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maalo faajjii  kana tuqi

Students Protest in Oromia intensified as the TPLF regime plans to evict thausends of Native Oromo farmers around  Addis Abeba

Oromia, Jimma, Nekemte, Haromaya, Metu, April 2014

"Es ist mein Politischer Wille mein Demokratisches Recht"

Gaaffiif deebie Obbo Watol Wado Miseensa GB-TBOJ, Baruu " Passauer Stadt Magazin " walinn geggeeffame. Afaan Germaniin dubbisuuf Sura kana jala jiru tuqi.

"It's my Political will and Democratic right"  Watol Wado, member of Representatives council of the UOSG,

an interview on the Passauer Stadt magazine. to read the full report in German please click the picture below.

Dear Mr. Bergmann,

It came to our attention through our members that, the December 8, 2013 program on DW  Amharic program, which we found to be insensitive and derogatory to the single largest ethnic group in the horn of Africa, the Oromo people. We, members of the Union of Oromo student in Europe-Germany (UOSG)   and the Oromo community residing in Germany, therefore are deeply offended by DW’s Amharic Service program which was defamatory and discriminatory against the Oromo people of Ethiopia to say the least. continue reading

Voice of Ormoiyaa Gaaffii fi Deebii Dr.Mohammad Hassan fi Dr. Asaffaa Jaallataa waa'ee duguuggsa  Meniliik II ummata Oromoo irratti raawwate

Oromo Community in Berlin e.V.

c/o Dr. Sufian Weise

Warnitzer Str. 24

13057 Berlin

Deutsche Welle

Mr. Klaus Bergmann

Director of International Affairs

Kurt-Schumacher-Straße 3

53113 Bonn

December 22, 2013

Dear Mr. Bergmann,

We, members of the Oromo community e.V, herewith express our utter dismay and indignation at what was recently aired on Deutsche Welle’s Amharic Service. In a program on December 8, 2013, a defamatory and discriminatory tirade against Oromo as a people was allowed unhindered; indeed encouraged by the host, purportedly as a discussion program. We are saddened to see the institution of Deutsche Welle, hitherto respected for its democratic and human right’s values enshrined in the Grundgesetz, being abused and reduced to an instrument of hate-propaganda against a whole people.

Our complaint is about hate-speech in the guise of free discussion and the promotion thereof. To begin with, a balanced representation for each side of the argument-line has not been observed; neither in numbers nor in their field of expertise: two historians against one economist. Read the whole text



By Gurraacho Silgaa

Since the OLF split into Transitional Authority (QC) and Shanee Gumii (SG) in 2001, the concept of reconciliation has emerged as a central theme of political discourse within the Oromo community in the diaspora. Reconciliation has been promoted as a way of re-directing Oromo resources and energy that is being wasted on in-fighting and toward challenging and eventually defeating Ethiopian colonialism.  The hope was, and remains to be, that the splintered organization – the OLF that is – will again become one, united in its purpose, in its structure, in its function and in its processes, made stronger and thereby play the midwifery role expected from it in the re-birth of an independent and democratic Oromo state. Read the whole Article

Gabaasa TBOJ Munich irra

Oromo in Action Part II-2013

Jawar's Speech on ethiotube

Call for Paper and Your Participation 

Biiftuu Bilisaa 10th volume 3rd edition will be published in mid of december, therefore you are invited  to express your view in the coming edition of Biiftuu Bilisaa. You can contact us through the following address for further information and you can also send us your view through the following email address.


Gabatee Gulaala TBOJ

Editorial team of UOSG or 015210249372

Ethiopia, Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012


Ethiopia is a federal republic. On August 20, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi died. The ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) elected then deputy prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn to take Meles’s place as chairman of the party. The EPRDF subsequently nominated him for the post of prime minister. On September 21, parliament elected Hailemariam as prime minister. In national parliamentary elections in 2010, the EPRDF and affiliated parties won 545 of 547 seats to remain in power for a fourth consecutive five-year term. Although the relatively few international officials allowed to observe the elections concluded technical aspects of the vote were handled competently, some also noted that an environment conducive to free and fair elections was not in place prior to the election.

Security forces generally reported to civilian authorities; however, there were instances in which special police and local militias acted independently of civilian control. The most significant human rights problems included restrictions on freedom of expression and association through politically motivated trials and convictions of opposition political figures, activists, journalists, and bloggers, as well as increased restrictions on print media. In July security forces used force against and arrested Muslims who protested against alleged government interference in religious affairs. The government continued restrictions on civil society and non governmental organization (NGO) activities imposed by the Charities and Societies Proclamation (CSO).

Other human rights problems included arbitrary killings; allegations of torture, beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees by security forces; reports of harsh and at times life-threatening prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention; detention without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; a weak, overburdened judiciary subject to political influence; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights, including illegal searches; allegations of abuses in the implementation of the government’s “villagization” program; restrictions on academic freedom; restrictions on freedom of assembly, association, and movement; alleged interference in religious affairs; limits on citizens’ ability to change their government; police, administrative, and judicial corruption; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children; female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C); exploitation of children for economic and sexual purposes; trafficking in persons; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities; clashes between ethnic minorities; discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation and against persons with HIV/AIDS; limits on worker rights; forced labor; and child labor, including forced child labor.

Impunity was a problem. The government, with some reported exceptions, generally did not take steps to prosecute or otherwise punish officials who committed abuses other than corruption. Factions of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), an ethnically based, violent, and fragmented separatist group operating in the Somali Region, were responsible for abuses. Members of the separatist Afar Revolutionary Democratic Union Front (ARDUF) claimed responsibility for a January attack on a group of foreign tourists in the Afar Region.

See more at:

USA state Departement

OPride live report on Oromo Week in  North America

(OPride) – Members of Oromo community in North America and guests from around the world will converge on Minnesota this week for soccer tournament, concerts, and community conventions.

Officially dubbed Oromo Week , the convention will start this afternoon with an opening game between Seattle’s Madda Walabu and Minnesota’s own T.T.L Stars.

The Oromo Sports Federation in North America’s (OSFNA) official opening ceremony will promptly begin at 7:30, according to OSFNA. Founded in 1995, one of OSFNA’s grand missions is to create opportunities for North Americans to learn more about Oromo culture and history.  read more

Social media outlet for following the event



or on OSFNA website

Members of UOSG engaged in Introducing Oromia and the oromo people


German NGO pulls out of Ethiopia

Named after the German Nobel Prize winner for iterature, the Heinrich Böll Foundation is an NGO promoting democracy and human rights. It is leaving Ethiopia in protest against restrictions on its activities.

