lost self values and have become trapped into the vicious cycle that could be analogized to theory of “insecurity dilemma” of the given regime.

Read More

Avoiding Syria and Libya: Lessons for Ethiopia

The Long-term  cost of minority dominated dictatorship and the prospect for transition to democracy

Jawar Mohammed|September 4, 2012

(NB: This essay was drafted before Meles Zenawi fell ill and was put on hold until things clear up. Attempt has been made to update it with the new developments)

Following the popular  uprisings throughout North Africa and the Middle East, both democracy activists as well as those working to preserve the status quo are closely watching this incredible moment. While Tunisia and Egypt experienced a quick and orderly downfall of dictatorships, the uprisings in Libya and Syria turned bloody. Yemen falls somewhere in between. One of the factors that differentiate the orderly fall of a strongman from the bloody and protracted civil war is the level of sectarian concentration of power.

Three themes will be addressed in this essay. Why do certain authoritarian regimes exercise blatant discrimination when distributing rent – i.e. political power and wealth? How could such regimes concentrate power and wealth in the hands of small sectarian groups and remain in power for so long? Finally, what kind of transition is likely to take place in such situations?

Let us start with a brief look at how each of the three regimes evolved.In Syria and Libya, the status quo is characterized by extensive concentration of economic privilege and political power in the hands of a single ethnic/religious group, with the vast majority excluded. Under such conditions, transitions could only be achieved after the old regime is completely obliterated, including its support base and institutions. A cursory look at how these two countries got into their respective situations shows a remarkable similarity to the developments in Ethiopia in the last two decades.

Read More

Call for Paper and Your Participation 

Biiftuu  Bilisaa 10th volume 2nd edition will be published on 27  July 2013 , therefore members of UOSG are invited to express their view in the coming edition of Biiftuu Bilisaa . You can contact us through the following address for further information   and also you can send us your article , poem and  your expression in any other form through the following email address

Gabatee Gulaala TBOJ

Editorial team of UOSG

freeoromod@gmail.com or 015210249372

Guyyaan WBO Amajjii 1 magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajjae olee

Magalaa Munshin-Germany,

keessatti gaafa Amajjii 5 bara 2013 miseensoota dame TBOM ykn Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Munichin waree booda kabajjae olee. Ayyaanni guyaa Waraaana Bilisummaa Oromoo /WBO/ Jarmani magaalaa Munshin keessatti sirna hoo’aan kabajamee ooluun seena yeroo dheera ta’uun isaa ni yaadatama.

Boqonnaa Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa ilaalchise ibsa gaddaa Tokkumma Barattoota Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ) irra.

Ummanni Oromo abbaa guddaa tokko dhabe!


Boqonnaa abbakenya Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, yemmu dhagenyu naasu guddaa tu nutti dhaga‘aame. J/Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa umri isaani dargagguummaa irra eegalani ummata isaanif biyya isaani humnan qabmte jirtu bilisa baasuuf jecha hidhaa, biyya irra ari’atamu, beela’u, dheeboochu fi rakkina hiriyaa hinqabne heddu tu isaan muudate. Haata‘u malee, rakina kana hundaaf utu hinjilbeffatin kaayyoo ganama qabatani ka‘an bakkaan gahuuf baayyee dalagan. Read More

UOSG’s Statement on the Passing of Jarra Abbaa Gadaa, the father  of  oromo liberation movement

The Oromo people have lost their great father and leader!


We received the message of the passing away of our Great father and leader J/Jarra Abba Gada (Abdulkarim Ibrahim) with shock and sadness. Jarra Abba Gada took up arms to fight the Ethiopian rulers who continued to subjugate Oromia and oppress its people at his early age. He refused to accept the oppression, exploitation, and abuse of the Oromo people and he has been jailed, exiled and suffered a lot in the hands of successive Ethiopian rulers. In spite of all the suffering Jarra Abba Gada stand firm and fought the oppressors bravely for the cause of liberation. Read More

Gamtaa Oromoo (GO e.V) Hiriira aadaawwan biyyoolesaa (Parade der Kulturen) Magaala Frankfurt kessa geggeeffame irratti yeroo jalqabaatiif qooda fudhate Saba fi Aadaa Oromoo beeksise

Waxabajjii 28. 2014, Frankfurt Germany

Jaalatamoo Oromoota

hundaa duraan dursee nagaan rabii isin haagahu.

Hiriira aadaawwan biyyoolesaa (Parade der Kulturen) irratti saba Oromoo fi biyya isaa saba adda addaatti beeksisuuf gaafa 28.06.2014 carraaqqni goone kan eegne caalaa akka dansaatti nuu milkaa’ee jira.

Hirirra (Umzug) akkanaa irratti qooda fudhachuun Keenya yeroo calqabaatif ta’us Oromootni hedduun ijoolee isaanii wajjiin uffata aadaatiin barreedanii Bookkuu, Meeshaa adda addaatif Alaabaa Sirna Gadaa qabatanii shubiisa (ragadda/dance) Oromooottiin jamaa (uumata) Frankfurt ajaa’ibsiissaa oolanii jiru.

Poostarroota adda addaa fi Barreeffamaa facaafamu (Flyer) ti fayyadamuudhaan akkasumas Afaaniin Odeeffannoo barbaachisaa ta’an saba hiriira irratti argamaniif kennamanii jiru.

Akkasumas bakka dhaabii (Stand) ti waa’ee Oromuummaa fi qabeenya isaa (fakk. Bunaa fi Sirna isaa) beeksisuu qofaa osoo hin tain tajaajila Nyaachaa fi Dhugaatii guyyaa guutuu kennuudhan jamaa akka gaariitti bashannansiisuu danda’aamee jira.

Kanaafuu Oromootni fi Michootni Oromoo yeroof qabeenya isaani guamaachuu dhaan kaayyoon kun akka milkaa'uu carraaqqii godhan hundaa haa galatooman!

Nagaa wajjin!


Maqaa KHG GO e.V. tin Tarrafaa

Dabalataaf maalo Suraa kana tuqi (For More Pictures please click the Picture above)

Nürnburg (Amajjii 10, 2015)


Guyyaa kabajamaa guyyaa WBO kanarratti Keessummootni adda adda kan afeeramanii yemmu ta’u, saganticha akka Aadaa Oromoootti eebbaa Manguddoota Oromoon jalqabame akkasumas faaruun alaaba oromoo  erga faarfamee booda duungoo qabsiisuudhaan gootota wareegamaniif daqiiqaa lamaaf[2] yadannee jirra. Itti aansuudhaan, kabajaa guyyaa WBO ilaalchise Jaal Qaasimiin  barumsa fi ibsa bal’aa miseensootaf kennani jiru.akkasumas walaloon adda addaa fi barumsi bal’aan obbo Harun Kalil Batin kennamee bifa hoo’aan kabajamee oolee  jira.

Ummatni Oromoo guyyaa gabrummaa jalatti kufe irraa kaasee bilisummaa fi walabummaa isaa deebifachuuf wareegama hedduu baasee jira..WBOnis  wareegmnni  inni baasee fi injifannoon inni galmeesse salphaa miti. Kanaaf amajjii 1, guyyaa WBO akka guyyaa injifannoo saba Oromootti kabajna! Seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa ummatoota addunyaa hedduu yeroo ilaallu, biyya ijaarachuuf qabsoon hidhannoo qooda guddaa qaba.  Biyyootni qabsoo hidhannoo malee ijaaraman jiru jedhanii himuun nama rakkisa.  Qabsoon hidhannoo ummata tokko ijaaree hiriirsuu, akkasumas jaarmaya fi sabboonummaa ummataa cimsuu fi ittichuu keessatti qoodi inni qabu guddaa dha.  Waraanni saba tokkoo injifannoo saba isaa  raggaasuu, tiksuu,  wabii fi gaachana ta’uun isaas hubatamaa dha.

Ummatni Oromoo erga biyya fi mirga isaa dhabee kolonummaa Habashaa jalatti kufee eegalee bifa gara garaatiin yeroon inni hidhannoo hin kaasne hin jiru; akeeka bilisummaa fi galii siyaasaa ifaa jalatti humna ijaarameen kan qabsaawuu eegale utubamuu Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo waliin ta’uunis ifaa dha.  Qabsoon bifa kanaan haga ammaa deemes ummata keenya galii bilisummaa fi walabummaa biran gahuu hanqatus tarkaanfii hedduu tarkaanfate; mirgoota hin tuffatamne hedduus Oromoo gonfachisee, qabsoo fuula duraafis bu’uura jabaa kaahe.  Kanaafis, haala amma deemaa jiru keessatti, muuxannoo qabsoo hidhanoo haga ammaa gamaaggamanii tarsimoo fi tooftaa fuula duraa xiyaafachuuf bu’urri WBO buuse guddaa dha. 

Qabsoon hidhanoo Adda Bilisummaa Oromo jalatti adeemsifame haala daran rakkisaa fi hacuuccaa jabaa keessatti eegalee, gufuulee keessaa fi alaa hedduun xaxamee ture; haa ta’uuti qabsoo kanatti itti cichee qabsoo hadhooftuu gaggeesseen mirgoota hedduu Oromoo goonfachiise jira.  Haala kanaan:

Itti Fufaa............Read More

Waamicha Hiriira Nagaa Magaala Berlinitti

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Hiriira nagaa Hawaasa Oromoo biyya Jarmanii guyyaa 11.07.2014 magaalaa Barliinitti saganteeffame jira Qeeqanna “ TPLF Master Plan” :

Finciila Diddaa Gabrummaa (FDG) kan barattoota Oromoo biyyaa keessatti kaasanin kan ka`e, mootumman Wayyaanee (TPLFABUT) uumata keenya irratti rasaasaa roobsuun , dhiiga uumata keenya dhangalaste, kaan hidhaatti guurtee, garii madeesitee kaan ammo biyyaa baqate akka bayuu goodha jirtti.Dhiigni ijoollee keenya biyya keessatti dhangala’ee, waan biyya sana keessatti humnaan ukkaamamee jiru, ifatti baase jira.

Hawaasootni Oromoo Biyyoota ambaa jiraatan hundi yeroo tokkotti ijoollee keenya kana waliin dhaabbachuu fi hiriira bayuun,waan wayyaaneen irratti raawwate kana,addunyaa maratti dhageesisa jiru.

Gocha suukkanneesa TPLF uumata Oromoo irratti rawwata jirtu hubachuun, Hawaasni Oromoo Barliin hiriira nagaa 3.ffaa Adooleessa 11 bara 2014 (11.07.2014) magalaa Barliinitti qindeessaa jira.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Dhaamsa kana Oromoota hundatti akka nu dabarsitaan kabajaan isin gafanna.

Tokkummaan humna

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee,

biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira : 11.07.2014

Bakka: gara fuula duratti isiin beeksisna

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9:00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)

Gaaffif deebii Obbo Geetachoo Camadaa walin qophaa'e

Kan qopheesse,  Gamtaa Takkalaa

Sadaasa 2014

Sabni tokko saba kan biro irraa adda kan isa godhu keessaa inni guddaan aadaa isaati. Ummanni Oromoos ummata kan biro irraa kan adda isa godhu aadaa gosa hedduu qaba. Nutis harr'a aadaa oromoon qabu keessaa aadaa IRREECHA oromoo bifa gaaffif deebiidhan isiniif dhiheessineerra. Obbo Geetaachoon yeroo isaanii nuuf kennuudhaan aadaa bareedaa oromoon qabu kana irratti hubannoo guddaa nuuf kennuu saanitif Maqaa barulee Biiftuu Bilisaatin galata guddaa qabdu jenna.

Biiftuu Bilisaa:  Duraan dursee seenaa jireenya keessanii gabaabaatti akka naaf ibsitanin isin afeera.


Obbo Geetaachoo:  Maqaan koo Geetaachoo Camadaa Nadhabaasaa jedhama. Maqaan hammachiisaa, Tufaa jedhama. Miseensa Gadaa Meelbaa ti. Hamma kanan jiraadhu Biyya Jarmanii, magaalaa München (=Munich) keessa.


Biiftuu Bilisaa:  Aadaan irreecha Oromoo biratti kabaja guddaa kan qabu ta'uunsaa nibeekama. Akkasumas yeroo ammaa irreecha irreeffachuun baramaa dhufeera. Mee aadaan irreechaa kun maali?


Obbo Geetaachoo:  Ummanni Oromoo aadaa bal’aa qaba. Aadaa waliin jireenyaa, aadaa siyaasaa, aadaa bulchiinsaa, aadaa Waaqa ittiin galateeffatan, aadaa uumama (nature) eeganii ittiin jiraatan, aadaa nama wal-ajjeese illee gumaa kennisiisanii-fudhachiisanii ittiin araara buusan, aadaa intala geesse ittiin heerumsiisan,  ilma gahe ittiin fuusisan kkf maraa jiruu fi jireenya isaa keessatti kuufatee qaba. Kun marti innaa iddoo tokkotti walitti qabamee ilaalamu, eenyummaan ummata kanaa saba “Oromoo” ta’uu isaa mirkaneessa. Kana jechuun, Oromoon aadaa isaa kanaan jifaaramee innaa muldhatu, uummatoota isa hin fakkaanne biratti of ta’ee akka  argamu isa  abbooma jechuu keenyaa. “Oromummaa” kanjennus (as a way of life) kana hunda walitti hammatee waanjiruuf, eenyummaan Oromoos keessaa finiinee maddisa.

Kanati amma nagaafatte kun uummata Oromoo biratti  Irreessi/Irreechi attamitti ayyaana ta’ee kabaja guddaa argachuu danda’e kanjedhu wajjin waan walqabatee jiru natti fakkaata.


Mee irreecha/ irreessa jechuun  maal jechuudha kan jedhu irraa haa kaanu. Gabaabumatti irreecha/irreessa jechuun marga jiidhaa qabatanii garaa qulqulluun Ummaa fi uumatti bahanii Waaqa galateffachuu, gammachuu qaban  ibsachuu, rakkoo jiruuf illee Waaqa Uumaa sana kan hojii isaa malee Isa ijaan arguu hin dandeenye furmaata gaafachuu jechuu dha. Oromoo ta’ee kan hundee Oromummaa isaa hin daganne dhuunfaanis  ta’ee waloon har’a illee irreeffachaa jira.


Yeroo hammaa kana keessa, lammiiwwan Oromoo, Oromiyaa keessa jiraataniif fi biyya halagaa keessa illee faffaca’anii jiraatan, walitti dhufuudhaan Irreecha Birraa ayyanaffachaa jiru. Egaa, aadaa jiruu fi jireenya uummata Oromoo, guutuu Oromiyaatti kan calaqisiisaa jiru keessaa inni guddaan tokko  Irreecha Birraa, isa Fulbaana keessa kabajamu kana.


As irratti waan  beekuu qabnu tokkotu jira. Innis jecha “Waaqa” jedhu ta‘a. Jechi kun hundeen isaa kan Oromoo duwwaa hin turre. Kan uummatoonni Kuush  marti  waloon walfaana qabaachaa turan dha.  Har’a garuu uummata Oromoo biratti heddumminaan innaa itti fayyadamaa jiru uummatoota Kuush biroo birattigaruu gara  maqaa ergisaatti (loan words) amantii halagaa fudhatan wajjiin jijjiiramaajira. Fakkeenyaaf uummata Somaalee yoo fudhanne duri akkuma Oromoo Waaqa jedhu ture. Har’a garuu jechoota iddoo tokko tokko  maqaa kana wajjin walqabatee jiru waamuu irraa kan hafe jechi „Waaqa“ jedhu,  Somaalota biratti dhagayamaa hin jiru.



