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Oromia: A hero memorial was held for Jirenya Ragassa in different part of Wollega

March 23, 2012 (Qeerroo) – Student Jirenya Ragassa was one of the peaceful demonstrators who were convinced to speak out against injustice and to work for democracy and rule of law, in a country where unspeakable mess is going on by an organized gang and self appointed “Government of Ethiopia”.

It is a conviction of tyrants that crushing dissents is the only way to move forwards. They don’t have the courage to face the bitter truth and brave hearts of their own citizens. By so doing, they exacerbate the already complex and unbearable situation and push the matter further to the brink. By killing one, they will help the birth of thousands and millions of Jirenya, who are ready to fight to the end for the right and dignity of their people and their land.

That is exactly what is happening right at the hero memorial held for Jirenya in different part of Wollega. They have vowed to keep their promise to each other and to the soul of Jirenya, that his sacrifice will inspire their life and their struggle until they achieve their goal. Students and fellow Oromo’s in Haroo, Limmuu, Diggaa, Saasiggaa, Eebantuu, Kiiramuu, Dhukkee, Dongoroo, Amuruu, Jaartee and other places have held a candle light ceremony in his remembrance, chanting and vowing to keep the cause going.

Jirenya has lived an exemplary life and had paid the biggest sacrifice for the cause of his people. He preferred to die on his feet than to live on his knees, leaving the rest of the job behind for us.

Let’s move the barrier, let’s make the monster in 4 kilo and his brutality only a matter history. Let us act NOW!!!


State Department slams Ethiopia on human rights

(OPride) — The U.S. government on Friday commended activists, netizens, and journalists for their courage in advocating for universal human rights and expressed concern over the heightened crackdown on civil liberties, rebuking several countries for shrinking the space for journalists and activists.

In its 36th annual report of human rights practices around the world, the State Department criticized the increased suppression of freedoms of expression, assembly, association and religion. The report said governments continued to repress or attack the means by which individuals organize and “demand better performance from their rulers” by instituting new impending laws throughout 2012.  Read More

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo  magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajame olee

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmani dame Munshin /TBOM/ saganta kabajjaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo geggefachuuf miseensoota isaaf Oromoota nannoo magalaa Munshin afeera godhee akka saganteefateetti sagantaa isaa milkii gariidhaaan xumuratte jira.

Akkumma beekamu sagantan irra jaalan walsimana hirmatoota,eeba mangudoota, sirna ibsa /shamma/ yaadannoo gootota QBOfi waregamani, jaalewwan dargagoo ta qabsoo Oromoo keessatti qoda gudda qabanin, Ibsa seena qabeesumma guyyaa gootota Oromoo Obbo Kasim Alitiin; Gahe gootowwaan Oromo QBO keessatti Obbo Getachew Chamadattin; Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Oromiyyaa kiyaa” kan jedhamuu dhagefachuun; gahee gootowan Oromo QBO keessatti argamisisaniif haala QBO yeroo amma irra jiruuf gara fuula duratti kan jedhu obbo abba Milkitin ibsa kenname sirna caaaqafameera. Read more

ODF's first meeting draws large crowd

After  the activist group in the name of the oromo Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF) has announced the formation of a new political organization   called Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) or Adda Dimokiraatawaa Oromoo (ADO) on March 28, 2013, Read  More

Wikileaks files on the Oromo movement under the leadership of Gen.Tadesse Biru & Col. Hailu Regassa

(the gulele post) Wikileaks, which has bee shaking the  global security, diplomatic  and economic establishments, by acquiring and publicly releasing highly secretive US cables, have recently seven files containing information that shows what US diplomatic and intelligence services knew about General Tasesse Birru’s   effort to launch armed struggle during this period. Read more

What’s Next for the Oromo People?

General Tadesse Birruu’s son, Kasa Tadesse, passes away

Ethiopia: Academic Institutions Are Meant to Teach; Not to Serve As Political Tools


Call for a Peaceful Demonstration against Tyrany in Oromia

Human Rights are Universal and  indivisiblie!

Over the past 21 years, the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF)-led and dominated Ethiopian government, has imprisoned tens of thousands of political opposition and citizens, mainly Oromos. As a consequence to the government’s repressive policies, thousands of innocent citizens have been languishing in prisons and secret camps, and many have been and are being severely tortured, deformed and/or killed. Others have been abducted in broad day-light and made to disappear or murdered secretly.

Rampant arrests, unlawful killings, abductions, tortures and other human rights abuses by the Ethiopian government, consistent with the direct experiences of many of us, are documented and confirmed in the annual reports of well-respected human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the US State Department.

Despite these tangible facts of human rights abuses, the Ethiopian government continues receiving billions of dollars of aid money every year. Subsidizing over one third of its budget from foreign aid, Ethiopia has built one of the biggest and best-equipped armies in Africa, while millions of its citizens depend on food aid. In fact, the aid money is used to impose the Tigrayan ethnocentric dictatorship on Oromos and other peoples in an involentary multinational society.

It is frustrating to  witness the  West’s reluctance to use their influence  to effect real change, and even worse to believe the fairy tale of  a human-rights-abusing government, that  claim to be moving on the road to democracy.

While thousands of Oromos and others are languishing in prisons under bogus terrorism charges, the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Mr. Hailemariam Dessalegn, brazenly argued in public that there are were no political prisoners in Ethiopia.

Such blatant misinformation has been the norm within the entire leadership of the TPLF- regime, intended to deceive international donors and allies. Again referring to his inauguration speech, the new prime minister also promised to continue implementing the policies of the late autocratic Prime Minister Meles Zenawi; this, is a clear indication that the new prime minister is under the control of the Tigrayan elite and that he cannot make any reform and democratic changes in the empire-state of Ethiopia.