"The closure of the office in Ethiopia is a sign of protest by the foundation against the ongoing restrictions on civil rights and freedom of speech" said a statement released by the Heinrich Böll Foundation explaining why they had closed their office in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. read more

Tagung "Willkommens- und Anerkennungskultur"

*To read the full Report of the Conference held at the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees in German please clik on the piture above

Wallisaa Addisuu Karrayyuu Dabalatee Oromoonni Heedduu Badii Tokkoon Malee Magaalaa Finfinnee Keessaa Hidhaman.

( – Jiraattota magaalaa Finfinnee kanneen ta’an Oromooti jireenya nagaa jiraatanii fi sabboonummaa qaban humna ergamtoota Wayyaaneen adamfamaa akka jiranii fi hidhaa hin beekamnetti geeffamaa akka jiran gabaasi Qeerroo Finfinnee addeessa. Hanga ammaatti Oromooti maqaan isaanii argamee fi bakka amma jiraatanii irraa hidhaman keessaa gariin akka armaa gadiiti.

Read More

Appeal statement from members of Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG)


Since the end of 19th century Oromo and the majority of Ethiopian peoples have been victims of open and systematic genocide polices of successive Abyssinian ruling classes. Historical records have been indicating that the majority of peoples in Ethiopia have been living in environments characterized by unabated killings, repression, and oppressions orchestrated by successive tyrant and dictatorial regimes for more than a century. Groups or individuals who dare to raise the question of their identity are considered as the enemies of the empire and languish in the tyranny jail.  Read More

Oromia: A hero memorial was held for Jirenya Ragassa in different part of Wollega

March 23, 2012 (Qeerroo) – Student Jirenya Ragassa was one of the peaceful demonstrators who were convinced to speak out against injustice and to work for democracy and rule of law, in a country where unspeakable mess is going on by an organized gang and self appointed “Government of Ethiopia”.

It is a conviction of tyrants that crushing dissents is the only way to move forwards. They don’t have the courage to face the bitter truth and brave hearts of their own citizens. By so doing, they exacerbate the already complex and unbearable situation and push the matter further to the brink. By killing one, they will help the birth of thousands and millions of Jirenya, who are ready to fight to the end for the right and dignity of their people and their land.

That is exactly what is happening right at the hero memorial held for Jirenya in different part of Wollega. They have vowed to keep their promise to each other and to the soul of Jirenya, that his sacrifice will inspire their life and their struggle until they achieve their goal. Students and fellow Oromo’s in Haroo, Limmuu, Diggaa, Saasiggaa, Eebantuu, Kiiramuu, Dhukkee, Dongoroo, Amuruu, Jaartee and other places have held a candle light ceremony in his remembrance, chanting and vowing to keep the cause going.

Jirenya has lived an exemplary life and had paid the biggest sacrifice for the cause of his people. He preferred to die on his feet than to live on his knees, leaving the rest of the job behind for us.

Let’s move the barrier, let’s make the monster in 4 kilo and his brutality only a matter history. Let us act NOW!!!


State Department slams Ethiopia on human rights

(OPride) — The U.S. government on Friday commended activists, netizens, and journalists for their courage in advocating for universal human rights and expressed concern over the heightened crackdown on civil liberties, rebuking several countries for shrinking the space for journalists and activists.

In its 36th annual report of human rights practices around the world, the State Department criticized the increased suppression of freedoms of expression, assembly, association and religion. The report said governments continued to repress or attack the means by which individuals organize and “demand better performance from their rulers” by instituting new impending laws throughout 2012.  Read More

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo  magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajame olee

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmani dame Munshin /TBOM/ saganta kabajjaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo geggefachuuf miseensoota isaaf Oromoota nannoo magalaa Munshin afeera godhee akka saganteefateetti sagantaa isaa milkii gariidhaaan xumuratte jira.

Akkumma beekamu sagantan irra jaalan walsimana hirmatoota,eeba mangudoota, sirna ibsa /shamma/ yaadannoo gootota QBOfi waregamani, jaalewwan dargagoo ta qabsoo Oromoo keessatti qoda gudda qabanin, Ibsa seena qabeesumma guyyaa gootota Oromoo Obbo Kasim Alitiin; Gahe gootowwaan Oromo QBO keessatti Obbo Getachew Chamadattin; Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Oromiyyaa kiyaa” kan jedhamuu dhagefachuun; gahee gootowan Oromo QBO keessatti argamisisaniif haala QBO yeroo amma irra jiruuf gara fuula duratti kan jedhu obbo abba Milkitin ibsa kenname sirna caaaqafameera. Read more

ODF's first meeting draws large crowd

After  the activist group in the name of the oromo Oromo Dialogue Forum (ODF) has announced the formation of a new political organization   called Oromo Democratic Front (ODF) or Adda Dimokiraatawaa Oromoo (ADO) on March 28, 2013, Read  More

Wikileaks files on the Oromo movement under the leadership of Gen.Tadesse Biru & Col. Hailu Regassa

(the gulele post) Wikileaks, which has bee shaking the  global security, diplomatic  and economic establishments, by acquiring and publicly releasing highly secretive US cables, have recently seven files containing information that shows what US diplomatic and intelligence services knew about General Tasesse Birru’s   effort to launch armed struggle during this period. Read more

What’s Next for the Oromo People?

General Tadesse Birruu’s son, Kasa Tadesse, passes away

Ethiopia: Academic Institutions Are Meant to Teach; Not to Serve As Political Tools

OSA’s Appeal Letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about the Conflict in Eastern Oromia


TPLF criminals Murdered Engineer Tasfahuun Camadaa! Enginar Tasfahuun Camadaa Mana Hidhaa Keessatti Ajjeefame; Reeffa Isaa Argachuuf Maatiin Kadhachaa Jira(Oromedia, 24 Hagayya 2013) Manni hidhaa Qaallittii fi Hospitaalli Minilik reeffa ilmaan Oromoo waggaa waggaan oomishuu isaanii itti fufanii jiru.

Memebers of UOSG or TBOJ would like to expresse our deepest condolences to the family, friends and the Oromo nation over the barabaric killing of Engineer Tasfahuun Camadaa in the Ethiopian Empire prison of Qaallittii.

