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Beschwerdebrief der  vereinigung der Oromo in Berlin e.V

Oromo Community in Berlin e.V.

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Deutsche Welle

Herrn Klaus Bergmann

Leiter Internationale Angelegenheiten

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3

53113 Bonn


Sehr geehrter Herr Bergmann,

We, members of the Oromo community e.V, herewith express our utter dismay and indignation at what was recently aired on Deutsche Welle: Amharic Service. In a program on December 8, 2013 a defamatory and discriminatory tirade against Oromo as a people was allowed

unhindered; indeed encouraged by the host, purportedly as a discussion-program. We are saddened to see the institution of Deutsche Welle, hitherto respected for its democratic and human-right’s values enshrined in the Grundgesetz, being abused and reduced to an instrument

of hate-propaganda against a whole people.

Our complaint is about hate-speech in the guise of free discussion and the promotion there of.To begin with, a balanced representation for each side of the argument-line has not been observed; neither in numbers nor in their field of expertise: - two historians against one economist.

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Abdulkarim Ibrahim Hamid, who is popularly known as Jarra Abba Gadaa, was a long-standing Oromo nationalist. Jarra understood the connection between the conquest of the Oromo and the unmitigated attack on their cultural heritage. The purpose of that attack was to make the Oromo feel inferior in terms of their language, culture, history, way of life, political and cultural institutions. 

Boqonnaa Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa ilaalchise ibsa gaddaa Tokkumma Barattoota Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ) irra

Ummanni Oromo abbaa guddaa tokko dhabe!

Boqonnaa abbakenya Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, yemmu dhagenyu naasu guddaa tu nutti dhaga‘aame. J/Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa umri isaani dargagguummaa irra eegalani ummata isaanif biyya isaani humnan qabmte jirtu bilisa baasuuf jecha hidhaa, biyya irra ari’atamu, beela’u, dheeboochu fi rakkina hiriyaa hinqabne heddu tu isaan muudate. Haata‘u malee, rakina kana hundaaf utu hinjilbeffatin kaayyoo ganama qabatani ka‘an bakkaan gahuuf baayyee dalagan. ittifufa

UOSG’s Statement on the Passing of Jarra Abbaa Gadaa, the father  of  oromo liberation movement

The Oromo people have lost their great father and leader!

We received the message of the passing away of our Great father and leader J/Jarra Abba Gada (Abdulkarim Ibrahim) with shock and sadness.  Jarra Abba Gada took up arms to fight the Ethiopian rulers who continued to subjugate Oromia and oppress its people at his early age. He refused to accept the oppression, exploitation, and abuse of the Oromo people and he has been jailed, exiled and suffered  a lot  in the hands of successive Ethiopian rulers. In spite of all the suffering Jarra Abba Gada stand firm and fought the oppressors bravely for the cause of liberation.

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Letter of Complaint of the UOSG to the Deutsche welle Broadcasting Board

December 28, 2013

Deutsche Welle (DW) Broadcasting Board,

Mr. Klaus Bergmann

Leiter Internationale Angelegenheiten

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3

53113 Bonn

Dear Mr. Bergmann,

It came to our attention through our members the December 8, 2013 program on DW  Amharic program, which we found to be insensitive and derogatory to the single largest ethnic group in the horn of Africa, the Oromo people. We, members of the Union of Oromo student in Europe-Germany (UOSG)   and the Oromo community residing in Germany, therefore are deeply offended by DW’s Amharic Service program which was defamatory and discriminatory against the Oromo people of Ethiopia to say the least.

What disappoint us the most is,  The well respected international media like Deutsche Welle (DW), which aspires itself to promote intercultural dialogue, to work to further international understanding and tolerance, to communicate the values of a liberal democracy and to support respect for human rights, to be used for hate propaganda like  Radio Rwanda and Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines of the Rwanda was used during the Rwanda genocidal era.