Uummanni Oromoo kan Waaqa galateeffatee gammachuu qabu walii ibsu keessaa innii guddaan innaa ganni ‘dukkanaa’ dabree birraan booqaa ifuu eegalu dha. Yeroo kana uummanni Oromoo malkaa fi burqaatti bahee „GalataKee yaa Waaqi kan ganna dukkana keessaa nagaan nu baaftee booqaa birraatti nu ceesifteef “ jedhee  marga jiidhaa harkatti qabate sana irreeffata. Sana booda sirba garaagaraa sirbaa gammachuu fi jaalala qabu walii ibsa. Sirba gootaa sirba jaalalaa, faruu loonii, faaruu namaa, faruu uumaa fi uumamaa, geerarsa, dhiichisa, ragada, shaggooyyee, iyyaasee kkf sirbaa oola. Dhangaa qabu waliin nyaatee dhugee, “Yaa Waaqi akkasuma waggaa waggaan nagaan nu gayi” jedhee eebbaan walbiraa gala.


Biiftuu Bilisaa:  Ireechi amantaa moo aadaa dha? Amantaa wajjin walitti dhufeenya inni qabu akkasumas addaa addummaansaa maali?


Obbo Geetaachoo:-  gaaffiin  kun yeroo maraa ka’a. Irreechi amantii dha moo aadaa dha? “jedhamee gaafatama. Kanaafis deebiin quubsaa ta’e waan kenname natti fakkaata. Haa ta’u malee, namoonni gaaffii kana yeroo yerootti kaasuu isaanii hin dhiifne.


Amantii eenyuutu aadaa isaa irraa addaan cite jira? Amantiin uummata kamii iyyuu  aadaa isaa irraa addaan bahee  hin jiru. Amantiin isaa aadaa   isaa keessatti bu’uura tokko qabatee jira. Fakkeenyaaf kiristaanonni Awuroophaa ayaana “Christmas” jedhamu Mudde 25 kabajatu. Guyyaa Iyyasuus Kiristoos itti dhalate jedhanii kabaju. Ayyanaa guddaa dha. Akkaataan isaan itti kabajatan garuu, “Christmas Tree” kan jedhamu dhaabuu irraa kaasee guutummatti aadaa uummata Awuroophaa duriitu maqaa “Amantii Kiristaanaa” tiin kabajamaa  jira malee Christmas mataa isaatti amantii isaani miti. Amantii kiristaanummaa (Christianity) kana sirna aadaa akaakilee isaanii duriitiin kabajachaa jiru.


Otoo Kirstaanummaa hin fudhatiin dura, uummanni Awuroophaa durii, ayyaana  Christmas/Weinachten jedhanii kabajatan kana, akka dhaha isaaniitti (calendar),“Guyyaa Qarri Biiftuu Kibbatti (south) dhalattee Kaabatti (north) nuu deebitu” jedhanii waggaa waggaan (beginning of the new year) ayyaaneffatu ture. Kirstaanummaa eegga fudhatanii booda garuu, qeessoonni Awuroophaa guyyaa, “Qarri Biiftu nuu Dhalatte” jedhee uummanni kabajatu kana, “Guyyaa Iyyasuus Kiristoos itti dhalate” jedhanii labsan. Uummannis akkas jedhee akka ayyaaneeffatu godhan. Har’a, illee kanumatu jira.


Ummanni Oromoo, akkuma Awuroophaa durii sana, guyyaa “Booqaa Birraa” (qara biiftuu) itti argu, waggaa waggaatti “Irreecha Birraa” jedhee gammachuudhaan ayyaaneffata. Guyyaa dhaloota namaa ykn dhaloota sa’aa jedhee waan ayyaaneffatu hin jiru. Uumaa fi uumamni wal-madaalee akka jiraatu Waaqa kadhata, ni gaafata ittis himata.



Hordoftoota amantii Islaamaa yoo ilaalle, Quraanni waan hedduu of keessatti qabatee dhiyaateefii jira. Fakeenyaaf, namni badii hojjete tokko, seera Shar’ah-tiin attamitti akka adabamuu qabu, seerri fuudhaa fi heerumaa attamitti akka raawwatu, seera wayyaan itti uffatamu, seera qulqullina ofii ittiin eeggatan (hygiene) akkaataa namni du’e tokko itti awwaalamuu, qooda dubartiin hawaasa keessatii qabaachuu qabdu kkf martii amantii Islaamaatiin hammatamanii waan jiraniif, Islaamumaan amantii Allah/ Rabbi ittiin “qunnaman” duwwaa otoo hin ta’in, seera jiruu fi jireenya hordoftoota amanaata kanaati yoo jenne dogoggora natti hin fakkaatu. Kunis aadaa fi ilaalcha Araboota durii keessaa kan maddisee bahee fi isaa wajjin hidhannaa guddaa kan qabudha.


Irreechi ayyaana(festival) Oromoon “Baga ganna ‘dukkana’ keessaa nagaan nu baaftee, booqaa birraa nu agarsiifte” jedhee waggaatti al-tokko gurmuun malkaatti yaa’ee  gammachuudhaan Waaqa Tokkicha galateeffatudha. Kunis Irreecha Birraa jedhama. Irreecha Arfaasaa kan jedhamus ni jira. Inni ammoo tulluu irratti ayyaaneffama. Maaliif akka tulluu irratti ta’uu fi akkaataan itti kabajamuu  qabu seera mataa isaa kan danda’e qaba.


Oromoon Waaqa Tokkichati amanee bula innaa jennu,

Waaqa waan hundaa uume kan hojii isaa malee isa ijaan arguu hin dandeenyetti amanee bula jechuu keenya. Waaqa Tokkichatti amananii buluuf ammoo  uummanni Oromoo adeemsa jiruu fi jireenya isaa keessatti  kan barate malee kan eenyu iyyuu  dhufee Waaqa akka baru isa  taasise hin jiru. Kanaafiyyuu, amantiin Oromoo ganamaa (traditional religion) maqaa Waaqa irraa maddeen “Waaqeffannaa (Waaqa)”, jedhamee waamamuuf.


Egaa, irreechi birraa aadaa Oromoon Waaqa isa uume biyya bareedduu badhaasee isaa kenne kana ittiin galateeffatu, gammachuu qabu ittiin walii ibsu, nagaa fi jaalala qabu waliif hiru dha. Akkaataa Oromoon  jiidha  qabatee, angafaa fi quxisuun dhaabatee, Waaqa isaa galateeffatee wal-eebbisu, ilaalcha amantii isaa calaqisiisa. Uffanni guyyaa kana uffatamu, nyaanni fi dhugaatiin guyyaa kana nyaatamee dhugamu, sirboonni bifa garaagaraan ayyaana kana irratti sirbaman marti  aadaa uummata kanaa maddisiisu.


Gabaabumatti, Irreechi Birraa ayyaana bashannanaa (Oromo national festival) ayyaana gammachuu, kan waggaa haaraa ittiin simatan, kan ittiin wal'eebbisanii uumaa fi uumama ittiin galateeffatan ta’uu isaa nuu mirkaneessaa.


Biiftuu Bilisaa: Oromoon maaliif malkaatti bahee irreeffata?



Obbo Geetaachoo: Irreechi/Irreessi haajaa (dhimma) garaagaraaf, iddoo garaa garaatti irreeffatamuu danda’a. Namoonni dhuunfaan mana isaanii keessatti, fakkeenyaaf, utubaamirgaa fi diinqa-borootti, ni irreeffatu. Galma qaalluutti dhaqanii ni irreeffatu. Tulluu gubbaatti bahanii ni irreeffatu. Horri innaa birraan bari’u, haramee qulqulaawuu waan qabuuf, otoo haruu hincalqabiin dura itti irreeffatamee harama.


Oromoon yoom irraa kaasee malkaatti bahee irreeffachuu calqabe? jedhamees nigaafatama. Deebiin aniqabu, “Bara kana irraakaaseetuu” jennee dubbachuu hindandeenyu kanjedhu ta’a. Haata’u malee seenaa duubatti deebinee yoo'ilaalle Gibxoonni durii laga Abbaayaa (the Nile) akka kennaa Waaqaatti waan fudhataniif waggaatti innaa lagni Abbaayaa guutee dhufu qarqara laga kanaatti yaa’anii gammachuun simatanii ayyaaneffatu ture. Waaqa laga kana isaanii kenne galateeffatu. Irreechi Oromoon har’a of harkatti qabatee jirus  kana wajjin walqabatee akka jiru karaakoo mamii (shakkii) hinqabu.


Hundeen Oromoo Kuush waanta’eef Gibxoota durii wajjin ollummaan jiraachuu bira taranii lamummaan walitti hidhamanii jiru. Lamaanuu aadaa malkaatti bahanii ayyaaneffatan qabu. Gibxoon Opet jedhu; lagnii Abbayyaa guutee innaa dhufu ayyaaneffatu. Oromoon Irreecha jedha. Oromoon lageewwan ganna keessa guutanii jiran  innaa hir’atanii lafti qooree  keelloon daraaru ayyaaneffata. Irreechi hambaa Kuush (Cushitic heritage) durii kan uummanni Oromoo of harkatti hambifatee qabudha.


Akka amantii Kiristaanotaatti Iyasuus Kiristoos garalagaYoordaanos dhaqee bishaan laga kanaan cuubamee eebifame jedhama. Kanuma irraaka’uudhaan  malkaan(lagni) Yoordaanos warra amantaa Kiristaanaa hordofan biratti ulfina akka qabu argaa jirra.


Warra amantaa Islaamaa hordofan birattis jechi  “zamzam”jedhu “dhaabadhu! dhaabadhu!” kan jedhuuf hiikaa afaanii (linguistic)haakennu malee  karaa amantii ammoo hiikaa “burqaabishaanii” jedhu of keessaa qaba.  Akka hordoftoonni amantaa kanaa jedhanitti dur Ismaa’eelii fi haatiisaa Hagar bishaan dhugan dhabanii gammoojjii barahaa keessatti du’uuf turan.Yeroo kana Gargaarsa Allah/Rabbii-tiin, Hagar koomee ishiitiin lafa gad-dhiitte Achumaan  Allah bishaan lafakeessaa burqsiseef. Maqaa bishaan kanaa ZamZam jettee waamte. Hagar fi ilmiishii (Ismaa’eel) bishaan ZamZam kana dhuganii du’a irraa hafan jedhanii amanu. Muusiliimoonni haajji deemanillee bishaan maqaa Zamzam-iin Meekka keessatti beekamu yoodhugan akka malattoo du’a irraa deebi’anii hafaniitti (symbol of salvation)fudhatu.

Biyya Hindiikeessaa, warri Hinduu amantaa Hinduism jedhamu qabu. Waggaa waggaan laga Gaanjes (Ganges River) dhagqanii ayyaaneffatu. Bishaan laga kanaatiin, dhiqatanii of qulqulleessu. Kana jechuun bishaan laga kanaatiin of haaromsu jechuudha. Kanaafuu, Lagni Gaanjes warra amantaa Hinduism hordofan biratti “lagaqulqulluu” (holy river)ti.

Akka raajiin Oromoo durii himutti (Oromo mythology) uumamumti dhala namaa iyyuu (the creation of Human Being), malkaa (bishaan) qarqara turee jedha. Umamni kun  nama haata’u malee  calqaba duraa saala dhiiraa ykn saala dubartii hinqabu ture. Laga (bishan) qarqara jiraata. Gaaf tokko otoo qarqara lagaa kana adeemuu Waaqni duubaan itti dhufee innaa isadubbisu rifatee iddoo lamatti cite addaan bahe.  Qaamni isaa tokko lagagamatti utaalee cehe  Innitokko isuma wajjin hafe. Kan isa wajjin hafe dhiira ta’ee argame. Kan laga gamatti cite cehe dubartii taatee argamte.  Laga gamaa gamanatti wal-ilaalanii wal-hawwuu irraa kanhafe  qaamaan walitti dhufuu hindandeenye ture. Yeroo keessa   inni dhiiraasun ishii dubartii sana laga ceesifatee oftti fudhatee fuudhe. Akka haadhamanaa fi abbaamanaatti waliin jiraachuu eegalan. Isaanis walhoranii  horteen isaanii lafakana guutee argame jedha raajiin Oromoo kun.(Barroo Ilaacha Oromoo, Obboo Dirribii Bokkuu tiin barreeffame keessatti baldhinaan ibsameejira).


Yoo bifa raajiinkun jedhuun ilaalle, Oromoon qarqara malkaatti bahee irreeffachuunisaa, “Waaqa asitti nu'uumtee wal nu horsiifteef galanni sihaagawu” jechuufis nita’a. Karaa biraa ammoo yoo ilaalle, waan lubbuu qabu martii bishaan malee guddatee jiraachuu hindanda’u. Namni biddeena (midhaan) otoo hinnyaatiin guyyaa baay’ee turuu nidanda’a. Bishaan otoo hindhugiin garuu guyyaa tokko illee ooluu hindanda’u. Kanaaf, Oromoon bishaan akka mallatoo lubbuutti (symbol of life)  fudhatee malkaatti /burqaattii bahee wal'eebbisa; waliin gammadee,  Uumaa fi uumama galateeffata.


Biiftuu Bilisaa:  Aadaan irreechaa tokkummaa Oromoon qabu yookan Oromummaa jabeessuu irratti shoora akkamii taphata jettu? Irreecha ilaalchisee yaada dabalata yooqabaattan?


Obbo Geetaachoo: Aadaa Oromoon kuufatee qabu keessaa irreecha duwwaa kabajachuun tokkummaa Oromoo jabeessee, eenyummaa Oromoo akka qara biiftuu finiinsuu danda’a jechuu hindandeenyu. Irreechi adeemsa seenaa uummata Oromo keessatti, akka chaaptera tokkootti kan galmaayee jirumalee mataa isaatti managalmee (registrar office) eenyummaa ykn aadaa Oromoo miti. Chaapteroota birootiin deggaramuu, utubamuu, gargaaramuu qaba jechuukooti. Si’a kana keessa  lammiiwwan Oromoo walitti dhufanii  Irreecha Birraa kabajachuu eegaluun isaanii eenyummaan Oromoo deebi’ee akka ijaaramu (reconstruct) gochaa jiru. Kun ammoo tokkummaa Oromoo jabeessuu irrattis shoora   guddaa qaba jedheen ilaala.


Haata’u malee irreecha duwwaa jabeessuun tokkuummaa Oromoo utubnee dhaabne jechuu miti. Instiituushiinii (institution) kan akka Siiqqee (sinqee) fakkaatan, irreecha cinaatti jabaachuu qabu.  Maaliif yoojenne, irreecha irratti qooda (shoora) dubartoonni Oromoo qaban olaanaa waanta’eef sirni Siiqqee kun ammoo kallatiin dubartoota waan ilaaluuf jabinni instituushiinii Siiqqee jabina dubartoota Oromooti. Kana wajjin faaya (meeshaalee) aadaa Oromoo, uffanni aadaa Oromoo (Oromo traditional costumes and other material cultures) sirboonni aadaa Oromoo, dhangaan Oromoo kkf sadarkaa har’a irrajiran kana caalaa miidhaganii yoodhiyaatan irreecha jabeesuu biradabranii Oromummaa misoomsuu irratti shoora guddaa qabu.