Oduun Finfinnee keessaa nu dhaqqabe akka hubachiisutti, mootummaan Wayyaanee hidhamaa harka isaa jiru ajjeessee hospitaala Minilikitti darbuun reeffa illee akka hin arganneef maatii mankaraarsaa jiran.

Akka oduun arganne ibsutti guyyaa har’aa Hospitaalli Miniliki reeffa gooticha Oromoo, Enginara Tasfahuun Camadaa, maatiitti dabarsee kennuu diduun imimmaan ilmaan Oromoo akka dachaa dachaan dhangala’u taasisee jira.

Yeroo ammaa kanatti illee Oromoon hedduun reeffa Tasfahuun fudhachuuf Hospitaal miniliik fuulduratti walgahan illee haga ammaatti reeffi hin kennamiifiin akka jiru beekamee jira.

Akka oduu nu dhaqqabe kanaatti Tasfahuun kan ajjeefame Jimaata darbe galgala yookaan halkan, 23/08/2013, yoo ta’u, ganama isaa reeffi isaa gara Hospitaala Minilikitti darbame.

MaatiinTasfahuun garuu Roobii darbe, 21/08/2013 dhaqanii ijaan arganii jiran. Yeroo sanatti wal’aansa dhabee rakkachaa akka jiru ibsatee akka ture kan ibsan firoottan isaa, haalli yeroo sanaa garuu kan du’aaf isa ga’u akka hin turre shakkii tokko malee dubbatu.

Kana duras wal’aansa dhabee akka iyyachaa ture kan yaadachiisan kanneen Tasfahuun fa’aa waliin mana hidhaa keessa turan akka ibsanitti, Tasfahuun wagga lamaaf nama irraa adda bahee qobaatti hidhamuun hiraarfamaa akka ture dabalanii addeessanii jiru. Yeroo sanattis mana murtiitti otuu hin hafiin iyyatee deebii kan kennuuf dhabamuu isaa illee hiroyyooti isaa ragaa bahu.

Haata’uutii, Sambata kaleessaa obboleettiin isaa yeroo isa gaafachuuf Qaallittii deemtetti, guyyaa guutuu otuu itti hin himiin erga achi ishii oolchanii booda ‘hospitaala deemee jira, achi dhaqii gaafadhu,’ akka ittiin jedhan namooti ijaan argan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Yeroo odeeffannoo kana walitti qindeessaa jirru keessatti ergaan karaa marsaa walqunnamtii nu dhaaqqabe akka ibsutti, Oromoon yeroo lubbuun jirus yeroo du’us gidiraa walfakkaataan akka irra gahu kan ibsuu dha.

“Nama jiraatti dhabne, du’aa isaa ill argachuuf hin milkoofne,” kan jedhe, namni maqaa isaa ibsachuu hin feene tokko, “reeffa nama keenyaa argachuufis qabalee irraa hayyama argachuun dirqama nutti ta’ee jira,” jechuun gidiraan ilmaan Oromoo irra gahaa jiru saaxilee jira.

Tasfahuun Camadaa fi Masfin Abbabaa bara 2007 biyya Keenyaa keessaa qabamanii gara Itoophiyaatti erga geeffamanii booda hidhaa fi hiraarsaa olaanaa keessa turuun isaanii kan yaadatamuu dha.

Hiraarsaa bara dheeraa booda bara 2008 himannaan sobaa itti banameen murtiin hidhaa umurii guutuu itti darbee akka jiru illee kan beekamuu dha.

Tasfahuun erga murtiin umurii guutii irratti darbee boodas akka maatii isaa waliin wal hin argine, akka wal’aansa fayyaa hin arganne, akka qobaatti hidhamu godhamee akka ture kanneen itti dhiyeenyaan dhimma isaa hordofan nuuf ibsanii jiru.

Mootummaan Wayyaanee kanaan duras bara 2005 fi bara 2006 keessa barattoota Oromoo kan akka Alamaayyoo Garbaa, Gaaddisaa Hirphasaa fi sabboontota Oromoo hedduu mana hidhaa keessatti ajjeessuun yakka olaanaa Oromoota irratti raawwachuun kan beekamuudha.


Ethiopian Nationalism is a wounded nationalism. The bloody war it has been fighting with its foes since the 1960s has left it severely wounded. It has been fighting both with its internal and external enemies which were created, harbored and brought up by Narrow Ethiopian Nationalism itself. It has been decisively defeated both in the battles of armed struggles and in the realm of ideas. Due to these bitter defeats Eritrea has gone forever. “Ethno”-Nationalists (even though I do not like this name, I could not get better one) have got State power and launched bloody wars against Ethiopian Nationalism. In fact, Ethno-Nationalists have scored so many successive “victories” that has far deepened the wound of Ethiopian Nationalism. Due to these defeats, Ethiopian Nationalists have started to doubt the validity and viability of their political commitments and values. They have lost self values and have become trapped into the vicious cycle that could be analogized to theory of “insecurity dilemma” of the given regime.

Read More

Avoiding Syria and Libya: Lessons for Ethiopia

The Long-term  cost of minority dominated dictatorship and the prospect for transition to democracy

Jawar Mohammed|September 4, 2012

(NB: This essay was drafted before Meles Zenawi fell ill and was put on hold until things clear up. Attempt has been made to update it with the new developments)

Following the popular  uprisings throughout North Africa and the Middle East, both democracy activists as well as those working to preserve the status quo are closely watching this incredible moment. While Tunisia and Egypt experienced a quick and orderly downfall of dictatorships, the uprisings in Libya and Syria turned bloody. Yemen falls somewhere in between. One of the factors that differentiate the orderly fall of a strongman from the bloody and protracted civil war is the level of sectarian concentration of power.

Three themes will be addressed in this essay. Why do certain authoritarian regimes exercise blatant discrimination when distributing rent – i.e. political power and wealth? How could such regimes concentrate power and wealth in the hands of small sectarian groups and remain in power for so long? Finally, what kind of transition is likely to take place in such situations?

Let us start with a brief look at how each of the three regimes evolved.In Syria and Libya, the status quo is characterized by extensive concentration of economic privilege and political power in the hands of a single ethnic/religious group, with the vast majority excluded. Under such conditions, transitions could only be achieved after the old regime is completely obliterated, including its support base and institutions. A cursory look at how these two countries got into their respective situations shows a remarkable similarity to the developments in Ethiopia in the last two decades.