Observing the painful agony and sufferings of the ordinary people, the political prisoners in particular, and the worsening situation at home, We members of the Oromo Communities and the Union of Oromo Students in Germany, call for a Peaceful Demonstration on 30.08.2013 in Frankfurt am Main, to Protest against the Tyranny of the TPLF-Ethiopian government and earnestly appeal to the German government and its  allies to use their good offices with the Ethiopian government and facilitate the following :

1. immediate Stop of Financial support to the Dictatorship in Ethiopia

2.immediate stop to Ethnic-Cleansing now underway in Eastern-Oromia’s Anniyya region

3.Unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners

4. practical action to promote real democratic changes in the country

5.immediate stop  to Land-grabbing and their restitution to the indigenous owners

6.Immediate implementation of the right of the Oromo and other nations for Self-determination.

7.Respect freedom of Religion and journalism

8.Justice for those criminally murdered in Arsi – Kofele and all Parts of Oromia

Union of Oromo Students in Germany



Waamicha Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii irra


Hawaasa  Oromoo

Jaarmoolee Siyaasaa Oromoo

Dhaabbilee Mirga namummaa

Waladaa warra Wangeela Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii

Oromtitti Farnkfurtii,  akkasumas Firoottan Oromoo  Biyyaa Jarmanii fi Awroppaa kessatti argamtan  maraaf

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

1ffaa. Maddi fi hundeen cunquursaa kann sirna gabroomfataa (Koloneffataa) Abashaa ta’u isa hubachuudhaan;

2ffaa. Gabroomfata Empaayeera Itophiyaa didu fi bilisummaa ummata   Oromootiif hawaasaa Oromoo haaraa ijaaruf;

3ffaa.Warraaqsi ummata deggare akka fixaan ba’u , utubuu fi kessatti qooda fudhachuun barbaachisa ta’u isa amanu dhaan

4ffaa.Ummatni kenya bilisummaa gonfachuuf qabsoo hadhooftu hidhannoo fi karaa maraan adeemsuun barbaachisa kan ta’eef wal’aansoon akkasi dirqama fi mirga ilmaan Oromoo ta’u beekudhan;

5ffaa. Wal barsiifnee wal irra baruun dhaamsaa fi dirqama warraaqsi Oromoo nu dabarse hojii irra olchuuf;

6ffaa.  Oromoon hundi bakka jiran maratti  wal ijaarani wal jajjabessuun warraaqsa bilisummaa Oromotiif bu’a cimaa ta’u isa hubachudhaan;

7ffaa. Yaadaa fi gurmuu Oromoo qindessine jajjabeesuuf  kan bu’ureffame ta’u yaadachiisa, yeroo amma Ummatni Oromoo yeroo kamiyuu caala hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa qe’ee isa irra buqqifamaa fi biyya abba isa irra ari‘yatama jira


TBOJn  Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) waggoota darbani kessa guutumman hirmaachudhaan kaayyoo isa ijaarameettin yoo madaalame hojii boonsa hojjetee jira.

Karaa kan biraan immo sababa rakkinni  Jaarmiyaa QBO tokkumman kan hoggana ture ABO kessa  umameen wolitti qabame dhibba gurguddaa kan nu mudate  ture ta’u waan dhoksine darbinu miti.

Haata’u malee TBOJn ammas bu’a bayii hunda kessa injifannon darbee humni isa cimse ijaarame kan jiru yeemu ta’u, kaayyoo isa durii eeggachuudhan QBO finnisuuf yeroo kamiyyu caala  qophii ta’u isaa ibsudhaan ergaa gaafa 17.09.2012ttin barrefameen waamichi isini dabarsukenya ni yaadattu.


Haluma kanan,   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen siyaasaa nu qunnama jiran gudda galateffachaa, ammas:

1.  Tokkumma humna ta’u amanudhaan;

2.   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen Siyaasaa yaada adda addaa qaban diina tokko( Woyyaanne/sirna Koloneffata Abashaa) irratti akka xiyeffataniif akkasumas woligalanii yoo hojjetan male addaan bahani dina  moo’uun kan  hin danda’amne waan ta’eef qabsoon waloo itti  haa fuufnu jechaa, Waamicha kana irra debinee  isinii dhiheesina.


Kanaafu, TBOJn mana Ummata Oromoo fi deggartoota QBO ta’u isaa isinii mirkaneessina, dhimma Ummata Kenya ilaalu hunda irrattis akka nu  wajjin hojjettan kabajaan isin gaafanna.


Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoof!

KHG- TBOJ irra

Waamicha hiriira nagaa magaalaa Berlinitti.

Guyyaa 02.05.2014

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Akka hundi keenya quba  qabnuutti, yeroo amma kana mootummaan TPLF / EPRDF biyya keenya Oromiyaa jeeqaa , hunkuraa , uummata Oromoo mana hidhaatti guura fi ajjeesa jira.

Haala kana akka lammii Oromootti cal jennee ilaalu hin qabnuu.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti  beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi reebichii Oromoo irra gayaa jiru kun na ilaala, lammii irra qaba, lammii kootu dhiignii isaa dhangalaa jira kan  jedhuu hundii, hiriira kana irratti qooda fudhachuu qaba jenne hubana.

Tokkummaan humna!

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee, biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf  haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira: 09.05.2014

Bakka: Bundeskanzleramt fuula dura ( auf dem Platz zwischen Paul-Löbe-Allee und Otto-von-Bismark-Allee )

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9,00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)