Dhumairratti, waananjechuu barbaadu uummata aadaa fi seenaa isaabeekutu  safuu hawaasa sanaa eeggatee eenyummaa isaa kabajata. Uummanni eenyummaa isaa hinbeekne safuu isaa eeggachuu hindanda'u. Salphumatti faffaca’ee halagaa jalatti kufuu danda’a.


Uumaanni Oromoo ega halgaa jalatti kufee garbummaan jiraachuu eegale kunoo bardhibbee tokkoo olta’ee jira. Garbummaa jalaa bahuuf tattaaffii godhukeessatti  jabinnii fi dadhabinni isa qunnamee jira. Iddoo dadhabinni jiru sana duraan dursanii sacca’anii (gulaalanii) barachuun baay’ee barbaachisaadha. Isa sacca’amee baratame kanatu  tokkummaa Oromoof utubaa idooloojii ta’ee tajaajila.


Oromoon gaafa tokkummaan dhaabatee garbumaa jalaabahe eenyummaa isaa guutummatti kabachiifachuu danda’a. Kana bira gahuuf ammoo eenyummaa ofii baranii kabajachuudha isatu tokkummaa fidee qabsoo godhamuuf wabii ta’a jedheen amana.

Biiftuu Bilisaa: Obbo Geetaachoo yeroo keessan nuuf kennitanii gaaffif deebii nuwaliin gotaniif galata guddaa qabdu jenna.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromof!

München, 20.12.2014


Nuuti tokkummaan baratoota oromoo biyya jarmanii yeroo ammaan kanaa mootummaa abbaa irree Impaayeera Itoophiyaatiin sochii mormii barattoota Yunivarsittii, barattoota mana barumsaa sadarkaa adda addaa fi ummmata Oromoo dhaamsuuf jechaa ajjeecha garaa hammeennaan barattoota irratti raawwatameen lubbuun barataa hedduu dhabamuun haalaan nu gaddisiise jira.

Mootummaan Itoophiyaa mootummaa mirga ummata oromoo hiree ofii ofiin murteeffachuu humnaan ittisee karaa seeraan alaatiin angoo siyaasaa ofii dheerrafachuuf tattafataa jiruudha. Mootummaa Itoophiyaa TPLFn durfamu jalatti waggoottan 23 dabran keessatti ummatini  Oromoo hiree siyaasaa biyya isaa irratti wal-qixxummaan murtessuu dhabee, akka bineensa bosonaa mootummaan yeroo fedhutti  ajjeesuu ta’ee jira. Ummatii Oromoo mirga bilisummaan gurmaa’uu, dhaabbata siyaasa fedhu deeggaru, mirgaa odeeffannoo walabaa midiyaa walabaa irraa argachuu, hiriira nagaa bahuu dhorkamee biyya isaa irratti lammii lammaffaa fi garboota ta’anii jiraachaa jiru. Haallii Sabnni  Oromoo tiif ummattootii Itoophiyaa biro keessa jiran gonkummaa fudhatama kan hin qabneef jijjiramuu kan qabuudha.

Kanaafuu nu miseensotni TBOJ kora 39ffaa ibsa ejjennoo keenya akka kanaa gadiitti dabarfanneerra. Ibsii ijjannoo kun deeggarsa  tokkummaan baratoota oromoo biyya jarmanii jiru sochii didda gabrummaa fi fincila barattoota Oromoo Yunivarsitii Oromiyaa/biyyoleessa keessa jiraniif qabnu muldhisuudhaaf kan qophaa’eedha.

Ibsa Ijjannoo:

1. Gocha farrummaa ummataa Oromotiif qabu irraa kan ka’e mootummaan Itoophiyaa Ijjechaa seeraan alaa barattoota Oromoo tiif ummata Oromoo hiriira nagaa bahe irratti raawwate cimsinee kan balaaleffannu ta’u keenna ibsina. Ijjeechaa garaa hammeennaan barattoota Oromoo irratti raawwatameef hoggantoota mootummaa abbaa irreetiin ala qaamnii biraa itti gaafatamu akka hin jirre amanna. Ajjeechaan bara baraan dhala Oromoo irratti raawwatamu gocha fixiinsa sanyii Oromoo ta’uuti hubbanna. Hoggantootii mootummaan Itoophiyaa TPLFn durfamu Dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo jissuu irraa akka of-qusatan akkeekkachiifna.

2.Maqaa misooma qindomina qabuu fiduuf jechuudhaan tarsiisoo mootummaan abbaa irree lafa Oromoo ummata Oromoo irraa buqqisuudhaan deeggartootaa fi abbaa fedheef kennuuf maqaa  Master Plan” jedhuun moggaase raawwii isaaf tattafachaa jiru cimsinee kan balaleeffannu ta’uu ibsina. Karoorrii kun akkuma ummata Oromoo biyya keessa jiruuf dhimmii kun kallatiin ilaalu biratti fudhatama hin qabne, nu Oromoota biyya ambaa jiraannu birattis akka fudhatama hin qabne ibsuu barbaanna. Mootummaan abbaa irree Impaayeera Itoophiyaa qondaaltoota siyaasaa isaa ajjechaa ilmaan Oromoo keessatti kallatiin qooda qaban hatattamaan too’annoo jala oolanii gara seeraati akka dhiihatan akka godhu akkeekachiifna. Galmaa’an gahuu kaayyoo kanatiif dhaabbileen mirga dhala namaatiif falman hudumtuu mootummaa Itoophiyaa irratti akka dhiibbaa godhan gaafanna. Gochaan ummata Oromotiif ummattoota biroo Itoophiyaa Keessa jiran ukkamsuudhaaf mootummaan Itoophiyaan yeroo yerooti fudhatamaa jiru, fixiinsa sanyii namaa akka ta’e hubatamee qaamnii dhimmii Kun ilaalu qorannoo shakkamtoota yakka kanaa gara seeraati dhiheessuuf barbaachisu amumma akka eegalan gaafanna.

3. Maatii Wareegamtoota ilmaan Oromoo ijjechaa mootummaan TPLFn raawwatameen dhuman hundaaf gadda guddaa nutti nagahame ibsina. Dhiigii ilmaan Oromoo dhiiga bineensa bosonaa akka hin taane hubannee gumaa isaanii deebisuudhaaf qabsoo gaggeeffamu keessatti deeggarsa nurra barbaadamu godhuudhaaf qophii ta’uu keenna ibsina. Gaddii keessan gadda keennaaf gadda ummata Oromoo cufaa. Kanaafuu,gadda keessan isan waliin dhaabbanne isin sabbarsiisuuf qophii ta’uu keenna ibsina. Galanni  ilmaan Oromoo qabsoo mirgaa Oromootiif kufanii bilisummaa saba Oromootiif walabummaa Oromiyaa  qofa akka ta’e hubbanna.

4. Barattoota hidhaman hundaa haala duree tokko malee akka gad dhiifaman cimsinee gaafanna. Hidhaamtoota Siyaasa mana hidhaa Impaayeera Itoophiyaa keessa jiran maraa akka gad dhiifaman cimsinee gaafanna. Tokkummaan baratoota oromoo biyya jarmanii keessa jiraannu qabsoo haqaa Oromoo keessatti ummata Oromoo biyya jiru cinaa jiraachuu keenna yeroon mirkaneessinu jecha armaan gadii kana jennee amanna.

Qabsa’aan ni kufa, Qabsoon itti fufa!


Munchen muddee 20/12/2014

Waamicha Kora 39ffaa Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ

Kabajamo Misensoota fi Deggartoota QBO

Kora 39ffaa Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ

    Gaafa: 20.12.2014

Iddoo: Einewelthaus, Schwanthaler. 80

Magaala:  Münchentti

Sa’a:  14:00 irra kaase


Guyyaa kanarratti

-Haala  Siyaasaa Yeroo ilaalchise, kessumma Afeeramanin,  barumsa kennama fi marii geggeeffama

-Gabaasaa Raawwii hojii tu dhihaata

-Akkaata Jaarmayichi ciimsinu rrattis Marii geggeeffama. (17:00- 18:00)*

-Xumura : sa’a 18:00tti

Kanaafu, Guyyaa kana rratti Yeroo kabajani argamudhaan akkasumas damaqinsaan hirmaachudhaan dirqama Oromummaakessan akka baatan waamicha kenya kabajaan dabarsina.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromoof!


Daawwi Mumcha Mministeera Iitophiyaa Godhu Mormuudhan Hawaasnni Oromoo biyya Jarmanii Berlin (waajira chansilara biyya jarmanii duratti ) Hiriira Nagayaa Bayuun Mormi Cimaa Dhagesisan

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                                                                                                                 Munich, Guyyaa 07/06/2014


Walga'iin guyyaa har'aa 07/06/2014 akka Aadaa Oromootti ebbaa maanguddoota oromon baname. Akkasumas barattoota oromoo wareegamaniif dungoon erga qabsiifameen booda daqiqaa tokkoof yaadannoon godhameera. Walga'ii kanarratti bakkabu'oonni hawaasa oromoo Munichiif jarmiyoota oromo argamaniiru.

Obbo Watol Wado fi obbo Mokonnon Gurmeessaa haala yeroo ammaa biyya keessatti geggeeffamaa jirurratti ibsa kennaniiru. Wayyaanen dargaggoota/barattoota/ oromo bor biyya bushuu danda'an akka malee dararuuf ajjeesuun fulduree oromoo ija dhabsiisuf yaalaa akka jiran ibsan. Karaa biran ammoo dargaggoonni oromoo mirga abbaa biyyummaa isaniif dammaqanii garajabinaan diina hanga funyaanitti hidhatee jiru dura dhaabachuun falmii gochaa jiran dinqisifataniiru. Akkasumas humnoonni habashaa haala yeroo ammaa kanarratti bifa lamaan socho'aa akka jiranis ibsan, innis karaa tokkoon oromoo bira kandhaabbatan fakkaatanii karaa biraan ammoo rakkoo amma uumame kanaaf sababni federalisima gosarratti hunda'edha jechuun xiinxala garaa garaa dhiheessaa akka jiran ibsaniiru.

Itti aansuun dargaggoo Oliyaadin walaloon matadureensa“ka'i yaa Qerroo!“ kanjedhu onnee kan nama kakaasu dhihaatera.

Obbo Geetachoo Camadaan keessummaa kenya guyyaa har'a yeroo ta'an haala yeroo ammaarratti ibsa bal'aa kennaniisu. Rakkoon yeroo ammaa uumame kun qabatisaa mastar plaanii finfinnee haarawaa haata'uyyuu malee icciitiin duubasaa jiru karoora bara dheeraa habashootaan karoorfame akka ta'e ibsaniiru. Akka fakkeenyaatti bara nugusaa sana oromummaa balleessuudhaf gorsaan Hayilesillaasee namni biyya ingilizi tokko malanni lafa kaa'ee turellee ibsani, innis “ oromoon saba bal'aa waan ta'eef ummata kana fixuun hindanda'amu haata'uyyuu malee oromummaa balleessuun garuu hindanda'ama jedhee waasadii mala kenneef. Isaanis-

1, Aadaa warra kaabaa oromoo keessatti baballisuun ofwalalchisuu

2, Amantaa warra kaabaa oromoo fudhachiisun amantaadhan qabachuu

3, Walfuudhun walirraa dhashuun oromummaa balleessuun hindanda'ama jedhee gorsaa akka ture ibsan. Haalli yeroo ammaa itti adeemaa jiru kunis isuma kana kandhugoomsu ta'uusallee ibsan. Bara nugusaa sanaa eegalee wanuma kana hojiirra oolchuuf yaalamaa akka jiruuf waa'een magaalaa finfinnee kun bara dargillee akkasuma ka'ee akka ture ibsan. Master planiin finfinnee harawaa kun honjiirra oollan qotebulaa oromoo naannoo finfinneerraa mancaasurra darbee aadaaf afaan oromoo naannoo finfinneerra balleessuf oromiyaa bakka lamatti qoodee oromoo humna kan dhabsiisu ta'uullee hubachiisan. Walumaa galattii oromummaan har'a kan ga'uu danda'e oromoon harka hinkennu jedhee qabsaa'uusadha jedhan. Gara fuula duraattis garaagartuma jaarmayoota gidduu jiru ilaaluu dhiifnee tokkumaa keenya jabeesuun walfaana dhaabbachuun barbaachisaa ta'uusaaf dubbichi dubbii jiraachuf baduu akka ta'ellee ibsani.

Itti aansuun dargaggoo Moosisa Asefa  walaloon mata dureensaa “ Bara sana“ jedhu barumsa gaari kan kennu dhihaateera.


Dhumarratti dhimma yeroo ammaarratti mariin waliigalaa ballinaan godhamee yaadni ijaarsaa karaa bakka bu'oota hawaasaf jarmiyotaan erga dhihateen booda walga'iin yeroo gabaabaa keessatti kan hawwasa oromoof jarmayoota oromoo biyyaa jarman kessa jiran hunda hirmaachisu qophaa'ee haalatti FDG biyya keessatti geggeeffamaa jiru gargaarun danda'amurratti mareen akka godhamu murteessuun walga'ii guyyaa har'aa milkiidhan mumurameera.


KHG Tokkummaa barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii -Damee Bayern-TBOB


Marii hatattama  hawaasoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Magaala Munichtti Milkiin Raawwatame

Munich Ebla 03.2014

Gochaa Abba irre Motummaa Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo irratti raawachaa jiru, mormudhaan tarkaanfii waloo fi hatattama fudhachuuf  Marii waamame ture milkaawe jira.

Qophiin kuni, akka aadaa Oromootti Ebbaa Jaarsoole Oromoon   dungoo qabsiisuudhaafi yaadannoo Gotoota Oromoo nuf waregamnin jalqabame.

Marii kana irratti namoota dhibban lakkawaaman kan argaman yemmu ta’u, bakka bu’oota Hawaasa Oromoo Berliin-HOB. ev fi Hawaasa Oromoo Munchen fi Nannoo-HOMN e.V, Murtii isaani ummataaf ibsani gaaffii ka’eefis deebi kennaniiru.

Waluma galatti Hirira nagaa gaafa  Caamsa 9.2014tti geggeffamu ilaalchisanis haalli qindaawee akka jiru ibsame, hawaasonni biro fi Jaarmooli siyaasas misensoota isaani kan hirmaachisan ta’u isa akkasumas, Warri yakka kana ummata kenya irratti rawwatan haga Seeraan Gaafatamani murtii isaani argatanitti fi gaaffin Saba Oromoo deebii hamma argattutti utu giddutti hinkutiin qabsoo kana kessa hirmaachuuf waada galaniiru.  Jarmooleen Siyaasaa Oromoos gargarummaa ilaalchaa siyaasaa qabaan dhiphiifataa diina irratti xiyeeffachuun akkataa dantaa ummataa Oromoo kabajchisuu fi tiksuu irratti garaa fuulduraa maarii bal’aa kan hawaasni keenyaa ifatti qoodaa irraa fudhaatuu akkaa yabboo(Forum)n tolfamuu hirmatoonii walgahii kanaa dhammatnii jiru.