Our compliant and disappointment begin with the way this specific program was represented. By inviting two professors of history representing the right wing extreme ideology and an economist from the Oromo side the host has deliberately set up unbalanced and unfair discussion forum about the darkest historical event in the Ethiopian Empire. Even though the declared aim of this program was to conduct a fair discussion about Oromo and Emperor Menelik II, the lack of proper representation to tell the Oromo narrative in the presence of extremist that harbored hate towards the Oromo have made the so called discussion a hate propaganda. More over we are forced to assume the moderator intention to be deliberate during the program, when he tolerated if not cheered the inflammatory and derogatory comments from the two guests. To put gas into flame the moderator also engaged himself in discrediting and disrespecting his honorable guest representing the counter argument. It is with this respect we are forced to write this letter to inform the broadcasting board this inflammatory and discriminatory program targeting the single largest ethnic group in the horn of Africa.

Dear Mr. Bergmann, to put things in to context, the Oromo people are the single largest ethnic group in East Africa and make up a significant portion of the population occupying the Horn of Africa. In the Ethiopian alone, Oromo constitute about ~40% of the population (close to 40 million) of the Ethiopian . During their long history, the Oromo developed their own uniquely democratic political and social institution known as the Gadaa system . During the late 19th century, King Menelik of Abyssinia conquered the vast Oromo land that now constitutes most of the landmass of the present day Ethiopia. The conquest was very bloody with an estimated 5 million Oromos either killed as a result of the wars or the aftermath plagues. The survivors were evicted from their ancestral land and turned into serfs or sold as slaves with no national right to the Oromo language, culture, history and their beloved socio-political institution, the Gadaa system. After the conquest the entire Oromo and their socio political values are banned from their own country (Oromia) and labeled as the enemies of the state under the imperial regimes of Menelik and then Haile-Selassie II . They have been given a derogatory name called “Galla,” which is banned from public speech in Ethiopia today.


Therefore what angered us and forced us to write this letter is the fact that those views reflected on the December 8, 2013 program which harbored hate, discrimination and a wish for the return of this darkest historical era for millions of Oromo and other oppressed nations and nationalities in the Ethiopian empire is the view of neo-feudal extremist. Those guests invited cheered by the moderator   explicitly stated on air that the name Oromo itself was controversial, implying Oromos should be called ‘Galla’ even today. One of the invited guests, Dr. Haile Larebo, went further to question the identity and own history of the Oromo people by saying the entire history of the Oromo people, was “myth and fiction”. Those guests went further to declare the gadaa system which most anthropological and historical studies find to be the most democratic and egalitarian socio-political system in the world to be synonymous with terror and destruction. What’s deeply saddening is, all through this, the DW’s Amharic Service moderator as a responsible and ethical journalist neither did stop the inflammatory statements of the guest nor entertain the counter argument given by the third guest. The moderator went further to dismiss and discredit the third guest who was supposed to represent the Oromo narrative mainly because these inflammatory statements against the Oromo people fitted the moderator editorial position. We found this to be irresponsible, unethical and racially biased journalism.

It is well observed that to systematically ridiculed Oromo values and propagates inflammatory remarks about the Oromo people have become a common practice in most of the past and present Ethiopian empire elite dominated media in Ethiopia and abroad. Even though such practice are also acceptable in the current Ethiopia empire due to a continuing subjugation and oppression policies of the successive Ethiopian political elites and government, in a free world like Germany and a free international media like Deutsch well (DW) this is utterly unacceptable. The use of one of the free media outlets in the world, DW, by those extremists to praise the ‘Black Hitler of Oromo people’ and to question the very existence of more than 40million people not only offended this great people but also put the independencies and the very mission of DW stated in its mission policy in to question. 


As we love and respect DW as a reliable source of information, we do not believe that this incident was an intended mission of the DW in General to spread such an offending message to the Oromo audience worldwide nor do we surely mean that it happened deliberately; rather we want to remind that it should not happen again.