Read More

Call for Paper and Your Participation 

Biiftuu  Bilisaa 10th volume 2nd edition will be published on 27  July 2013 , therefore members of UOSG are invited to express their view in the coming edition of Biiftuu Bilisaa . You can contact us through the following address for further information   and also you can send us your article , poem and  your expression in any other form through the following email address

Gabatee Gulaala TBOJ

Editorial team of UOSG or 015210249372

Guyyaan WBO Amajjii 1 magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajjae olee

Magalaa Munshin-Germany,

keessatti gaafa Amajjii 5 bara 2013 miseensoota dame TBOM ykn Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Munichin waree booda kabajjae olee. Ayyaanni guyaa Waraaana Bilisummaa Oromoo /WBO/ Jarmani magaalaa Munshin keessatti sirna hoo’aan kabajamee ooluun seena yeroo dheera ta’uun isaa ni yaadatama.

Boqonnaa Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa ilaalchise ibsa gaddaa Tokkumma Barattoota Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ) irra.

Ummanni Oromo abbaa guddaa tokko dhabe!


Boqonnaa abbakenya Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, yemmu dhagenyu naasu guddaa tu nutti dhaga‘aame. J/Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa umri isaani dargagguummaa irra eegalani ummata isaanif biyya isaani humnan qabmte jirtu bilisa baasuuf jecha hidhaa, biyya irra ari’atamu, beela’u, dheeboochu fi rakkina hiriyaa hinqabne heddu tu isaan muudate. Haata‘u malee, rakina kana hundaaf utu hinjilbeffatin kaayyoo ganama qabatani ka‘an bakkaan gahuuf baayyee dalagan. Read More

UOSG’s Statement on the Passing of Jarra Abbaa Gadaa, the father  of  oromo liberation movement

The Oromo people have lost their great father and leader!


We received the message of the passing away of our Great father and leader J/Jarra Abba Gada (Abdulkarim Ibrahim) with shock and sadness. Jarra Abba Gada took up arms to fight the Ethiopian rulers who continued to subjugate Oromia and oppress its people at his early age. He refused to accept the oppression, exploitation, and abuse of the Oromo people and he has been jailed, exiled and suffered a lot in the hands of successive Ethiopian rulers. In spite of all the suffering Jarra Abba Gada stand firm and fought the oppressors bravely for the cause of liberation. Read More

Hiriira Nagayaa Hawaasoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Milkiin geggeffame 

The Oromo Community in Germay held a succesful protest demonstration

Die Oromo Gemeinschaft in Deutschland hielt eine erfolgreiche Protestdemonstration

Berlin 5th may 2014

We Oromos and Oromo friends in Germany and arround Europe are writing this appeal letter in protest against the ongoing mass killing of Oromo students in Oromia by the TPLF/EPRDF regime of Ethiopia.

As it has widely been reported by International Medias including the BBC and CNN, many Oromo students were massacred in the last few days by the regime’s security force in attempt to crackdown peaceful demonstrations against its ethno-centric rule. According to the officially released reports more than 50 students were cold-bloodedly murdered alone in Ambo town and dozens of university and high school students in many other cities and towns such as HaraMayaa, Robe, Naqamtee, Dire Dawa, Adamaa, Gedo, Dembi Dollo, Mada Walaabu, Aliboo etc. The mass killing include even parents who attempted to collect the dead bodies of their children. This is not to mention hundreds of Oromos that were wounded by bullets and brutally beaten to death in different regions of Oromia. As the protest is spreading like a fire across the country, the regime is getting more disparate and aggressive in herding thousands of Oromos in to prisons and concentration camps where, they would further suffer, self evidently, all sorts of physical abuses including rape and torture as this has been the norm under the TPLF/EPRDF regime.

The peaceful rally of the students was in protest of the recently made decision by the regime to expand the city of Addis Ababa/Finfinnee by uprooting and displacing millions of Oromo farmers. “The Integrated Development Master Plan”, as the regime prefers to call it, aims at swallowing up more than 36 surrounding towns of Oromia with a politically motivated ultimate goal of remapping the federal state of Oromia and hence undermining and abolishing the Oromo identity. The plan is a part and parcel of the “Land Grab” policy which the ruling regime has aggressively been pursuing in the last few years in order not only to dispossess Oromos of their livelihood but also of their Oromo hood by uprooting them from their ancestral home land.

The Oromo students peaceful demonstration was in protest against this evil and

noxious intention of the regime exclusively perpetrated against the Oromo people. Their protest was based on the claim that the regime’s decision was in

violation of the federal constitution of the country that nominally guarantee the

autonomy of each federal state. Ironic as it may appear, it is, therefore, against its own constitution and legislation that the regime responded with violence and terror against the peaceful protest of the students. This is another testimony for the resolute determination of the minority Tigrean elite to maintain a protracted ethnic hegemony over the rest Ethiopian population, in general, and the Oromo people in particular.

Though such heinous atrocity by the TPLF regime is not new to the Oromos, we are deeply shocked and saddened with the senseless loss of so many young students. We condemn in the strongest term possible the fascistic act of the TPLF regime against the defenceless peaceful protestors.

We urge your government to use its influential leverage in immediately stopping the TPLF regime from further mass killing and hidden brutality against the Oromo students. We demand an independent enquiring commission to investigate into the massacre, mass imprisonment, torture and rape of Oromo students.

As the regime’s dictatorial and totalitarian character has progressively ever being manifested, we urge the International Community to stop giving financial and material aid to the Ethiopian regime, which is using the tax payers money to kill its subjects.

Call for a Peaceful Demonstration in Berlin

Waamicha Hiriira nagayaa magaala Berlintti

Aufruf zur Teilnahme an eine Demonstration in Berlin

Waamicha hiriira nagaa magaalaa Berlinitti.

Guyyaa 02.05.2014

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Akka hundi keenya quba  qabnuutti, yeroo amma kana mootummaan TPLF / EPRDF biyya keenya Oromiyaa jeeqaa , hunkuraa , uummata Oromoo mana hidhaatti guura fi ajjeesa jira.

Haala kana akka lammii Oromootti cal jennee ilaalu hin qabnuu.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti  beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi reebichii Oromoo irra gayaa jiru kun na ilaala, lammii irra qaba, lammii kootu dhiignii isaa dhangalaa jira kan  jedhuu hundii, hiriira kana irratti qooda fudhachuu qaba jenne hubana.