Tokkummaan Humna!



Ibsa ejjennoo tokkummaa barattoota oromoo biyya jarmani/TBOJ

Munich, 03.05.2014

Guyyaa har'aas 03/05/2014 jiraattota oromoof hawaasa oromoo biyya jarman keessa jiran dabalatee guyyaa gootota oromoo kabajeera.

Guyyaa kana seenaa qabsoo bilisummaa oromoo keessatti bakka olaanaa kanqabudha. Gootonni oromoo yeroo ammaa yaadannu kun cunqursaaf dararama sabasaniirra ga'u mormuun ummanni oromoo biyyasaarratti abbaa biyyaa qabeenyaa isaarratti ammoo abboomaa akka ta'u, cunqursaaf roorroo jalaa ba'ee mirgisaa eegameefi biyya isaa keessatti nagaaf bilisaan akka jiraatuf osoo qabsaa'anii warra wareegamanidha. Gootowwan qabsoo oromoo haga ammaatti deemaa jiru kanaaf aarsaa ta'an kun sababii dhiittaa mirga namoomaa ummata oromoorratti raawwatamaa jiru mormaniifidha. Isaanis gariin dirree lolaarratti osoo qabsaa'anii gariinis ammoo mana hidhaa abbaa cunqursaa keessatti akkamalee dararamanii wareegaman. Keessumaa ammoo xobee daa'imman oromoo gaaffii mirgaa gaafachuudhaf hiriira nagaa ba'an irratti rasaasa diinan ajjefaman, har'as gaaffi mirgaa abbaa biyyummaa kaasanii karaa nagaan iyyachaa osoo jiranii rasaasa wayyaanen kufaa jiru.

Guyyaan gootota oromoo har'a kabajnu kunis yeroo itti gootota oromoo lammi ofiif osoo qabsaa'anii wareegaman yaadannuuf kaayyoo isaan itti wareegamaniif galmaan ga'uuf waadaa keenya yeroo itti haaromsinudha.

Yeroo ammaa ummanni oromoo biyya keessaaf alaa, barattoota oromoo sadarkaa 1ffaa 2ffaa akkasumas barattoota university guutummaa oromiyaa walin ta'uun gaaffii mirga abbaa biyyummaa oromoof falmaa jiran bukkee kandhaabbannu ta'uu keenya ibsaa ejjennoo armaan gaditti tarreessineen mirkaneessina!

1.Finfinneen handhuura oromiya taatee osoo jirtuu sababii mastar plaanii finfinnee haarawaa jedhamuun qotebulaa oromoo qeesaarra mancaasuun dhaabbachuu qaba.

2.Hiriira karaa nagaan barattoonni oromoo gochaa jiranirratti tarkaanfii ajjeechaaf reebichaa mootummaan wayyaane gochaa jiru hatattamaan akka dhaabbatu nigaafanna.

3.Ilmaan oromoo akka malee mana hidhaatti guuraman haaladuree tokko malee haagadhiifaman.

4.Diidda barattoonnif ummanni oromoo biyya keessaa deemsisaa jiran, gootummaa dhaan diina dura dhaabbachuutin falmisaan godhan hedduu dinqisiifanna.

5.Jaarmiyoolen siyaasaa oromoo biyya keessaa mirga ummata oromof falmuutti jirtan fincila ummataa kana keessatti qooda isinirraa eegamu akka gumaachitan waamicha keenya dabarsina.

6.Jarmiyooleen oromoo biyya alaa jirtan hatattamaan walitti dhufuun dhimma qabsoo deemaa jirurratti mari'achuun yaada tokkoof afaan tokkoon qabsoo ummataa akka hoggantan waamicha keenya irra deebinee haromsina.

7.Xurii seenaa jalaa ba'uuf hoggantoonni OPDO, humni waraanaa wayyaaneef dalagaa jiru, poolisiin akkasumas deeggartoonni isaanii hatattamaan qabsoo ummataa bira dhaabbachuudhan gaaffii sabaa akkasin deeggartan irradeebinee waamicha keenya dabarsina.

8.Gaaffiin ummanni oromoo kaasaa jiru kun gaaffii uumamaaf haqaa waan ta'eef sabaaf sablammoonni ethiopiya biro gaaffii mirgaa kana bira dhaabbattanii tumsa akka gootan waamicha kabajaan isiniif dabarsina.

Injifannoo ummata oromoof.

(Is there an end to the Global Oromo Refugee Crises?)

Editorial Message

38th Annual meeting of the UOSG, 14.12.2013Nürnberg, Germany

TBOJ News!!! Oromos in Action-Part II 2013!!!

The TPLF plan to collect money from Refugees and regime agents in the German town of Munich failed!

The pretending political asylum seeker and TPLF agent Tewelde Yemane exposed and were forced to flee

Munich 02.11.2013

The Embassy of the TPLF regime with it’s five to seven agents organized a fund raising event in the Bavarian town of Munich,   hiring two different costly Halls to confuse our protest action. However it did not take us time till the information pointing the exact location leaked in to our ears, and then followed a sudden but very well coordinated and successfully implemented occupation plan.  Together with other Protesters, the members of the Union of Oromo Students in Germany and Lovers of the Oromo Freedom struggle from the town of Munich rushed in to the Hall surprising the Organizers who were scared and chose to flee leaving their cook alone in the kitchen.

The protesters used the stage to show their rage against the abuse of human rights in Oromia and Ethiopia, demanded the release of Political Prisoners, shouted for the freedom of religion and in support of the Muslim movement in the TPLF occupied empire etc.

After such an embarrassing moment for those organizers who entrench themselves behind the Security men, a Chief Police officer entered to the Hall and gently greeted the more than 200 protesters who overwhelmingly outnumbered the Scene.  During the discussion, many Protesters explained him the real nature of the TPLF regime. Following that he recognized our rights to protest and admitted that the situation in Ethiopia is not very well known here, advising us to bring it more to the German public.

The occupation and blockage ended successfully at 19:00 o’clock local time. Again the Woyanes got a lesson that; Munich says here you are never welcome.

Unity is Strength!



Muenchen: 05.10.2013, Gabaasa gutuuf maalo Surraa jala jiru  tuqii / please click  the Picture below

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Damee Hessen (TBOH) Oromoota Motummaa Abbaa Irre Wayyaaneen  Ajjeffaman sirna dungoo qabsiisun Yaadate

Frankfurt: 28.09.2013, Gabaasa Gutuuf maalo Surraa jala jiru tuqi / please click the piture below

Hiriira TBOJ fi Hawaasa Oromoo biyya Jarmanii magaalaa Frankfurt tti geggeefame

Waamicha Hiriira Nagayaa!

Call for Peaceful Demonstartion Against Tyranny in Oromia

Motummaa TPLF- Woyyanee, akka Abbooti ise  ammas Ummata  Oromo Hidha, ajjesa fi akka male Lafa isa fi Albuuda isa Saama jirti.  Oromoon biyya abba isa kessa mirga dhunfa fi waloo akkasumas Mirga Amnata dhabee kuno haalkanif guyyaa gara mana Hidha woyyaanetti guurama jira.

Kanaafi  kana mormuu fi Iyyaa Saba kenya dhagessisuuf

                     Gaafa:  30.08.2013,   Magaala Frankfurt tti

Bakka: U-Bahn Station Escherheimer Tor jedhamutti

Sa’a:  09:00 irra kaase walgahudhaan gara Karaa Escherheimer Landstraße 105-107tti deemun, Qonsila Motummaa Woyyaannee dura Mormikenya hadhagessifnu.

Akkataan iitin dhuuftan:

Frankfurt Haupt Bahnhof irra Stationii lama deemun => Hauptwache iiti bu’ani

gara fuula duraatti deemuun gadi bu`anii U-Bahn  U1, U3, U8, U9 keessaa tokko qabachuun Station Eshenheimer Tor bakka jedhamutti bu`u. Sana booda hunduu achitti walgenye walin sossona.

Warri konkolaataan dhufan yoo jiraatan Frtankfurt Eshenheimer Landstrasse 105- 107 , 60322 deemuu

Qunnamti fi Odeffanno dabalataaf:

0152 14035071, 017676590226, 015210110531, 0152 13802604

TBOJ magaalaa Nürnberg, Jarmaniitti guyaa gaafa 27.07.2013 seminaara fi qophii agarsiisa aadaa bakka Adam-Kleinstraße 6 jedhamutti sirna ho’aadhaa fi gammachiisaadhaan sa’a 13:00-18:00 geggeesse. Isa boodas sagantaan bashannanaa itti fufe.

Seminaarchi haala gurguddaa lama irratti kan xiyeefate yemmuu ta’u, kunis:

1. haala dhiittaa mirga namummaa mootummaan TPLF-Wayaanee caalmaatti uumata  Oromoo irratti raawachaa jiru, saaxila baasu fi

2. aadaa fi seenaa Oromoo keessumoota qaama garaa garaa irraa afeeramanitti beeksissu dha.

Namootni irratti Afferamanis miseensota hawaasa Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii keessa jiraatan, miseensotaa fi deggartoota qabsoo bilisumaa Oromoo hunda, Jaarmoole siyaasaa Oromoo (ABO-SG, ABO-J fi ADO), Waajjira Federaala Biyyaa Jarmanii (BAMF), Jaarmoole siyaasa Biyyaa Jarmani, abukaattota mirga namaa, Waajjira Bulchiinsa Magaala Nürnberg fi Erlangen, Oromtittii Frankfurt, fi qaamota mirga dhala namaa irratti hojjetanii dha. Qaamotiin miseensa TBOJ fi deggartoota qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ta’anii alatti akka irratti argamaniif affeeru dhaan seminara kana sagantaa addaa fi baayee kan xiyeefannoo guddaan qophaa’ee ta’uu isaa mulli’se. ittifufi

Seminaara fi Qophii Aadaa Oromoo TBOJn Qophaa'ee Haala Midhagaan Xumurame

A Protest Demonstration organized by the Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG) in collaboration with the Oromo Community in Berlin (HOB) and the Oromo Community in Munich and surroundings (HOMN) took place on 30.08.2013 in front of the Ethiopian consulate in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The protest was directed against the Criminal act, human rights violations and tyranny being committed by the TPLF regime in Oromia and Ogadenia. The demonstration was accompanied by the solidarity of the Community of Ogadenia.  The very active and emotional participation of the numerous members of the Union of Oromo Students and the Oromo nationals from all parts of Germany, gave a special glamour to it.

The call for the Demonstration including our Demand letter was already sent to different organizations and Diplomatic missions operating in Germany.

The aim of the demonstration

1.  to warn the TPLF regime, all members of the regime who exercise crime every day will be brought  to justice

2.  to inform the population in Germany about the situation in Oromia & Ogadenia

3.   above all to demonstrate that for the sake of our democratic and human rights, we will never keep silent

4.  to urge the EU and all the helper countries not support tyranny in Ethiopia

5.  to strongly denounce   the recent murdering of the Civilian Population in Arsi zone Kofele, Oromo political Prisoners for e.g. Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda in Kaliti prison, and many others.

6.  to set an example that the united resistance of the oppressed will be victorious

7.  to make sure that such actions will continue as long as our demands are not met

The protest was highly emotional but also disciplined and peaceful even though it took place in front of the representative of the tormentors of our families. As usual the TPLf spies in Consulate who were embarrassed of the Protest hid behind their glass wall and took video films of the participants which were intended to scowl us to silence but in vain.

On the contrary, the readings and the calls continued warmly committed till the planned end.

At the end of the event Mr. Mekonnen Gurmessa as representatives of the organizers made a closing speech highly acknowledging the active participation of the attendants. The Participants responded swearing to continue our protest and struggle till the freedom of our people.

The event ended successfully at 13:00 o’clock.

Gaaffi fi deebii Obbo Baqqalaa Tafarraa miseensa Ijaarsa Mirga Namoomaa fi Gargaarsa Oromoo/OMRHO/ waliin goone

Qophessa: Gamta Takkalaa Riqitu

Biiftuu Bilisaa: Obbo Baqqala duraan dursee akka isin of beksiftanin isin afeera.

Obbo Baqqalaa: Galatoomaa. Ani Baqqala Tafarraa Ayyaanaa jedhama. Umriin kiyya Bara 50 ergi qaxxaamure bubbulee jira. Fiigicha jiruuf jireenyaa cinaatti Godaanaa fi Liiban (Ijoollee kiyya) waliin Seera Oromootiin bultuu fi hinbulluu irratti wal falmaa bara lakkaawwachaa jirra.

Biiftuu Bilisaa:  OMHRO eenyu?

Obbo Baqqalaa: Gaaffii keessan kana yeroon deebisu akka miseensa OMHRO tokkootti wan ta´eef jechonni “ nu”, “ raawwannee jirra” fi kkf argitu. Kana jechuun OMHRO jechuu akka ta´eetti haa hubatamu.  OMHROn Jaarmolee Oromoo Mirga Dhala Namaa Waliigalaaf, keessumaa ammo rakkoolee bifa hedduu ummata Oromoo irra gahaa jiruuf, sagalee ta´uu dhaan biyya Alaa kanatti socho´an keessaa tokko dha. Kan inni bu´uureffame bara 2005 yoo ta´u kan inni seeraan galmaaye ammo bara 2006 dha. itti fufaa

Waamicha Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii irra


  • Hawaasa  Oromoo
  • Jaarmoolee Siyaasaa Oromoo
  • Dhaabbilee Mirga namummaa
  • Waladaa warra Wangeela Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii
  • Oromtitti Farnkfurtii,  akkasumas Firoottan Oromoo  Biyyaa Jarmanii fi Awroppaa kessatti argamtan  maraaf

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

  • 1ffaa. Maddi fi hundeen cunquursaa kann sirna gabroomfataa (Koloneffataa) Abashaa ta’u isa hubachuudhaan;
  • 2ffaa. Gabroomfata Empaayeera Itophiyaa didu fi bilisummaa ummata   Oromootiif hawaasaa Oromoo haaraa ijaaruf;
  • 3ffaa.Warraaqsi ummata deggare akka fixaan ba’u , utubuu fi kessatti qooda fudhachuun barbaachisa ta’u isa amanu dhaan
  • 4ffaa.Ummatni kenya bilisummaa gonfachuuf qabsoo hadhooftu hidhannoo fi karaa maraan adeemsuun barbaachisa kan ta’eef wal’aansoon akkasi dirqama fi mirga ilmaan Oromoo ta’u beekudhan;
  • 5ffaa. Wal barsiifnee wal irra baruun dhaamsaa fi dirqama warraaqsi Oromoo nu dabarse hojii irra olchuuf;
  • 6ffaa.  Oromoon hundi bakka jiran maratti  wal ijaarani wal jajjabessuun warraaqsa bilisummaa Oromotiif bu’a cimaa ta’u isa hubachudhaan;
  • 7ffaa. Yaadaa fi gurmuu Oromoo qindessine jajjabeesuuf  kan bu’ureffame ta’u yaadachiisa, yeroo amma Ummatni Oromoo yeroo kamiyuu caala hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa qe’ee isa irra buqqifamaa fi biyya abba isa irra ari‘yatama jira


TBOJn  Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) waggoota darbani kessa guutumman hirmaachudhaan kaayyoo isa ijaarameettin yoo madaalame hojii boonsa hojjetee jira. Karaa kan biraan immo sababa rakkinni  Jaarmiyaa QBO tokkumman kan hoggana ture ABO kessa  umameen wolitti qabame dhibba gurguddaa kan nu mudate  ture ta’u waan dhoksine darbinu miti.