We those who live in freedom and democracy believe in dialogues of mutual benefit, working up the past and promoting a better future.

With this context we, the Union of Oromo students in Europe-Germany (UOSG) would kindly ask DW broadcasting board:

  • To Investigate the point of our complaint
  • To take appropriate measures and disciplinary measure in case of misconduct
  • To air a balanced program on this issue again
  • For an official apology for the Oromo people for the moral damages the program caused
  • To take appropriate measures to preempt future recurrence by considering the establishment of the Afaan oromo program by      taking the experience of other international media like voice of America (VOA) and others with similar radio program and.
  • To revise the editorial policies of the DW-Amharic program by consulting every stake holders and consumers of this media outlet.

We would like also to point out the ever increasing Oromo residents in Germany after fleeing their homeland for fear of political motivated persecutions and the Oromo mass in Ethiopia are the number one audiences of the DW-Amharic program and therefore are the most offended by this program. Therefore as a responsible Germany resident and adopted citizen we demand our complaints to be addressed as soon as possible and would be immoral and irresponsible to ignore this compliant. We expect your immediate response to our letter.   


With Kind Regards!

Union of Oromo Students in Europe - Germany

Cc:  - Valentin Schmidt, Chairman of the Broadcasting Board

       - Johannes Hoffmann, Head of Corporate Communications and  spokesperson

       - Martina Bertram, Editor Corporate Communications

       - Günther Nooke, Member of Broadcasting Board, Africa Commissioner


i. Union of Oromo student in Europe-Germany (UOSG) is a student organization based in Germany. Founded in 1974 in Germany and has members throughout Germany, Europe and Ethiopia.

ii. Central Statistical Agency (2008) „Population size of Regions by Nations/Nationalities (ethnic group) and Place of Residence: 2007" Census 2007. Addis Ababa: Central Statistical Agency. p. 66.

iii. 1. Bates, B. 1979. The Abyssinian Difficulty. Oxford University Press. Baxter, P. 1978. Ethiopia's Unacknowledged Problem: The Oromo. African Affairs, Vol. 77 No. 308, pp. 283-296.

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iv. Cornelius John Jaenen, ‎Southwestern journal of anthropology, v.12, no.2 – 1956

Ethiopia, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012


Ethiopia is a federal republic. On August 20, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died. The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) elected then deputy prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn to take Meles’s place as chairman of the party. The EPRDF subsequently nominated him for the post of prime minister. On September 21, parliament elected Hailemariam as prime minister. In national parliamentary elections in 2010, the EPRDF and affiliated parties won 545 of 547 seats to remain in power for a fourth consecutive five-year term. Although the relatively few international officials allowed to observe the elections concluded technical aspects of the vote were handled competently, some also noted that an environment conducive to free and fair elections was not in place prior to the election.

Security forces generally reported to civilian authorities; however, there were instances in which special police and local militias acted independently of civilian control. The most significant human rights problems included restrictions on freedom of expression and association through politically motivated trials and convictions of opposition political figures, activists, journalists, and bloggers, as well as increased restrictions on print media. In July security forces used force against and arrested Muslims who protested against alleged government interference in religious affairs. The government continued restrictions on civil society and non governmental organization (NGO) activities imposed by the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSO).

Other human rights problems included arbitrary killings; allegations of torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees by security forces; reports of harsh and at times life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; detention without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; a weak, overburdened judiciary subject to political influence; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights, including illegal searches; allegations of abuses in the implementation of the government’s “villagization” program; restrictions on academic freedom; restrictions on freedom of assembly, association, and movement; alleged interference in religious affairs; limits on citizens’ ability to change their government; police, administrative, and judicial corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children; female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C); exploitation of children for economic and sexual purposes; trafficking in persons; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities; clashes between ethnic minorities; discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation and against persons with HIV/AIDS; limits on worker rights; forced labor; and child labor, including forced child labor.