Tokkummaan humna!

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee, biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf  haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira: 09.05.2014

Bakka: Bundeskanzleramt fuula dura ( auf dem Platz zwischen Paul-Löbe-Allee und Otto-von-Bismark-Allee )

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9,00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)

Marii hatattama  hawaasoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Magaala Munichtti Milkiin Raawwatame

Sagaleen ”…dhangalaa dhiigaa ilmaan Oromoo hatattaman dhaabbachu qaba!…“ isa jedhu irra deddebi’e dhagawaama ole.

Munich Ebla 03.2014

Gochaa Abba irre Motummaa Wayyaanee ummata Oromoo irratti raawachaa jiru, mormudhaan tarkaanfii waloo fi hatattama fudhachuuf  Marii waamame ture milkaawe jira.

Qophiin kuni, akka aadaa Oromootti Ebbaa Jaarsoole Oromoon   dungoo qabsiisuudhaafi yaadannoo Gotoota Oromoo nuf waregamnin jalqabame.

Marii kana irratti namoota dhibban lakkawaaman kan argaman yemmu ta’u, bakka bu’oota Hawaasa Oromoo Berliin-HOB. ev fi Hawaasa Oromoo Munchen fi Nannoo-HOMN e.V, Murtii isaani ummataaf ibsani gaaffii ka’eefis deebi kennaniiru.

Waluma galatti Hirira nagaa gaafa  Caamsa 9.2014tti geggeffamu ilaalchisanis haalli qindaawee akka jiru ibsame, hawaasonni biro fi Jaarmooli siyaasas misensoota isaani kan hirmaachisan ta’u isa akkasumas, Warri yakka kana ummata kenya irratti rawwatan haga Seeraan Gaafatamani murtii isaani argatanitti fi gaaffin Saba Oromoo deebii hamma argattutti utu giddutti hinkutiin qabsoo kana kessa hirmaachuuf waada galaniiru.  Jarmooleen Siyaasaa Oromoos gargarummaa ilaalchaa siyaasaa qabaan dhiphiifataa diina irratti xiyeeffachuun akkataa dantaa ummataa Oromoo kabajchisuu fi tiksuu irratti garaa fuulduraa maarii bal’aa kan hawaasni keenyaa ifatti qoodaa irraa fudhaatuu akkaa yabboo(Forum)n tolfamuu hirmatoonii walgahii kanaa dhammatnii jiru.

Tokkummaan Humna!



Check the live update through #oromoprotests

Update Oromoiya Tiyyaa Live Conecert!!

Please Notice:

Change of Adress and  information about  use of Public Transport  to get to the concert Hall

Disturbing Images of Oromo Students Injured By TPLF’s Military Police at a Peaceful/Nonviolent Rally in Wallaggaa, Oromia, April 28.2014

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Frankfurt, Germany, 12.04. 2014

Guyyaa kabajamaa kanarratti Keessummootni adda addaa kan  afeeraman yemmu ta’u, saganticha akka Aadaa Oromoootti eebba Manguddoota Oromoon jalqabame. Itti aansuudhaan, kabajaa guyyaa gootota  oromoo ilaalchisee Jaal Harun Kalil Bati barumsa fi  ibsa bal'aa miseensootaf kennani jiru.

Jaal Haruun, muxaannoo qabsoo hidhannoo kessaa argatani caqasudhaan barumsa kennan kessaa, ummanni oromoo maaliif guyyaa kana akka kabaju, wareegama  ittifufi

Oduu Gammachiisaa Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii fi Nannoo ishef

02.03.2014 (Munich, GERMANY; Minnesota, USA)

Oromia Media Network  the first all rounded independent media in the Ethiopian empire which focus on socio political issues regarding Oromos and other opperessed nation and nationalities, inagurated its head office and studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Oromia Media Network (OMN) according to its promoters is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit news enterprise whose mission is to produce original and citizen-driven reporting on Oromia, the largest and most populous state in Ethiopia. OMN mission statement and its promoters promised to seeks to offer thought-provoking, contextual, and nuanced coverage of critical public interest issues thereby bringing much needed attention to under-reported stories in the region. According to the Oromia Media Network mission statement the goal of this new nonprofit media network is to create a strong and sustainable multilingual newsroom that will serve as a reliable source of information about the Oromo people, the Ethiopian state, and the greater Horn of Africa region.

For many observers this is a long awaited break from the culture of Ethiopian empire media. For example Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni, an Attorney & Counselor at Law, and a former Legal Affairs advisor in the permanent Mission of Ethiopia to the United Nations wrote on, Oromia Media Network (OMN) to be a major step forward to correct the media policy of successive Ethiopian regimes which have been using the public resources and government apparatus to build, educate and inform only the Amharic-speaking segment of the population (read it on .  According to Birhanemeskel to further create a credible alternative media platform that reaches the more than 70% of the Ethiopian population excluded by the old segregationist media policy, continued measures need to be taken by including the excluded segment of our people in the South and make our people the beneficiary of the 21st century information driven global economic, political and cultural progresses.  It is with this consent thousands of Oromo residing abroad mobilized their resource and time to build a media network that would work to give voice to those segregated section of the society in the Ethiopian empire.

The Inauguration ceremony was attended by thousands in Minneapolis and also the live coverage by many more. The oromo community residing in Germany also tuned to the live coverage in München and organized a support chapter to support this Media outlet. As the Oromia Media Network is a nonprofit organization and established by the good will of many Oromos outside Oromia its sustainability and future again depend on every single oromo. Therefore while we, the media and communication department and members of Union Oromo Student in Germany (UOSG) congratulate the entire Oromo for this Endeavour and historical day and also the founders and promoters for their Nobel idea, we also call up on every single Oromo to continue and support this Endeavour to ensure its sustainability


Kabaja guyyaa Waraana bilisummaa oromoo gaafa 18/01/2014 sa'aa 13.00 irra eegalee durataa'aan tokkumma barattota oromoo biyya Germany damee Hessen (TBOH) Obbo Gammadaa Nuuree maanguddoota oromoo amantaa garaa garaan afeerun ebbaan jalqabsiisaniiru.  Guyyaa WBO kana hawaasni oromoo biyya germanyf dhaaboliin siyaasa oromoo bakka garaa garaarra kan irratti afeeramanidha. Walga'ii kanarratti yaadannoo gootota oromoo wareegamaniif dungoon qabsiifamee faarun alaabaa oromo faarfatameera.  Read  More

Gabaasaa gutuu dubbisuuf maalo Foto kana oli tuqi

To read the full Report please click the Picture above

Waamicha Kabaja Guyyaa Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo (WBO)!