Haata’u malee TBOJn ammas bu’a bayii hunda kessa injifannon darbee humni isa cimse ijaarame kan jiru yeemu ta’u, kaayyoo isa durii eeggachuudhan QBO finnisuuf yeroo kamiyyu caala  qophii ta’u isaa ibsudhaan ergaa gaafa 17.09.2012ttin barrefameen waamichi isini dabarsukenya ni yaadattu.


Haluma kanan,   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen siyaasaa nu qunnama jiran gudda galateffachaa, ammas:

1.  Tokkumma humna ta’u amanudhaan;

2.   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen Siyaasaa yaada adda addaa qaban diina tokko(Woyyaanne/sirna Koloneffata Abashaa) irratti akka xiyeffataniif akkasumas woligalanii yoo hojjetan male addaan bahani dina  moo’uun kan  hin danda’amne waan ta’eef qabsoon waloo itti  haa fuufnu jechaa, Waamicha kana irra debinee  isinii dhiheesina.


Kanaafu, TBOJn mana Ummata Oromoo fi deggartoota QBO ta’u isaa isinii mirkaneessina, dhimma Ummata Kenya ilaalu hunda irrattis akka nu  wajjin hojjettan kabajaan isin gaafanna.


Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoof!

KHG- TBOJ irra




Yaadannoon guyyaa Gootota Oromoo magalaa Frankfurt keessatti godhame

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarman (TBOJ) dame Hesen/TBOH/ guyyaa Gootota Oromoo waggaa waggaan kabajamu irratti miseensotaa fi hwaasa magaalaa Frankfurtii wajjiin yaadatee oolee jira.

Guyyaa yaadannoo gootota Oromoo kana irratti miseensonni TBOJ fi hawaasni naannoo baay’innaan irratti kan argaman yoo ta’u sagantichii akkauma aadaa Oromotti eebbaan erga eegalee booda yaadannoo daqiiqaa tokkoo gootota Oromootiif hirmaatota walgahichaatiin godhamee jira. Waa’ee guyyaa Gootota Oromoo fi sababa  kabajnuuf Dr. Mazgabuu Ifaa ibsa bal’aa hirmaatota walgahichaatif ibsanii jiru. Haaluma guyyaa goototaa kana ilaalchisee mariin bal’aan mana wajjiin gaggeefamee hirmaattonni hubannoo gahaa argatanii jiru.

Itti aansuun  waa’ee yeroo amma TBOJ keessa jiruuf kallattii fi karoora dalagaa TBOJ irratti ibsi bala’aan Koree Hojii  Gaggeesituu KHG/ TBOJ tiin kennamuun mariin haala gaafiif deebiitiin irratti godhamee jira. Haaluma kanaan Tokkummaan Borattoota Oromoo Biyya Jarman (TBOJ) kan Oromoo hundaa fi lammii Oromoo kamiiyyuu osoo naannoo, gosaan, amantaan, kkf  addaan gargar hin basin tajaajila walqixa ta’e kennuu akka qabu manaaf ibsi gahaan godhamee jira. TBOJ qaama siyaasa kamiiyyuu faana osoo hin masakamin irraa bilisa ta’ee Oromoo hundaaf haala jiddu galeessa ta’een tajaajila kennuu akka qabu irratti walii galamee walgahichi  haala kaa’aan  xumuramee jira.

Injifannoon Umata Oromoof!

Qbsoon haqa irratti hundoofte wal irraa hin cittu!


Caamsaa 5, bara  2013

Frankfurt, Germany

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo  magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajame olee

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmani dame Munshin /TBOM/ saganta kabajjaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo geggefachuuf miseensoota isaaf Oromoota nannoo magalaa Munshin afeera godhee akka saganteefateetti sagantaa isaa milkii gariidhaaan xumuratte jira.

Akkumma beekamu sagantan irra jaalan walsimana hirmatoota,eeba mangudoota, sirna ibsa /shamma/ yaadannoo gootota QBOfi waregamani, jaalewwan dargagoo ta qabsoo Oromoo keessatti qoda gudda qabanin, Ibsa seena qabeesumma guyyaa gootota Oromoo Obbo Kasim Alitiin; Gahe gootowwaan Oromo QBO keessatti Obbo Getachew Chamadattin; Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Oromiyyaa kiyaa” kan jedhamuu dhagefachuun; gahee gootowan Oromo QBO keessatti argamisisaniif haala QBO yeroo amma irra jiruuf gara fuula duratti kan jedhu obbo abba Milkitin ibsa kenname sirna caaaqafameeraRead more

Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, Father of the Oromo Liberation Army and Unrelenting Freedom Fighter, Passes Away at 77

It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, the father of the Oromo Liberation Army and the unrelenting fighter for Oromiyaa’s liberation, at the age of 77 in a hospital in Yemen on March 3, 2013 at around 2-4PM local time, according to the Saphaloo Tv, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Read More


Frankfurt 23.08.2014

Kora TBOH kan bara 2014 guyyaa 23/8/2014 magaalaa Frankfurttitti dura ta´aa yeroo kan ta´ani Obbo Nazir Kadir saganticha ebaa mangudoo oromottin jalqabsisaniruu.

Sanatti ansuun misensoni haraa gara TBOH itti dhufan simanaan godhamera.

Itti ansudhan  obbo Nazir gabasaa wagaa tokko kan damee hessen (TBOH) dhiyesanii mareen irratti gaggeffameraa. Dhumairratti Ibsa ejjannoo kana gadii baasuudhaan korri TBOH  haala midhagaa fi milkawa ta´een xumurameera.

Ibsa Ejjannoo:

1.  Gaffiin ummanii oromoo kaase haa deebiu.

2. Ilmaan oromoo akka malee mana hidhaatti guuraman haaladure tokko malee      haagadhifamani.

3.  Diddaa baratoniif ummanii oromoo biyya kessa demsisaa jiran gotumadhan dina dura dhabachuutin falmii issan godhan dinqisifana.

4.  Jarmiiyoleen siyasaa motuumaa wayyanee deggartan ummata oromoo dabarsiitanii kan    du´af hidhaa gar maletti kennaa jirtaan, dalagaa kessa irra akka of qusattan issin akkekachiifna.

Injjifanoon ummata oromoof.

Misensoota TBOH

Frankfurt 23.08.2014

Kora bara 2014  Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Damee Bayern-TBOB

milkiin  geggeffame

München 24.08.2014

Kora TBOB bara 2014, Ebbaa manguddoota Oromoo fi Yaadannoo Oromoota sirna Haabashoota fi Motummaa TPLF wayyaaneen lubbu isaani darbefi, qabenyi  isaani saamame fi mana hidhaa wayyaanee kessati guuramani hidhaan dararamaa jiran daqiiqa tokkoof yaadachuun jalqabame. ittifufufii...

Ayyaana Wagaa 50ffaa WMT fi Qophii Aadaa Oromoo Magaala Nürnbergitti haala midhagaa ta’een Kabajame

Nuernberg 27.09.2014

Qophii Ayyaana Waggaa 50ffaa Waldaa Maccaa-Tuulamaa bakka kessummoota hedduu argamaniin magaala Nürnbergitti Akka aadaa Oromoo Ebbaa manguddootan baname.

Ittiaansuudhaan qophii Agarsiisaa aadaa Oromoo fi Sirbaale Oromoon kan dhihaate yemmu ta'u, jiddu jidduttii immo dargaggoota Oromoo Obbo Muktar fi Obbo Ahimedin Walaloo  Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo faarsuu fi hamilee nama kakaasu dhihessaniiru.

Turtii boqonnaa fi Laaqana booda immo Waa’ee Waldaa Maccaa- Tulama barumsa Hawaasa Oromoo Berlin irra marsaa Skype dhaan kan kenname yemmu ta’u,  Do’ii gabaabdu „Abbaa Caaltu“ dargaggoo Oliyad Dinaolin qophaa’ee umataatti barsise fi bashannansiise jira.

Walumagalaatti kabajaa Ayyaana Waggaa 50ffaa WMT hirmaattoota fi Kessummotaaf walittidhufenya harawaa kan ume akkasumas sababni WMT bu‘urreffamef yaadachudhaan kaayyoo sanas hubachuudhaan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo ittifufudhaaf guyyaa waadaakenya kan ittin haaromsinu ta’u isaa wali galuudhaan milkiin xumurame jira.


Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ


Videos from 50th Anniversary of MTWA & Oromo culture show in Nürnberg 27.09.2014

Irrechaa 2014-

Nürnberg 18.10.2014

IBSA EJJENNOO TBOJ             KORA 39ffaa




Qophii guyyaa WBO  bakka kessummootaaf misensotaa TBOJ hedduu argamaniin magaala Frankfurtitti Akka aadaa Oromoo Ebbaa manguddootan banameera. Akkasumas faaruun alaaba oromoo erga faarfamee booda duungoo qabsiisuudhaan gootota wareegamaniif daqiiqaa tokkoof[1] yadaanoon godhamera . Ittiaansuudhaan kabajaa guyyaa WBO ilaalchise  seenaa  WBO iratti barefamni addaa barresituu TBOH Nagase Adugna ttin dubbifamee mariin guddaa irattii godhamera. Gaafii adda addaa wayee WBO ilalchisee fi wayee TBOJ irattii  ka´eef debiin qubsaa hirmaattootaaf  kenamera.

Walumagalaatti kabajaa guyyaa WBO hirmaattoota fi Kessummotaaf sababni guyyaa WBO kabajamuufi kaayyoo sanaas hubachuudhaan Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo ittifufudhaaf guyyaa goototaa oromoo itti yadanuu, gargarnuu fi waadaakenya kan ittin haaromsinu ta’u isaa wali galuudhaan turtii qabanee tokkumaan Laaqana waliin nyachuun milkiin kabajamee jira.

Ibsa Ejjannoo:

1.Ajjeechaa garaa jabessan barattoota Oromoo irratti raawwatameef hoggantoota mootummaa abbaa irreetiin ala qaamnii biraa itti gaafatamu akka hin jirre amanna. Ajjeechaan bara baraan dhala Oromoo irratti raawwatamu gocha fixiinsa sanyii Oromoo ta’uuti hubbanna.

2.Hoggantootii mootummaan Itoophiyaa TPLFn durfamu Dhiiga ilmaan Oromoo jissuu irraa akka of-qusatan akkeekkachiifna.

3.Dhiigii ilmaan Oromoo dhiiga bineensa bosonaa akka hin taane hubannee gumaa isaanii deebisuudhaaf qabsoo gaggeeffamu keessatti deeggarsa nurra barbaadamu godhuudhaaf qopha´a ta’uu keenya ibsina.

4.Maatii Wareegamtoota ilmaan Oromoo ajjechaa mootummaan TPLFn raawwatameen dhuman hundaaf gadda guddaa nutti dhagahame ibsina, gargaarsa danda´amenis gargaruuf ka´u kenya ibsina.Dhiigii ilmaan Oromoo dhiiga bineensa bosonaa akka hin taane hubannee gumaa isaanii deebisuudhaaf qabsoo gaggeeffamu keessatti deeggarsa nurra barbaadamu godhuudhaaf qophii ta’uu keeynaas ibsina.

5.Maqaa misooma qindomina qabuu fiduuf jechuudhaan tarsiisoo mootummaan abbaa irree lafa Oromoo ummata Oromoo irraa buqqisuudhaan deeggartootaa fi abbaa fedheef kennuuf maqaa Master Plan” jedhuun moggaase raawwii isaaf tattafachaa jiru cimsinee kan balaleeffannu ta’uu ibsina.

6.Barattoota hidhaman hundaa haala duree tokko malee akka gad dhiifaman cimsinee gaafanna.



Frankfurt   17/01/2015

Gabaasa Guyyaa WBO Tokkumaa Baratoota Oromoo Biyya Jarmanii damee hessen(TBOH)

Gabaasa J/Harun Kalil Baati irra

Hiriirri nagayaa  hawaasa Oromoo biyya Jarmanii magaalaa Firankfurtti fuuldura waajjira Qonsulaa Motummaa TPLF-Wayyaanee irratti geggeeffame milkiin xumuramee jira.

Jiilli Motummaa Abbaa Irre Wayyaanee-OPDOn, mora Qonsula TPLF kessa misensoota fi basaasoota ishe walinn walgahii geggessiti. Walgahii kana irrattis  ergamoota wayyaanee kan ta’aani kessa tokko akka obbo Dhaaba Dabalee tu argamaniiru.

Kaayyoon hiriira kanaa ilmaan Habashaa fi ilmaan wayyaanee akkasumas ergamtuuwwan isaanii  wajjiin adunyaa tana irra nanawuun  qabsoo ummata oromootti gufuu ta’uu barbaadu hawaasnni Oromoo biyya Jarmanii kana sirritti hubachuudhaan gaafa 31/01/2015 mormii isaanii dhagesisuudhaan oolanii akkasumas basaasootasaani qaanfachisaa fi saaxila baasani jiru.

Haaluma kanaan, hawaasnni Oromoo biyya Jarmanii   keessatti argaman kan lakkoofsaan dhibbootatti herregaman hiriira kana irratti argamuudhaan dhaadannoolee farra wayyaanotaa  afaan Ingliffaan, Afaan Oromoo fi Deutschiin  dhageessisanii jiru.

Akkuman Oromoota hiriira kana irratti argaman tokko tokko yaada kennataniin akka jedhanitti, Mootummaan Itoophiyaa mootummaa mirga ummata Oromoo hiree ofii ofiin murteeffachuu humnaan ittisee karaa seeraan alaatiin angoo siyaasaa ofii dheerrafachuuf tattafataa jiruudha. Mootummaa Itoophiyaa TPLFn durfamu jalatti waggoottan 23 dabran keessatti ummatini  Oromoo hiree siyaasaa biyya isaa irratti wal-qixxummaan murtessuu dhabee, akka bineensa bosonaa mootummaan yeroo fedhutti  ajjeesuu ta’ee jira. Ummatnni  Oromoo mirga bilisummaan gurmaa’uu, dhaabbata siyaasa fedhu deeggaru, mirgaa odeeffannoo walabaa midiyaa walabaa irraa argachuu, hiriira nagaa bahuu dhorkamee biyya isaa irratti lammii lammaffaa fi garboota ta’anii jiraachaa jiru. Haallii Sabnni  Oromoo tiif ummattootii Itoophiyaa biro keessa jiran gonkummaa fudhatama kan hin qabneef jijjiramuu kan qabuudha jedhu.   


Gara fuula duraattis bakka mirgi Oromoo tuqamu kamuu irratti osoo yeroo hin kennin hatattamaan argamuun sagalee qaban dhageessisuuf qophii tahuu isaanii mirkaneessan. Hawaasinni oromoo kun yaada isaanii yoo itti fufan, yeroo diinni mirga Oromoo biyya keessatti ukkaamsee quufuu dadhabee biyya baqaa keessattis mataa irra nu bahuu barbaadu, boru iftaan baanee balaaleffanna jedhanii lafa irra harkisuu yaaduun ‘eega waraabessi dabree sareen dutuu dha’ eega jedhanii booda, Oromoon Oromummaan itti dhagahamu hundi tarkaanfii yeroo isaa eeggate akkasii fudhachuu irratti gara fuulduraaf akka of qopheessu waamicha dhiheessanii jiran.