Impunity was a problem. The government, with some reported exceptions, generally did not take steps to prosecute or otherwise punish officials who committed abuses other than corruption. Factions of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), an ethnically based, violent, and fragmented separatist group operating in the Somali Region, were responsible for abuses. Members of the separatist Afar Revolutionary Democratic Union Front (ARDUF) claimed responsibility for a January attack on a group of foreign tourists in the Afar Region.

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USA state Departement

OPride live report on Oromo Week in  North America

(OPride) – Members of Oromo community in North America and guests from around the world will converge on Minnesota this week for soccer tournament, concerts, and community conventions.

Officially dubbed Oromo Week , the convention will start this afternoon with an opening game between Seattle’s Madda Walabu and Minnesota’s own T.T.L Stars.

The Oromo Sports Federation in North America’s (OSFNA) official opening ceremony will promptly begin at 7:30, according to OSFNA. Founded in 1995, one of OSFNA’s grand missions is to create opportunities for North Americans to learn more about Oromo culture and history.  read more

Social media outlet for following the event



or on OSFNA website

Members of UOSG engaged in Introducing Oromia and the oromo people


German NGO pulls out of Ethiopia

Named after the German Nobel Prize winner for iterature, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is an NGO promoting democracy and human rights. It is leaving Ethiopia in protest against restrictions on its activities.

"The closure of the office in Ethiopia is a sign of protest by the foundation against the ongoing restrictions on civil rights and freedom of speech" said a statement released by the Heinrich Böll Foundation explaining why they had closed their office in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. read more

Tagung "Willkommens- und Anerkennungskultur"

*To read the full Report of the Conference held at the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees in German please clik on the piture above

Wallisaa Addisuu Karrayyuu Dabalatee Oromoonni Heedduu Badii Tokkoon Malee Magaalaa Finfinnee Keessaa Hidhaman.

( – Jiraattota magaalaa Finfinnee kanneen ta’an Oromooti jireenya nagaa jiraatanii fi sabboonummaa qaban humna ergamtoota Wayyaaneen adamfamaa akka jiranii fi hidhaa hin beekamnetti geeffamaa akka jiran gabaasi Qeerroo Finfinnee addeessa. Hanga ammaatti Oromooti maqaan isaanii argamee fi bakka amma jiraatanii irraa hidhaman keessaa gariin akka armaa gadiiti.

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Appeal statement from members of Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG)


Since the end of 19th century Oromo and the majority of Ethiopian peoples have been victims of open and systematic genocide polices of successive Abyssinian ruling classes. Historical records have been indicating that the majority of peoples in Ethiopia have been living in environments characterized by unabated killings, repression, and oppressions orchestrated by successive tyrant and dictatorial regimes for more than a century. Groups or individuals who dare to raise the question of their identity are considered as the enemies of the empire and languish in the tyranny jail.  Read More

Oromia: A hero memorial was held for Jirenya Ragassa in different part of Wollega

March 23, 2012 (Qeerroo) – Student Jirenya Ragassa was one of the peaceful demonstrators who were convinced to speak out against injustice and to work for democracy and rule of law, in a country where unspeakable mess is going on by an organized gang and self appointed “Government of Ethiopia”.

It is a conviction of tyrants that crushing dissents is the only way to move forwards. They don’t have the courage to face the bitter truth and brave hearts of their own citizens. By so doing, they exacerbate the already complex and unbearable situation and push the matter further to the brink. By killing one, they will help the birth of thousands and millions of Jirenya, who are ready to fight to the end for the right and dignity of their people and their land.

That is exactly what is happening right at the hero memorial held for Jirenya in different part of Wollega. They have vowed to keep their promise to each other and to the soul of Jirenya, that his sacrifice will inspire their life and their struggle until they achieve their goal. Students and fellow Oromo’s in Haroo, Limmuu, Diggaa, Saasiggaa, Eebantuu, Kiiramuu, Dhukkee, Dongoroo, Amuruu, Jaartee and other places have held a candle light ceremony in his remembrance, chanting and vowing to keep the cause going.