Tokkummaan Baratoota Oromoo Jarmanii damee Bayern (TBOM) fi damee Hessen (TBOH) waliin ta’uudhaan guyaa Waraana Bilisummaa Oromoo kabajuudhaaf waamicha ulfinaa dabarsina.

Akka hirmaattaniif kan afeeramtan:

1. Miseensota TBOM fi TBOH hundumaa

2. Hawaasa Oromoo biya Jarmanii jiran

3. Oromtittii

4. Miseensota Oromoo dhaabaa amantaa garaa garaa  fi

5. Miseensota Oromoo dhaabaa siyaasaa garaa garaa 

Guyyaa: 18.01.2014

Teessoo: Johann Wolfgang  Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main

Grüneburgplatz 1

60323 Frankfurt am Main

Sa’a: 13:00 tii eegalee

Guyyaa kanatti sagantaaleen garaa garaa akkasumas barumsa fi marii hirmaatotaa dabalatee kabaja guyaa WBO ilaalchisee waan geggeefamuuf guyyaan kun akka isin hin darbine isin yaadachiifna.

Akkaata itti bakka sagantichaa adeemamu:

U-Bahn lakkofsa 4 Frankfurt am Main: Hauptbahnhof irraa qabatanii gara Frankfurt- Bockenheimer Warte jehutti buufata tokko qofa bira darbitanii buufata lammaffaa /dhuma irratti  buutanii gara Universistitti ol baatu.

Achitti nu argattu!

Koree hojii geggeesituu damee Bayern fi Hessen irraa:


Yaada dabalataa yoo barbaaddan:

(+49) 0157-31478427 ykn  0152-10158745) quunnamaa.

Kora 38ffaa Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii-TBOJ Milkiin raawwatame!

Obbo Jawar Mohammed nama Guddaa bara 2013 (Person of the year 2013) jedhame Moggaafame!

Adde Qonjit Mangashaa Dura teessuu Kabajaa TBOJ taate Muudamte!

Ibsa Ejjannoo dubbisuuf maalo Suraa kana jala jiru tuqi

To read the Declaration of the day and for more Pictures please click on the Picture below

14.12.2013, Nürnberg, Germany

Kora 38ffaa Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Awuroppaa Damee Jarmanii-TBOJ magalaa Nürnberg keessatti haala midhagaan geggeffame ole.

TBOJ Obbo Jawar Mohammad bu'aa yeeroo ammaa inni Ummata Oromootiif buusaa jiru xinxaluudhaan “Nama Guddaa bara kanaa”/ “Person of the year” godhee muudeera. Obbo Jaawar Bilbiilaan biyya Englizii irraa dhaamsa hirmaattotaaf dabarsaniin yoo danda'aame Ammajjii keessa akka dhufuudhaaf yaalan ibisaniiru.

Miseensa waggaa dheraa fi kessumma kabjaa guyya kana  kan táni Adde Qonjiit Mangashaaf TBOJn Ragaa fi badhaasa addaa keennudhaan Dura teessuu kabajaa TBOJ gochuudhaan muudeera. Badhaasni laatameef Alaabaa Oromoo yoo ta'u sababiin badhaasa fi muudamni kun kennamuu danda'efis sochii isaan bara dheraaf TBOJ keessatti taasisaniin dha.

Rakkina fi gadadoo ummat oromo( naanno afaran qallo) irra gahaa jiru birmachuudhaaf Miseensonni buusii maallaqaa godhani jiru.

Sagantiichi Ebba Maanguddota Oromo amantii  adda addarra filatamaniin banamee boda gootichi Afriikaa kan ta’aan Mr. Nelson Mandela fi  Wareegamtoota QBOtiif yaadanno daqiiqaa tokko godhame.

Ittiansuu dhaan Dura ta’aa TBOJ Kora 37ffa. obboo Mokonnon Gurmeessa Gabaasa Woggaa TBOJ kutaa jahatti  addan qoodanii manaaf dhiyeesanii jiru.

Yaadachiisa Seenaa mata dure jedhuun Barressa TBOJ irra  barumsa gabaaba, seenaa QBO fi Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Awuroppaa Jalqaba irra kaase haalli amaa kessa jiru maal fakkaata? akksaumas hegeree isa maal ta’u mala kan jedhu tu dhihaate.

Itti ansuudhaan Obbo Geetaacho Camadaan barumsa oromummaf Itoophiiyaarratti xiyyeffate hirmaattotaaf keennanii jiran. Haaluma kanaan walqabatee Maqaan Itoophiiyaa jedhamu biyya Grikirra akka dhufee fi worroonni biyya alaa fedhii isaani fi fedhii warra Habashaa guutudhaaf kan itti fayyadaman tahuu isaa ibsaniiru. Warri Habashaa maqaa kana fayyadamudhaan gargaarsa meeshaa waraanaa biyya alaa, biyya Xaaliyaanii, Faransayi, akkasumas Ruusiyarra argataniin waraana Ummata oromorratti banuudhaan Oromiyaa koloneefachu akka dandayan himaniiru. Walgahii Baromeda Keessatti godhamerratti Minilikif Taklahayimanot wolloo hundi akka Muslima tahu qabaniif Oromofi warra kibbaa hundi akka Minilik jalatti bulu qabani murtessanii turani. Kana booda Minlik deeggersa biyya alaarra argateen waraana ummata oromo irratti banuudhaan `incompatible war` geggeessee lafa badhoo oromiiyaa qabachuu dandayeera.

Maqaan Itoophiiyaa jedhamu kan alarraa dhufe tahu isaatif kan Ummata Oromo irratti fe'ame tahuu isaa ibsa bal'aa laatanii barumsa isaani cufaniiru.

Ittigaafatama Jaarmayaa fi hawaasummaa TBOJ, Obbo Gammadaa Nure mata dure Oromoo fi Oromummaa jedhu irratti qabxiiwwan armaan gadiirratti buúreefachuu dhaan  barumsa kennani jiran.