Hiriira kana irratti dargaggoonni, shamarran, manguddooleen, joolleen, haawwanii fi haadholiin harma hoosisan osoo hin hafin daa’imman isaanii fudhatanii dhihaachuudhaan sagalee mirga Oromoof falmaa oolanii milkiin galuu danda’anii jiru.


Gadaan Gadaa Bilissummaati.


Frankfurt, Germany

February 18, 2015

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the membership of the Oromo Studies Association (OSA), I am writing to extend a cordial invitation for you to attend OSA 2015 Midyear Conference will be held at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany, March 28-29 2015. The theme of the conference is “Historical and Contemporary Relations between Europe and the Oromo.” We also plan to highlight on remarkable contribution that the late Dr. Paul T.W. Baxter has made to the growth of Oromo studies. This will include a reception in honor of Professor Baxter and a full panel dedicated to exploring his work. We will be delighted if you would be able to attend our conference.

This is the first OSA conference to be held in Europe. It is our hope that the 2015 midyear conference will contribute to a new vision for the Oromo and the region by producing fresh data, fresh ideas, new perspectives and analysis and an original approach for creating the basis for democratic institutions in Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia. We are committed to give a significant forum for your scholarship and explore its impact a vision for the future of allthe peoples in the region.

We believe that the collective presentations can provide a broad perspective for the deliberations since this conference focuses on historical and contemporary relations between Europe and the Oromo. Your material will make a profound contribution to this effort. We plan 5 panels at which several scholars will present their research results. Papers will assess, among other topics, close examination of historical documents, analysis of historical and contemporary foreign policy of European states towards Ethiopia, the persecution of Oromo dissident voices and the removal of Oromo and other minority groups from their lands, both past and present.

As part of OSA’s outreach, the proceedings of the midyear conference will be videotaped and posted to OSA’s YouTube account. It is our hope that final drafts of the papers will be submitted for publication in OSA’s peer-reviewed Journal of Oromo Studies. Or, with the author’s permission, papers can be made available more immediately by scanning and digitalizing to be sent to several university libraries and colleges in Oromia and other parts of Ethiopia. We welcome the spread of new ideas, new perspectives and policy proposals, an approach to development that includes respect for basic human and democratic rights of citizens, considering that all are much needed for educational purposes.

A highlight of this midyear conference will be a dinner reception to held on Friday

evening March 27 in honor of the late Professor Paul Baxter whose recent loss we all feel.

Students, colleagues and friends of Professor Baxter are being located and invited to attend this commemoration event where we can discuss his important role in developing Oromo and Ethiopian studies. We sincerely hope that you will join us for that event.

Allow me highlight some salient facts about this association.

 Since its formation in 1986 OSA has organized twenty-eight annual and several midyear conferences in several cities in the United States and Canada.

 These conferences are open to all who are interested in scholarship on the Horn of Africa in general and the Oromo in particular.

 OSA assembles and distributes its annual conference proceedings.

 It also publishes a quarterly Newsletter.

 Above all, OSA publishes twice a year, The Journal of Oromo Studies (JOS), a peerreviewed journal, which is the premier outlet for our scholarship. Scholarly

organizations are judged by the quality of their scholarly production and publication.

 The distribution of JOS is quite widespread. The Library of Congress and many university libraries in North America and Europe subscribe to our journal. We send free copies of our journal to Addis Ababa University, the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Jimma University and Haromaya University. Since June 2008 we have sent numerous digitalized CDs of all previous issues of our journals to be distributed without cost to all the universities and colleges in Oromia and throughout Ethiopia. Currently the OSA Board of Directors is collecting donations of funds from its members for the purpose of shipping around 600 copies of previous issues of The Journal of Oromo Studies to colleges and universities throughout Oromia and Ethiopia.

 We are joined by a commitment to the objective that scholarship contributes to the noble search for peace with justice, reconciliation, economic development and democracy, and a future in which the Oromo will be able to administer themselves freely grounded in the principles of their Gada democratic heritage.

It is our hope that you will be able to join us for this midyear conference as a presenter.

Details about accommodations will be available soon and posted on the OSA

website www.oromostudies.org and on the OSA Facebook page: Oromo Studies Association.

Feel free to contact me at any point if you have questions or comments.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the affirmative.


Jawar Mohammed

OSA President 2014-2015

29.03.2015 Munich- Germany

With a high record of participants from the whole parts of Europe and Germany, held the Oromo Studies association the 2015 Midyear Conference in the Bavarian Metropolitan Munich.

The conference, which is the first of it’s type to be held outside the USA began on Friday evening, which was held as a Memorial to the late “Paul Baxter” in the venue of the Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich.

The Opening Speech was addressed by the representative of the LM-University Prof. Herman Amborn.

During the next two days many scholars presented their papers on the “Historical and contemporary relations between Europe and the Oromo”

The Conference ended on the 29.03.2015, with a participative discussion about the present situation and plight of the Oromo Refugees.

Munich, March 29.2015

Nürnberg (09/05/2015)

Guyyaa kabajamaa fi ulfaata guyyaa gootota oromoo gaafa caamsa 9/05/2015 biyya jarman magaala Nurnbergitti haala hoo’aan kabajamee ooleejira. Guyyaa  kanarratti Keessummootni adda adda kan afeeramanii yemmu ta’u, saganticha akka aadaa Oromoootti eebbaa Manguddoota Oromoon jalqabamee duungoo qabsiisuudhaan akkasumas faaruun alaaba oromoo erga faarfamee booda  gootota wareegamaniif daqiiqaa lamaaf[2] yadannee jirra. Itti aansuudhaan, kabajaa guyyaa goota oromoo  ilaalchise Jaal Harun Kalil Bati barumsa fi ibsa bal’aa miseensoota TBOJ fi hawaasa oromootiif kennani jiru. Akkasumas walaloon adda addaa fi barumsi bal’aan  kennamee bifa hoo’aan kabajamee oolee jira.

Itti fufaa /  Read more

Gabaasa kabajaa  Guyyaa Gotootaa  Oromoo fi Ayyyana Hundeffama Waggaa 1ffaa OMN

02.05.2015- Frankfurt a Main

The TPLF plan to collect Money in the name of Abbay

Dam Construction aborted due  to Protest

Frankfurt 18.04.2015

Guuyyaa 18.04.2015tti Magaalaa Frankfurtitti, Embaasii Motummaa Wayyaanee, Bondii- Millenium Dam Project gurgurraa jehdani qophii guddaa bakka: Kleyerstrraße21, 60326 Frankfurt am Main tti  qophessani turani, haata'u male yaada isaani Mormii Oromoota fi kan biroottin fashale.

Qophiinkuni Hoteela mana Hidhaa fakkaatu tokko kessa iccitiin kan qophaa'ee yemmu ta'u, kessummoota afeeramani  bakka lamaatti sakataa'aamani fi waamicha afeera isaani agarsiisani senu.

Akaasumas Mormitootaa akka ofirra dhorku jecha naannosana Humna Polisii baayyiinaan marfame ture.

Haata'u male sagantichi utu hinjalqabamin bakka sanatti argamudhaan, sagaleekenya ol kaasne  dhaadannoo adda adda dhagessisuudhaan namoota gara qophii sanatti afeeramani dhufan fagoorraa akka deebi'ani  galan kan dirqaman yemmu ta'u warri seenaniis galamichi dhiisani yemmu deeman hubanne jirra.

Waluma galaatti Ergamtoota Motummaa Wayyaanee bakka dimokraasii fi mirga dhala nama kabajamutti,  bilisa ta'ani maqaa umaataan fi misoomaan daldalu fi galii sassaabani  sirna abba irrummaasaani dheereessun kan hindadenye ta'uusaa akka hubatani irra deebine isaani yaadachisne jira.

Kun akkasi yemmu ta'ummo seena Biyyaa Jarmani kessa yeroo 2ffaa yemmu ta'u haaga ammaatti Embaasim wayyaanee Biyya Jarmanii kessa qophii ummataaf banaa ta'eedhaan Bondii_Abbaayaa gurgure hinbeeku.

Gaaffii Ummata Oromoo deebii haaga argatutti Mormii fi Qabsookenya Ittifufa!

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof!


Nürnburg (25.07.2015)

Akkuma aadaa keenyaatti sirnaa waltajjii  eebba manguddootiin erga eegallee booda akkasumas sirna  yadannoo wareegamtootaaf daqiqaa tokko goonee jira. itti aansuudhaan  gabaasa baatiiwwan  darbanii  obbo Harun Kalil manaaf dhiyyeesanii jiru. itti aansuudhaan obbo Mezgebu Demeke Boru waa'ee filannoo dhara wagoota digidamii shanaan[25]n darban  kana kessatti mootummaan abbaa irreedhaa empayere ethiophia san keessatti rawatee fi akkasumas oromoo ta'uu qofaan yakkaa fi roorroo ilmaan Oromoo irratti rawataa jiru baruumsa bal'aa meseensoota keenyaa fi Hawaasa Oromoof kenanii jiru. akkasumas dabalataan Adde Sinknesh Temtme Mamo  daaw'annaan obaamaa gara ethiopia saganteffame imaammata sirna dimokraasii faallessa  jechuun barumsa bal'aa misensoota keenyaa fi Hawaasa Oromoof kenanii jiru.

Itti fufaa / Read More


Zürich,  25.07.2015

Uummatni bal'aan oromoo gabroomfataa mootummaa Haabashoota /wayyaaneen yeroo dheeraadhaaf  hacuucamee, araddaan haqqii fi qabeenyaansaa saamamee, mirgii fi kaawoonsaa irraa fudhatamee, eenyummaansaa gadi qabamee, afaan, aadaan, seenaa fi namummaansaa awwaalamee, kaan mana hidhaatti haramee, gariin biyyasaatii ari'amee addunyaarratti faca'ee jira. Haalli amma uummatni oromoo keessa jiru kun yoo akkanumatti itti fufa ta'e uummatni oromoo guddich kun akkuma uummata xixiqqaa lafarraa haqamee badee dhabamuuf jira. Hata'u malee haalli badiisasaa kun egeritti kan dabru yoo ta'e dhaloonni keenya kun seenaadhaan itti gaafatamuunsaa hin oolu.

Uummatni gabroomummaa jalaa ba'uuf murteeffatanii ka'an ni moo'u. Akka seenaan ragaa ba'utti qabsoon haqaa hundinuu injifannoodhaan xumurama. Qabsoon sabni oromoo gabrummaa wayyaanee jalaa ba'uudhaaf gochaa jirus qabsoo haqaa fi qabsoo mirgaa waan ta'eef akka injifatu mamii (shakkii) hinqabnu.

Waan kanaa olitti jedhame hubachuudhaan nuti Tokkummaan Barattoota Oromoo Biyya Switzerland(TBOS):

1.Maddii fi hundeen cunqursaa sirna gabroomfataa(koloneeffataa) ka Abashaa ta'uusaa hubannee

2.Gabroomfataa Itiyoopiyaa diduu, bilisummaa uummata oromootii fi hawaasa oromoo haaraa ijaaruu:

3.Warraqsi uummata oromoo dagaagee akka fiixaan ba'u, utubuu fi keessatti qooda fudhachuun barbaachisaa ta'uusaa amannee:

4.Uummatni keenya bilisummaa gonfachuuf qabsoo hadhaawaa hidhannoo fi karaa maraan adeemsisuun barbaachisaa akka ta'ee fi wallaansoon akkasiis dirqamaa fi mirga ilmaan oromoo ta'uu beekuudhaan:

5.Wal barsiifnee walirraa baruudhaan dhaamsaa fi dirqama warraaqsi oromoo nuu dabarse hojiirraa oolchuuf:

6.Oromoonni bakka jiran maratti walijaaranii wal jajjabeessuun warraaqsa bilisummaa oromootiif bu'aa cimaa ta'uusaa hubannee:

7.Yaadaa fi gurmuu oromoo qindeessinee jajjabeessuuf Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyya Switzerland(TBOS) dhaabbanneerra.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromoof

Misensoota TBOS

Zürich, 25.07.2015


NUERNBERG 26.09.2015

Qophii Seminaara fi Aadaa Oromoo Magaala Nürnbergtii haala Midhagaan geggeeffame. Qophiin kuni kan Oromoo walitti fidu fi haala yeroo siyaasa Biyyaa Oromiyaa ilaalchise barumsa kan ittin kennamu yemmu ta’u, bara 2015ttis kessummoota argamani Aadaa Oromoon Bashannansisaa waa’ee deemsa QBO fi barbaachisummaa fi  ittifufinsa Qabsoo Bilisumma Oromoo marii geggeeffame ti jira.

Haaluma kanaan:

1.Ummanni Oromoo Mirga abba biyyummaasaa kabajame biyyaa ofi ofin haamma bulchutti qabsoon ittifufu kan qabu ta’uusaa

2.Motummaa abbaa Irree Wayyaaneefi nafxaynoota yomiyyu farra Bilisumaa fi walabummaa Saba Oromoo ta’usaani hubachudhaan

3.Bitta humna Meshaa waraanaattin  hundeffame, humnaafi qabsoolee diree hundaattin geggeffamu qabanin male kann hin mo’amne ta’uusaa hubachudhaan

Ibsa Ijjannoo arman gadii jiran baasane jirra.

1.Masterpilaani Finfinne cimisine Mormina akkasumas hojii irra akka hinollne akekkachiifna

2.Bitta gabromfata motumma abba irre Wayyaa TPLF ni balaaleffanna

3.Ummata Oromoo cunqursuu, lafaa ofi irra buqqisuu fi Samiinsa qabenya hatattaman ha dhaabatu

4.Motummoota Awroppaa fi kkf gargaarsa Motumma TPLFif gocha jiran akka dhaabatu akkasumas Ummata Oromoo fi saboota cunqurfaman woliin akka dhaabbatan waamichakenya dabarsina

5.Qabsa’oota Bilisumma Oromoo hundaaf tokkummaan akka qabsofnu waamicha dabarsina

6.Dina Ummata Oromo ta’udhaan Oromiyaa kessa ajaja TPLF kan raawwachaa jiran misensoota OPDO maraaf, gocha kessan kan senaan isiini gaafachiisu ta'uusa hubattani, dura Ummata dhiifama gaafachudhaan , akka QBO kessa makamtan akeekkachifna.

7.Yo tuturelle Qabsoo Haqaa milkiin xumuramu amanaa, Oromiyaan Walabomtee sirna Dimokraatawaa haamma dirirsinutti qabsookenya bifa hundaan cimsine ittifufuudhaaf wadaakenya ni haromsina.

Injifannoo Ummata Oromoof

26.09.2015, Nuernberg Germany



Kora Tokkommaa Barattoota Oromoo biyyaa Jarmanii hirmaannaa misensoota fi kessummoota hedduminaan argamanin midhagee, akka Aadaa Oromootti ebbaa manguddootaan jalqabame, itti aansuudhaan Barumsa fi ibsaa yeroo Jaal Mohammed Osman Jaal Kadir Seraa, Jaal Mukatr Mahmud fi Jaal Eshetu Zewudeen kan kenname yeemu ta’u. Marii irratti geggeffame booda Ibsa ijennoo arman gadii jiru baasudhaan milkiin xumurame jira.