Jirenya has lived an exemplary life and had paid the biggest sacrifice for the cause of his people. He preferred to die on his feet than to live on his knees, leaving the rest of the job behind for us.

Let’s move the barrier, let’s make the monster in 4 kilo and his brutality only a matter history. Let us act NOW!!!


State Department slams Ethiopia on human rights

(OPride) — The U.S. government on Friday commended activists, netizens, and journalists for their courage in advocating for universal human rights and expressed concern over the heightened crackdown on civil liberties, rebuking several countries for shrinking the space for journalists and activists.

In its 36th annual report of human rights practices around the world, the State Department criticized the increased suppression of freedoms of expression, assembly, association and religion. The report said governments continued to repress or attack the means by which individuals organize and “demand better performance from their rulers” by instituting new impending laws throughout 2012.  Read More

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo  magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajame olee

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmani dame Munshin /TBOM/ saganta kabajjaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo geggefachuuf miseensoota isaaf Oromoota nannoo magalaa Munshin afeera godhee akka saganteefateetti sagantaa isaa milkii gariidhaaan xumuratte jira.

Akkumma beekamu sagantan irra jaalan walsimana hirmatoota,eeba mangudoota, sirna ibsa /shamma/ yaadannoo gootota QBOfi waregamani, jaalewwan dargagoo ta qabsoo Oromoo keessatti qoda gudda qabanin, Ibsa seena qabeesumma guyyaa gootota Oromoo Obbo Kasim Alitiin; Gahe gootowwaan Oromo QBO keessatti Obbo Getachew Chamadattin; Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Oromiyyaa kiyaa” kan jedhamuu dhagefachuun; gahee gootowan Oromo QBO keessatti argamisisaniif haala QBO yeroo amma irra jiruuf gara fuula duratti kan jedhu obbo abba Milkitin ibsa kenname sirna caaaqafameera. Read more

ODF's first meeting draws large crowd

After  the activist group in the name of the oromo Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF) has announced the formation of a new political organization   called Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) or Adda Dimokiraatawaa Oromoo (ADO) on March 28, 2013, Read  More

Wikileaks files on the Oromo movement under the leadership of Gen.Tadesse Biru & Col. Hailu Regassa

(the gulele post) Wikileaks, which has bee shaking the  global security, diplomatic  and economic establishments, by acquiring and publicly releasing highly secretive US cables, have recently seven files containing information that shows what US diplomatic and intelligence services knew about General Tasesse Birru’s   effort to launch armed struggle during this period. Read more

What’s Next for the Oromo People?

General Tadesse Birruu’s son, Kasa Tadesse, passes away

Ethiopia: Academic Institutions Are Meant to Teach; Not to Serve As Political Tools

OSA’s Appeal Letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about the Conflict in Eastern Oromia


Waamicha hiriira nagaa magaalaa Berlinitti.

Guyyaa 02.05.2014

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Akka hundi keenya quba  qabnuutti, yeroo amma kana mootummaan TPLF / EPRDF biyya keenya Oromiyaa jeeqaa , hunkuraa , uummata Oromoo mana hidhaatti guura fi ajjeesa jira.

Haala kana akka lammii Oromootti cal jennee ilaalu hin qabnuu.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti  beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi reebichii Oromoo irra gayaa jiru kun na ilaala, lammii irra qaba, lammii kootu dhiignii isaa dhangalaa jira kan  jedhuu hundii, hiriira kana irratti qooda fudhachuu qaba jenne hubana.

Tokkummaan humna!

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee, biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf  haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira: 09.05.2014

Bakka: Bundeskanzleramt fuula dura ( auf dem Platz zwischen Paul-Löbe-Allee und Otto-von-Bismark-Allee )

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9,00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)