Seenaa gabaabaa Oromoo

Waayee Ilmaan Oromoo (Borana fi Bareentumma)

Afaan Oromoo

Sirna Gadaa

Mallaattoo Oromumma: Odaa fi Alaabaa

Aadaa Oromoo

Waayee Tokkummaa

Faayidaa Tokkummaa

Xummura irratti tokkummaa haala akkamiin akka fiduu dandeenyu ibsuudhan, jecha `Walii galani alaa galan`jedhuun baruumsa isaanii cufaniiru.

Dargaggoo Semagn Kebede Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Gaafa fi Gaanfa” jedhu, hamilee hirmaattotaa kankakaasee fi ergaa guddaa qabu dhiheessani jiran.

Gabaasaafi Barumsa laatamerratti gaaffiiwwan addaa addaa gaafatamanii mariin ballinaan irratti godhamee jira.

Mayii irratti misensoota KHG kora 38ffaa     hirmaatota fuldura dhabbatani Wadaa galanii jiru.

Sagantiichi Ibsa Ejjanno Ittigaafatama Qu’anno fi Qoranno Oromoo TBOJ kan ta’ani Obbo Etefa Legese Gamtessaa tiin dubbifame haali milkaaá taéen xumarame  jira.

Injifanno Ummata Orommoof!

Muddee 14.bara 2013-12-17

Tokkummaa barattoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmanii

Persecuted at Home and Humiliated Abroad

(Is there an end to the Global Oromo Refugee Crises?)

Editorial Message

38th Annual meeting of the UOSG, 14.12.2013Nürnberg, Germany


We have watched the dehumanizing, barbaric, and vicious violence against our fellow Oromo migrant workers in Saudi Arabia with great sorrow and trauma. Over this period of violence we have seen graphic images of brutality and inhuman treatment inflicted on our brothers and sisters by the Saudi police and some Saudi citizens. While we are denouncing in every possible way the act of the Saudi government, we would like to point out the underlying reason for this humiliation and statelessness of our great nation. The underlying reason is gross human rights violations and political persecution back home forcing the Oromos to risk their life, leave everything they have behind and travel even to those hostile places like Saudi Arabia and the gulf.


May be for many other immigrant exodus is seeking better opportunity and life, which is also part of the modern slave trade in which the government of Ethiopia itself is involved, but for many Oromos exile is a means of survival. Let us see the situation for Oromos in the Ethiopian empire. Could Ethiopia be ‘home’ to the Oromos? No! the Ethiopian empire could only be a “prison-home”, where they will be executed for the crime of speaking own language, asking for freedom of speech or worse for being Oromo. Yes Ethiopia could be a prison where there is the indignity of poverty, inequality, insecurity, subjugation, denial of opportunity and all forms of state sponsored terrorism for the only crime of being Oromo. Recent publication by human right advocates and documents released by the Ethiopian kangaroo court shows more than 86% of the political motivated execution have targeted activists from the Oromo ethnic. This alone is enough evidence that, Ethiopia is more exilic than exile itself to Oromos. Let us be clear Ethiopia for Oromos returning from Saudi and other places is more atrocious than the atrocities we have witnessed in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, our fellow brothers and sisters are only left with the choice between the Devil and the deep blue.


Therefore we would like to remind our fellow Oromo nationals, the only way out of this humiliation and statelessness is to regain our freedom by any means possible by borrowing the inspirational word from our famous Oromo Political Analyst Mr. Jawar Mohammed:


“We could ask foreign powers and good-doers to throw us blankets to survive the cold and leftover food to get by. But, we will still be back to the same destitution the next day or the one after. The only and lasting solution to this humiliating national homelessness is to take back our homeland. “


It is also with this understanding we, editorial team of Biiftuu Bilisaa and members of the union of Oromo students in Europe-Germany (TBOJ/UOSG) call up on international community to see the indictment the Oromo people are in and put enough pressure on the Ethiopian-TPLF government to stop the gross human rights violations and crime against humanity targeting the Ethiopian mass in general and the Oromo in particular that has resulted in global Oromo refuge crises. More over we would like to kindly request UNHCR, the European Union, the German government and other international organizations to support the Oromo refugees fleeing their home land for fear of politically motivated persecution.

Guyyaa Kanatti:

1. Gabaasa Woggaa tu dhihaata

2. Haala Siyaasa fi Hawaasummaa yeroo Ammaa ilaalchise Kessumma Afferamanin Barumsa tu kennama

3. Deemsa fi Heegere TBOJ ilaalchise Marii geggeeffama

4. Sagantaa giddutti  isinii bashannansiisuuf kann Qopha'ee barumsa gabaaba fi Walaloo

5. Akkasumas Sirba Adaa Oromoo nis jira.

Kanaafu Ayyaana Woggaa 38ffaa dhaaba kenya woliin akka kabajanu  jaalala fi kabajaa Oromummaan afferamtanittu.


KHG irra

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Damee Hessen -TBOH, Magaala Frankfurtitti Kora isa geggeesse

Gabaasaa gutuu dubbisuuf maalo Foto kana oli tuqi

To read the full Report please click the Picture above

TBOJ News!!! Oromos in Action-Part II 2013!!!

The TPLF plan to collect money from Refugees and regime agents in the German town of Munich failed!

The pretending political asylum seeker and TPLF agent Tewelde Yemane exposed and were forced to flee

Munich 02.11.2013

The Embassy of the TPLF regime with it’s five to seven agents organized a fund raising event in the Bavarian town of Munich,   hiring two different costly Halls to confuse our protest action. However it did not take us time till the information pointing the exact location leaked in to our ears, and then followed a sudden but very well coordinated and successfully implemented occupation plan.  Together with other Protesters, the members of the Union of Oromo Students in Germany and Lovers of the Oromo Freedom struggle from the town of Munich rushed in to the Hall surprising the Organizers who were scared and chose to flee leaving their cook alone in the kitchen.

The protesters used the stage to show their rage against the abuse of human rights in Oromia and Ethiopia, demanded the release of Political Prisoners, shouted for the freedom of religion and in support of the Muslim movement in the TPLF occupied empire etc.

After such an embarrassing moment for those organizers who entrench themselves behind the Security men, a Chief Police officer entered to the Hall and gently greeted the more than 200 protesters who overwhelmingly outnumbered the Scene.  During the discussion, many Protesters explained him the real nature of the TPLF regime. Following that he recognized our rights to protest and admitted that the situation in Ethiopia is not very well known here, advising us to bring it more to the German public.

The occupation and blockage ended successfully at 19:00 o’clock local time. Again the Woyanes got a lesson that; Munich says here you are never welcome.