Ibsa Ejjannoo

Naannowwan Oromiyaa heddutti finccilli moormi maastar plaani akka haarawaatti eegalu isaa  ilaalchisee

Akkuma beekkamu Maaster plaanin Finfinne; asiin dura wareegama Oromoota hedduttii midhama qaamaa fi hidhaan, ajjeecha fi dararrii sabboontoota Oromoota irratti gaggeefame wanta hangana hin jeedhamne ta'uuyyu yeroo ammaa kanattis dhaadannoon Obboo Tsehaayyee wajjin wal-qabatee hoji irra olaan Maaster pilaani Finfinne kuni tuffii motummaan Abbaa irree wayyaane Oromootaatif qabu ammas itti fufaa jiraachu isaa agarsisaa.

Kanuma waliin walqabatee manneen barnoota kan akka yuunivarsiitii Finfinne fi Haaromaayaattii loltoota hedduu bobbaasun moormii ukkaamsuf yaaluttii jiru. Haa ta'uu malee mannen barumsaa naannowwan wallaggaa fi Ambo akkasumaas naannowwan isheettiis moormin babal'achaa jiraachu isa wajjiin walqabate barattoota heddurratti, midhaa hangana hinjedhamne raawwatame darbun isaa ni yaadatama. Midiyaaleen heddus gabaasani dabarsani jiru.


Yeroo ammaa kana fincilli kuni naannowwan Oromoyaa hedduttis ni faffaca'aa jedhame sodaatamu iyyuu , tuffin hojirra olchaa maaster plaani Finfinnee itti fuufuttii jira. Maastar pilaanin Finfinne kunis du'aa Oromoota heddutiif sababa ta'e jira. Qote bultoota heddus  qa'ee isaani irraa ni mancaasaa.


1.Midhaawwan Oromoota irraa gahaa jiru kana nutis Tokkummaan Barattoota Oromoo biyya Jarmanii haalaan ni moorminaa, ni balaaleffannaa!

2.Jalademtuwwan fi ofittumaa wayyaane ni moormina, ni balaaleffannaa.

3.Gaafin mirga Oromoo haalaan debii argachuu qaba jennee ni moormina!

4.Tokkoon tokkoon  keenyaa hanga dandeenyun gumaacha keenya godhu fi Oromootni hundii waligalunii maastar plaani kana fi daba nurratti hojjatamaa jiru kan biroos sagalee tokkoon ni morminaa.

5.Ajjeechaan Uummata Oromoorraa gaha jiru hatattamaan dhaabbachu qabas jennee ibsa  keenya dabarsinaa.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromoof!

Nürnberg, 28.11.2015

Waamicha Hiriira Diddaa Gabrummaa fi Tumsa Fincila uummata Oromoo



            Hawaasoota Oromoo Biyya Jarmanii                                   

            Waldaa Oromoo


            Jaarmoolee Siyaasa Oromoo

            Oromoota biyya Jarmanii fi Naannoo jiratan hubdaaf


Duraan dursinee nagaan keenya obbolummaa gama keessan haa gahu jenna!

Akkuma hundi keessan beektaan, mootummaan faashisti wayyaanne haqaa fi mirga ilma nama dhiituun, ilmaan Oromoo yeroo amma Oromiyaa guutuu keessatti, guyyaa saafaa kara irratti qalanii ajjeesa jiru.   Hojii sanyii dugguuga kana dura dhabbannee mormuu qabna. Sagalee obboleewwan, abbootii fi hawwaan  keenya tahu qabna. 


Nuti Hawaasonii fi jaarmooleen Oromoo, Oromoon Biyya Jarmanii keessa jiraanu, waan kana callisnee ilaaluun, seenaa fi dhiignii dargaggoo fi shamarran Oromoo qote bulaa walummaa galaatti, Uummata Oromoo hunda dhangala’aa jiru,  obsaa fi boqonnaa  nu dhorkaate.  Ammaas ilmaan Oromoo qalama jiraan, mootummaan wayyaannee  sagalee tokkoon, yoomii caala harka walqabanee, waan barbaachisaa tahe hunddaan dura dhaabachuuf, kutannoon ka’u keenya beeksifnaa!


Kanaaf, Muuddee (December) 16 bara 2015  hamma 18 12.2015hiriira diddaa fi aarii qabnu agarsiisuuf, jaalalaa fi tumsa uummata Oromoo fi biyyaa keenya Oromiyaa qabnu irra deebnee mirkaneesuuf, qabsoo uummaannii Oromoo haqaa fi mirgaa isaaf gochaa jiruu yoomii caalaa tumsuuf, tokkummaan ka’u keenya diina uummata Oromoo wayyaanee fi kittillayyoo isaniitti agarsiisuuf, 



Bundeskanzleramt duratti

•        Guyyaa 16.12.2015

•sa’aati 9:00 egalee

•hamaa 18.12.2015 sa’aatti 10:00ti.

•Teesson,   Willy-Brandt-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin

Itti fufuun,

•        guyyaa 18.12.2015

•        sa’aati 11:00 kaasee qondaaltota (Embassy) Toopphiyaa irratti hiriiri ta’a. 

•        Teessoon,   Boothstraße 20A, 12207 Berlin


Tooftan isaanii kun, uummata Oromoo, dargaggoo, shamarran, manguddoo, daa’imaan illee otoo hin jennee ajjeesaa, hidhaa fi biyyaa irra arihuun, callisiisuuf yaalaan kun, tasa akka hin milkoofnee  yookiin milkaawuu hin dandeenye, hedduminaa fi tokkummaan kaanee Jira. Hawaasonnii Oromoo, waldaan Oromoo gara garaa ( waldaa dubartii, waldaa amantii  Waaqeffataa, Kiristaanaa fi islaama) TBOJ fi Jaarmoole siyaasa Oromoo hundii, guyyaa kana akka nama tokkootti harka walqabanee hiriiruuf ka’u keenyaa beeksifna!


Tokkummaan Human!

Qabsawwaan ni du’a, Qasoon itti fufa!

Oromiyaan ni Bilisoomti!




April 02,2016 Nürnburg, Germany

Seenaa Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo keessatti Ebli 15 guyyaa yaadannoo ol’aanaa qabu dha. Guyyaan kun guyyaa nuti Gootota Oromoo Bilisummaa saba keenyaaf osoo falmanii wareegamani itti yaadannu qofa osoo hin taane, guyyaa nuti kaayyoo isaan irratti wareegaman sana fiixaan baasuuf hirbuu keenya itti haaromsinu dha.

Uummatni Oromoo bal’aan keessattu qabsaa’otni fi deggertootni Bilisummaa Oromoo, Ebla 15 wantoota lamaan yaadanna. Gama tokkoon wareegamuu Qaroowwanii fi Gootowwan keenya kanatti gaddi guddaan yeroo nutti dhaga’amu yoo ta’uu, gama kaaniin ammoo dhiigni isaanii tokkummaa Uummee, Gootowwan hedduu magarsee, dhaloota haarawaa muraannoo guutuun mirga saba isaaniif sodaa tokko male rasaasaf off kennee wareegamu waan horeef; guyyicha yeroo yaadannu jabinna, gootummaa fi abdii guddaatu nutti dhaga’ama.

Nutis Tokkumaan Baratota Oromoo Biyya Jarmani(TBOJ)  Guyyaa seenaa qabeessa kana  magaaloota adda addaa irraa walittii dhuufudhaan Ebla 02, 2016 magaala Nürnberg ittii haala ho‘aatin kabajne jira.

Guyyaan kabaja yaadannoon gootota kuniis  keessumoota, miiseensootaa fi deggartoota gara qophii dhufaniif Dura Ta’aa TBOB Obboo Harun Kalil Bati fi barreessaa TBOB Obboo Kebede Debela Samagn‘n simannaan erga banamee booda,  akkuma aadaa Oromoottii ebba maanguddotaan banamee Obboo Eshetu Zewudie Adere‘n Baruumsaa haala yeroo ilaalchiisee Ummannii Oromoo akkamittii tokkumaan qabsaa’uu akka qabnuu, baruumsa ol’anaa kenname jira. Ittii ansudhaan Obboo Gemeda Nuredhaan baruumsaa guddina afaan Oromoo qabsoo keessattii fi gahee keenya jadhuun baruumsa bal‘aa keennani jiru. Erga boqonnaa daqiiqaa 30 goodhame booda dungoo qabsiifame faaru Alaaba Oromoo erga faarfamee booda Obboo  Amaan Muhammediin. Muxannoo qabso qabuu irra  kaa‘ee miseensootaaf  waayee Gotootaa fi qabsoo Uummata Oromoo ilaalchiisee  baruumsa bal‘aa keennani jiru. Ittii ansudhaaniis Obboo Xayib Aliyi   walaloo mata duree fiinciila diddaa gabruummaa jedhun miseensootaa fi keessuumootaaf dhiiyaate jira. Ittii ansudhaan barressaan TBOJ Obbo Falaqaa‘n  waayee FDG biyya keessattii godhamaa jiru fi akkasumaas ilmaan Oromoo qa‘ee fi biyya isaani irraa erga alagaa dhaan ari‘amani booda naanno jiraniitii akkamittii akka gargaaramu danda’man fi tokkumaadhaan dinarattii akka xiiyyeefannuu baruumsa bal‘aa keennanii jiru.

Dhuumaarattii nutiis dhiiga Gootowwan wareegamnii kana keessa biqille, Mul’atni keenya inni guddaanis faajjii Gootowwan keenya ol-kaafnee, kaayyoo Bilisummaa isaan irratti of-kitiman sana fiixaan baasuuf dadhabii, sodaa fi mamii tokko malee akka qabsoofnu waadaa gallee jira.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromoof


Qannoo Abbishee Aagaa, Frankfurt Germany,

Adoolessa/July 15. 2016

Ummanni Oromoo saba bal'aa gaanfa Afrikaa keessatti biyyattii empiraa Itophiyaa, Keeniyaa fi Somaaliyaa  keessatti argamu dha. Oromoon saba aadaa, seenaa, afaan, duudhaa fi safuu mataa isaa qabuu dha. Oromoon saba guddaa bulchiinsa  dimokiraasii adunyaa tanaaf gumache yoo ta’u bulchiinsi dimokiraasii kuni sirna gadaa jedhamee beekkama.  Sirana gadaa keessatti namni hunduu wal qixa. Haata’uu malee mootummaan garboonfataa Itoophiyaa sirna kana humnaa cabsuun erga ummata Oromoo garbummaa jalatti kufisee kunoo jaarraa tokko lakkofsisee jira. Haalli garboonfataa kun ummata Oromoo mirga uumamaan qabu isa dhabsiisee jira. Haata’uu malee  (ittifuufi)

Qophiilee  Walbaru, Sagantaa Aadaa fi Seenaa Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii kessa magaaloota Aadda addaatti  geggeeffama jira

Erlangen Höchstadt (05.02.2016),

Herzogenaurach (15.04.2016),

Roth (17.06.2016),

Regensburg (29.07.2016)

Magaaloota adda addaa biyyaa Jarmanii kessa  baqattoota fi jiraattoota  Oromoo, Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo biyyaa Jarmanii/TBOJ wolin ta’uudhaan,

Qophii galgala qophessuudhaan

-Bulchiinsa magaaloota

-Misesnoota Paartilee siyaasaa Biyyaa Jarmanii

-Gargaartoota baqattoota Oromoo fi

-Dhaabbile mirga dhala namaaf falmatan afeeruudhaan fi hawasoota adda addaa

-akkasumas gaazexeessoota afeeruudhaan

Barumsa Seenaa Oromoo:

Waa’ee seena Ummata Oromoo, Sirna Gadaa fi haala siyaasa ama Oromiyaa kessa jiru Ragaoole qabatama irra hundaa’ee qophessudhaan barumsa kann kenname yemmu ta’u, dhumarattis Oromoon maalif baqata? Isa jedhuuf deebii bal’aa kenname booda kessummoota fi baqattoota Oromoo gidduutti marii bal’aa geggeeffame jira.

Aadaa Oromo beksisuu:

Nyaata fi Uffata Aadaa Oromoo akkasumas sirba fi shibbisaa godinaale Oromoo adda addaa argarsisuun Oromoon haabashaa ykn Itophiyaa utu hinta’in, saba aadaa fi seena ofi qabu ta’uusa sirritti akka beekamu godhame jira.

Kanumarratti gaazexessoota adda addaa qophii irratti argamani gabaasa barressaniiru. Jiraattoota magaaloota kanas akkasumas namoota hawaasaa kessa murtessaa kan ta’aani barumsa kenname booda, waa’ee Oromoo yeroo jalqabaaf dhagahu isaani kan nu ragaasisaani yemmu ta’u, dabalate wolitti dhufenya ummata Oromo wolin umame kuni biyya Jarmanii kanaafis bu’a qabessa waan ta’eef akka ittifufu nu hubachisanii qophiikenyarratti waan afeeramani argamanif gammachuusaani nu ibsaniiru.

Injifannoon Ummata Oromoof

Germany 2016


Info Veranstaltung der Oromo in Deutschland

Oromo wollen ihre Kultur bewahren

Die Menschen aus Äthiopien leiden unter Menschenrechtsverletzungen. Rund 100 haben im Raum Regensburg Zuflucht gefunden.

Von Angelika Lukesch, MZ

REGENSBURG.Rund 100 Flüchtlinge aus Äthiopien leben zurzeit im Landkreis Regensburg. Viele davon gehören der Volksgruppe der Oromo an. In Äthiopien werden die Oromo verfolgt und müssen brutale Menschenrechtsverletzungen ertragen. Viele fliehen daher und nehmen den weiten Weg bis nach Europa in Kauf, um sich in Sicherheit zu bringen.

weiterlesen auf:


Demonstration: Meinungsfreiheit und Demokratie für das Oromo-Volk

Gabaasa Hiriira Nagaa Berlinitti geggeffame


Demonstration: Free Prof. Merera Gudina, Bekele Gerba, and all Oromo-Political Prisoners

Condemning the massacre in Calaqoo

Gabaasa Hiriira Nagaa Frankfurtinitti geggeffame


Äthiopien steht wegen Massentötungen und Verhaftungen in der internationalen Kritik. Von dem diktatorischen Vorgehen durch die äthiopische Militär-Regierung sind besonders das Oromo-Volk betroffen. Wir wollen die demokratischen Kräfte stärken durch eine friedliche Demonstration der Oromo-Community in Deutschland.

Damit wollen wir die Politiker in Deutschland und in Europa auf die Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Äthiopein aufmerksam machen. Wir wollen erreichen, dass Deutschland und Europa mit uns gemeinsam für Freiheit und Demokratie gegen die Menschenrechtsverletzungen in Äthiopien eintreten. Es kann nicht sein, dass ein Regime, das im eigenen Land tötet und foltert als Mitglied des UNO-Sicherheitsrates und als Teil internationaler Militäreinsätze größte internationale Anerkennung genießt und sich aus militärisch-geopolitischen Gründen niemand zu den wahren Verhältnissen positioniert. weiterlesen

Sirni kun Hiddaan Buqqa’u Malee, Dhumaatiin Saba Keenyarratti Gaggeeffamu Hin Dhaabbatu!

Ibsa Ejjannoo Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Awuropaa Damee Jarmanii-TBOJ

15.12.2017 Frannkfurt Germany

Bittaan mootumoota habashaa baroota darbanitti ilmaan oromoo gabromfachudhaaf bara dheeraa hacuucaadhaan Ummata Oromoo araddaasaa irra buqqisee, qabenyaa isaa same,mirga isaa sarbe afaan, aadaa fi seenaa isaa awwaalee lubbuu fi qabeenya oromoo hedduu fixaa ture.

Har’as mootummaan TPLF wayyaanee caalmaatti uummata Oromo salphisuu dadhabsiisuu fi ajjeesuu irratti hojjechaa jirti. Qabsaa'onni karaa nagaan Mirga Oromoof falman har‘a yakka tokko malee mana hidhaa kesaa dararaama jiru. Akkumaa senoota darban kesaati Oromoon orommummaa isaa dagatee akka jiraatuuf yakki garaa jabiinaa irratti hojjetama ture har’aas mottumaa wayyaanetin itti fuufe jira.

Toftaan Motummaa abaa irre kana ittifayyadamu kessa tokko, Oromoon sabaaf sab lammota ollaa jiran wajjin nagaan akka hinjiraanne gidddu galee wolitti bu’iinsa Uumuu fi lafa Oromoo gara Ollaatti muranii dabarsani kennu dha.

Moottumaan Abbaa irree toftaa kanatti fayadamuun Nannoo Oromiyaa Hunda irratti Duguggaa Sanyi Haangana Hin jeedhamne Raawachaa jia.Barattootni Yuniversitii Keessaa tasgabinaan akka hin baranne ajjeechaa fi rebichi irratti Raawatamaa jira.

Ajjeechaa suukanneessaa  Muddee 10, 2017 godina Harargee Bahaa, Aanaa Meettaa, magalaa Calanqotti raawwatameefi dhiittaa mirga namoomaa gaggeeffamaa jiru cimsinee balaaleffanna! Lubbuun namoota 16 rasaasa loltoota Woyyaaneetiin kan darbee fi lammiiwwan 14 ammoo madahuun gabaafamee jira. Gootota woreegamaniif araarama, Maatii warra ajjeefamanii fi uummata kennaaf jajjabina, worra madayaniif qoora hawwaa, gadda nutti dhaga’ame ibsachu barbaanna.

Yakka duguugiinsa sanyii waraanni “Liyu hayilii” Somaalee fi Waraanni humna ittisa Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo irratti gaggeessaa jiru dhaabsisuun hin danda’amne. Qaama waraana uummata keenyarratti ajajee ficisiisaa jiru seeraatti dhiyeessuun hin danda’amne.

Humna badii kana lamaaniin, uummanni keenya 600,000 oli qe’ee fi qabeenyaa isaanii irraa buqqifamee darara argutti jira.

Hoggantoonni  Oromoo, obboloonni  keenyaa  fi  hiriyoonni keenya, akkasumaas ilmaan Oromoo kumoota dhibbaan lakkaawwaman sababa gaaffii mirgaa , bilisummaa fi kabajamuu mirgoota namoomaa fi dimookiraasii gaafataniif hidhaman hin hiikkamne.Saamichi lafa Oromiyaa hin dhaabbanne.

Gaafiin abbaa biyyummaa Finfinnee deebii hin arganne.Abbummaan Oromoon qabeenyaa uumamaa isaa irratti qabu hin mirkanoofne. Yakkamtoonni Oromoo ajjeessan, badiin isaanii qoratamee, murtiif hin dhiyyaanne.

Kanaafuu nu miseensotin Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Damee Bayern Haalaa ummaatni Oromoo  amma kessa jiruu sababeefachuun ibsa ejjennoo keenya akka armaan gadiitti dabarfannerra.

  1. Bu’uura Rakko ummata Oromoo gabrumaa fi sirna Koloneffata  akkauma ta’etti furmaatni isaas Bilisummaa qofa dha, kanaafu Qabsoo Bilisummaa ummata Oromoof geggeffamu kessa hirmaanna kenya cimsine ittifuufna.

  1. Lafa Oromoo lafee Oromooti, yomi iyyu kan Oromoo ta’e jiraata, kana tuffachudhaan waan Haraghee kessatti raawwatama jiru  cimsine ni balaaleffanna, guma sabakenya ni baafna, lafti humna nurra fudhatame humnaan ni deebisifanna.

  1. Beektotni, dargaggotnii fi abbootiin Oromoo mana hidhaa wayyaneetiin  dararaman haal-duree tokko maalee akka hikaman cimsinee gaafanna.

  1. Ajjeechaa suukanneessaa Calanqo fi Nannoo Oromiyaa Hunda irratti raawatamefi  dhiittaa mirga namoomaa gaggeeffamaa jiru cimsinee balaaleffanna!

  1. Mirga Oromootiif falmuuf jecha hiidhaa  reebicha  fi ajjechaa  mootummaa wayyanee dura dhabachuun qabso bilissumaa oromoo geggesaa jiran nuti miseensonni Tokkummaa Barratoota Oromoo Jarmani qabsoo isaanii kana galmaan ga'uudhaf tumsa barbachisu hunda ni goona.

  1. Rakkina saba kenya furuuf qabsoo bifa kamiyyu  geggessun mirga kenya fi dirqama lammumma  kenya ta‘uusa hubachudhaan har‘aas qabsaa'oota Billisummaa Oromoo walihubanno fi waligalteen gara tokkumatti akka dhuufani fi qabsoo eegalame fixan akka baasnuu waamicha kenya kabajaan dabarsina.

  1. Rakko Sabakenya fuuruudf, karaa Nagaan gqabsoofna jechaa, haala  Seera fi Heera Biyyicha eeyyamuttin utu Hojii isaani Hojjechaa jiran, sobaan yakkamanii kan mana Hidha Wayyaannee kessatti guuramani Oromootaa kan akka Obbo Baqaalaa Garbaa fi Prof. Dr. Mararaa Guddiina ragaa nu bahaan tokko yo jiraate, Motummaan TPLF kana qabso kara naga godhamu kammu kann hinfeene ta’uusaati. Kanaafu kana booda mirga ummmaata kenya dhitame jiru kana kabajachisuufi abbaa biyyummaakenya deebiisuuf qabsoo hidhanoo dabalatee malee akka hintaane irra hubanne hundi kenya qabso amala motummaa kanaaf deebii qubsaa kennu danda‘u, qabso hidhanno bukkee dhadhabachun dhebbu bilisuma saba kenya akka mirkanesinu waamicha kenya dabarsiina.

  1. Motummaan TPLF-Wayyaanne  motummaa shororkessaa waan ta’eef, humna tokkon kaane hunden buqqiisuun nagaa ummaaticha deebiisuuf kan bobaanu ta‘uusa hojidhaan ni mirkanessina.

  1. Motummaa TPLF-wayyaannee, Gargaarsaa argate hunde abbaa Irrummaa ittin jabeffatu sana laamsheessuuf, tokkuman kaane shiraa mottummaa kana akkasumas Sooba fi yakkaa raawwachaa jiru adunyaatti beksiisu irratti daran cimsine hojjenna.

  1. Qabsoon Qeerroo fi Ummata Oromoo amma Oromiyaa kessa eegale jiru jajjabeessuun qeerroon biyya kessafi biyya ambaan humna tokkon ta’aani qabsaa’uu irratti waan barbaachisa ta’ee hundaan bira daabbachuu waadaakenya haaromsina.

  1. Kana malees dirqama qabsoo fi yeroo nu gaafatu hunda lubbuukenya ille utu hinquusatin bahuuf qophii ta’uukenya ni mirkanessina.


Oromiyaan  Ni Bilisoomti.

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ




Nürnberg, 14.04.2018

Biyya Jarmanii magaalaa Nürnberg irratti  Dhimmi baqattoota Ormoo fii Ogadenia akkasumas dhimmoota baqattoota koola galtummaa siyaasaa biyya germany Naannoo Bayern jedhamu keessatti gaaffatan ykn argaman ilaalchisuun marii fii haasofni baldhaan qaamota dhimmi baqattoota godinichaa ilaalchisuu fii hawaasa Oromoo akkasumas hawaasa „Ogaden Youth and Students Union- OYSU“ gidduutti mariin baldhaan adeemsifamee ture.

Sagantaa marii kanaa qaamota dhimmi baqattoota ilaachisuu fii haawaasota Jarmanii hirmaachisuudhaan akkasumas dhimmi baqattoota Oromoo biyya Jarmanii walumagalaatti akkasumas Naannoo Bayern keessa jiraatan gadi fageenyaan akka ilaallamu xiyyeeffannaa godhachuudhaan sagantaa waltajjii kanaa kan qindeesse "Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii" (TBOJ) Damee Bayernii yemmuu ta'u.  waltajjii kana irratti haawaasota oromoo fii baqattoonni Oromoo heddun hirmaachuudhaan qooda sagantichaa fudhataniiru.


Ibsa Ejjennoo Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ

Oromomiyaa jenne baane, itophiyaa jenne hingallu!


Tokkummaa Barattoota Ormoo Biyyaa Jarmanii- TBOJn ijaarsa siyaasaa yemmu ta‘u:

-Maddii fi hundeen cunqursaa sirna gabroomfataa(koloneeffataa) kan Abashaa ta'usaa hubachuudhaan

-Gabroomfataa Itiyoopiyaa diduu, bilisummaa uummata Oromoo fi hawaasa Oromoo haaraa ijaaruuf

-Warraaqsi uummata Oromoo dagaagee akka fiixaan ba'u, utubuu fi keessatti qooda fudhachu barbaachisa waan ta’eef

-Uummatni keenya bilisummaa gonfachuuf qabsoo haadhaawaa kara hidhannoo fi karaa maraan adeemsisuun barbaachisaa akka ta'ee fi waldhaanson akkasiis dirqamaa fi mirga ilmaan oromoo ta'uu beekuudhaan

-Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo kan Tasgabbii, Bilisummaa, Dimokraasii, mirga dhala namaa fi heeraaf seera kabajamuu, guddinaa fi Mirga Hiree ofii ofiin Murteeffannaa Ummata Oromoo fi kan biroo bakkaan gahuuf qabsaa'anu waliinis hojjechuuf

hundeffame. Erga hundefame irraa kaasse qabsoo Adda billisummaa Oromoo(ABO) dhaan biyya Oromiyyaa kessatti geggeeffamu irratti qoda fudhacuudhaan, waggoota dheeraaf QBO kessatti dirqamasaa bahe jira bahuttis jira. Ittifufi...

Berlin, Germany, 11.03.2016

On March 11, 2016 Oromo communities in the globe have conducted a collective protest demonstration against the killings, jailing and harassment of dozens of Oromo civilians and the rape of hundreds of women and girls in Oromia, Ethiopia.

The Oromo rallies that took place in Berlin, the capital of Germany on Bundeskanzleramt, British Embassy, French Embassy and USA Embassy including many other cities across the free world had two things in common: bringing the human right violation committed against Oromo civilians to the attention of the respective governments and elected leaders to take an immediate life-saving actions by doing their maximum pressure on the Ethiopian government. The rallies also aimed at publicizing the Oromo desire for self-government, freedom, justice and democracy.

In the past four months because Oromo civilians have peacefully demonstrated for their God given rights, regardless of age and gender many including a seven-month pregnant women, farmers and university students who are hope for the future of our nation have been massacred and injured. Besides, many Oromo girls have been raped by the army in their homes and schools.

In these global rallies, Oromo demonstrators believe that foreign aid helps fund the regime’s genocidal campaigns in Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia. In Berlin, Germany and in dozens of other cities around the world, demonstrators asked their governments to put a maximum pressure on the Ethiopian government to yield to popular demands.   Foreign aid to Ethiopia means that tax-payers are funding the purchase of guns and bullets that are being used to commit these atrocities.

Victory to the Oromo Nation!

Demonstration: Freiheit und Demokratie für das Oromo-Volk

Berlin, Germany 18.12.2015

„Ende November 2015 kam es in der Region Oromia zu Massendemonstrationen in einigen Städten. Die Proteste haben sich mittlerweile in der ganzen Region, bis ins unmittelbare Umfeld der Hauptstadt Addis Abeba, ausgeweitet.“


Was man hier geschwiegen hat ist dass die Demonstranten massenweise von den Militär und Spezialeinheiten des TPLF Regimes getötet und inhaftiert werden.

Aus diesem Anlass demonstrieren wir gegen die Verletzung der Menschenrechte,

für Demokratie, Freiheit und Gerechtigkeit des Oromo-Volkes.

Seit Jahren werden die Menschenrechte in Äthiopien von den jeweiligen Regierungen mit Füßen getreten. Verhaftungen, Folterungen, Tötungen und Verschwindenlassen der politischen Oppositionen ist Alltag in Äthiopien. Es war so unter Kaiserzeiten (1889-1974), Militärzeiten (1974-1991) und ist seit 1991 bis heute unter der TPLF-Diktatur auch so.

Das Oromo-Volk, die größte ethnische Gruppe in Äthiopien mit über 40 Millionen Menschen, leidet seit vielen Jahren unter den Diktatoren. Über 90.000 Oromos - Jugendliche, Intellektuelle, Geschäftsleute, Frauen und Kinder -  sitzen im Gefängnis, weil sie für Freiheit, Gerechtigkeit, Recht auf Selbstbestimmung demonstrierten und ihre Stimme friedlich erhoben haben.

Wir, die Oromos verlagen unsere demokratischen Rechte, d.h. die Wiederherstellung unserer eigenen politischen Identität, die durch die Kolonialisierung der abessinischen Kaiser (Amhara und Tigre) verloren gegangen ist.

Unser Motto lautet:

•Stop - Killing Oromos, Sidamas, Somalis!

•Stop - Vertreibungspolitik!

•Stop - Land-Grabbing!

•Stop - Vergewaltigung!

Wir fordern: Demokratie und Freiheit, inklusive Presse- und Meinungsfreiheit für das Oromo-Volk sowie für alle in Äthiopien unterdrückten ethnischen Gruppen.

Freiheit und Demokratie gelten auch für das Oromo-Volk!

Helft mit und schließt Euch der Demonstration an!


Oromo Communities in Deutschland

Please Notice:

Change of Adress and  information about  use of Public Transport  to get to the concert Hall

Waamicha hiriira nagaa magaalaa Berlinitti.

Guyyaa 02.05.2014

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Akka hundi keenya quba  qabnuutti, yeroo amma kana mootummaan TPLF / EPRDF biyya keenya Oromiyaa jeeqaa , hunkuraa , uummata Oromoo mana hidhaatti guura fi ajjeesa jira.

Haala kana akka lammii Oromootti cal jennee ilaalu hin qabnuu.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti  beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi reebichii Oromoo irra gayaa jiru kun na ilaala, lammii irra qaba, lammii kootu dhiignii isaa dhangalaa jira kan  jedhuu hundii, hiriira kana irratti qooda fudhachuu qaba jenne hubana.

Tokkummaan humna!

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee, biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf  haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira: 09.05.2014

Bakka: Bundeskanzleramt fuula dura ( auf dem Platz zwischen Paul-Löbe-Allee und Otto-von-Bismark-Allee )

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9,00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)