Unity is Strength!


Kora Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jaramnii Damee Muenchen bara 2013 Oromoota Motummaa Abbaa Irre Wayyaaneen  Ajjeffaman sirna dungoo qabsiisun Yaadate

Muenchen: 05.10.2013, Gabaasa gutuuf maalo Surraa jala jiru  tuqii / please click  the Picture below

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii Damee Hessen (TBOH) Oromoota Motummaa Abbaa Irre Wayyaaneen  Ajjeffaman sirna dungoo qabsiisun Yaadate

Frankfurt: 28.09.2013, Gabaasa Gutuuf maalo Surraa jala jiru tuqi / please click the piture below

Hiriira TBOJ fi Hawaasa Oromoo biyya Jarmanii magaalaa Frankfurt tti geggeefame

Dabalataaf maalo Suraa kana tuqi (For More Pictures please click the Picture above)

Hiriirri nagayaa Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromoo biyya Jarmanii (TBOJ), Hawaasa Oromoo Berlin (HOB) fi Hawaasa Oromoo Muenchen fi Nannoo (HOMN) gaafa guyyaa 30.08.2013 biyya  Jarmanii magaalaa Frankfurt qoonsila Embaasii  Itophiyaa duratti waamame bakka hirmaatotti hedduminaan argamanitti geggeefamee milkiin xumuramee jira.

Hiriira kana  irratti hawaasi Ogaadenis argamuun tokkummaa qabsoo nuu agarsiisanii jiru.

kaayyoon hiriira kanaas miidhaa bifa maraan ilmaan Oromoo fi Oromiyaa irratti mootummaan TPLF geggeessu kan balaalefatu ture. Keessumatti tarkaanfii garaa jabinaa fi faashistummaa TPLF ilma Oromoo Injiner Tesfahun Camadaa irratti gaafa 20.08.2013 galgala mana hidhaa qaallittii keessatti irratti  fudhate kan baayyee isaan aarse tahuu isaa dhaadannoo fi aariin kan hirmaatota hiriira kanaa irraa calaqiseedha. Dhaadannooleen hiriira kana irratti calaqisaa turan keessaa: Warri Injiner Tasfahun Camadaa fi ka biroo manneen hidhaa keessatti ajjeesan seeratti haa dhihaatan!, Mootummaan TPLF abbaa irreeti!, Nuti bilisummaa fi demokraasiif qabsoofna!, Hidhamtoonni siyaasaa  haal duree tokko malee haa hgiikaman!, Oromiyaan Ni bilisoomti!, Nuti Oromoo dha!, Lafa Oromoo gurguruun haa dhaabbatu! fi kkf turan. Suuraalee hiriira kana irratti aragaman :- ilmaan Oromoo mana hidhaatti ajeefaman kan akka  barataa Alamayoo Garbaa, Injiner Tasfahun Camadaa fi ka biroo turan. Ilmaan oromoo suuraa Injiner Tasfahun camadaa qabatanii ogaa dhadatanii fi immimaan dhagalaasanii booyan hedduu garaa nama nyaata ture. TPLF seera adunyaa fi kan Itophiyaa  faallessuun lubbuu nama kana balleesuun ishee kan seenaa fi seeraan ishee gaafachiisu tahuu ilmaan oromoo kun aariin ibsachaa turan.

Hirmaattoti hiriira kana biyya Jarmanii magaalaalee gara garaa irraa kan walitti dhufan ogaa tahu keessumatti miseensoti TBOJ naannoo Munshin jiraatan kafana TBOJ ibsuu fi kann walfakaatuu uffachuun hunduu alabaa Oromoo qabachuun ogaa qindoominaan dhufan kan baayyee nama boonsuu ture. Walumaa gala hiriiricha kan hamlee nama keessatti horu ogaa tahu alabaan Oromoo gurguddaan lakoobsaan 40 ol tahu hiriirichaaf simboo addaa kennee jira.

Hiriira kana hiriirota kanaan dura turan irraa kann adda godhu yeroo calqabaaf kallattiin qoonsila diinaa ykn TPLF dura dhaabbachuun fuulaa fi fuulatti mormii fi balaaleffannaa ofii itti agarsiisuudha. Kunis ilmaan Oromoo mirga isaaniif kallattiin diina isaanii dura dhaabbatanii  falmuun argachuuf hagam akka qophii tahan mirkaneessa.

Xumura hiriira kana irratti Koree Qindessitu bakka bu'udhaan,  obbo Makonin Gurmeessaa  naamusaa fi hirmaannaa ilmaan Oromoo hiriira kana irratti argamaniif dinqisiifatanii tokkumaan keenya yoo cime diina keenya injifachuuf tarkaanfii jabaa tokko fuun dura nu siiqsa jedhaniiru.

Haaluma kanaan hiriirchi ganama keessaa saa`aa 10 irratti eegalee akkaataa sagantaa isattin saa`aa 13 tti sirnaan  xumuramee jira.

Waamicha Hiriira kanaa fi gaaffi barreffaman qophaa‘ee, gara waajjira adda adda fi Embaasi dhimma kana ilaalu ergame jira.

Akkasumas waltahiinsa Hawaasa Ogdeniattin  baayyee kan gammanne ta’u ibsachaa Galata guddaa dhihessina.

Qabsoo Tokkummaa dhaan Nibilisoomna!


A Protest Demonstration organized by the Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG) in collaboration with the Oromo Community in Berlin (HOB) and the Oromo Community in Munich and surroundings (HOMN) took place on 30.08.2013 in front of the Ethiopian consulate in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The protest was directed against the Criminal act, human rights violations and tyranny being committed by the TPLF regime in Oromia and Ogadenia. The demonstration was accompanied by the solidarity of the Community of Ogadenia.  The very active and emotional participation of the numerous members of the Union of Oromo Students and the Oromo nationals from all parts of Germany, gave a special glamour to it.

The call for the Demonstration including our Demand letter was already sent to different organizations and Diplomatic missions operating in Germany.

The aim of the demonstration

1.  to warn the TPLF regime, all members of the regime who exercise crime every day will be brought  to justice

2.  to inform the population in Germany about the situation in Oromia & Ogadenia

3.   above all to demonstrate that for the sake of our democratic and human rights, we will never keep silent

4.  to urge the EU and all the helper countries not support tyranny in Ethiopia

5.  to strongly denounce   the recent murdering of the Civilian Population in Arsi zone Kofele, Oromo political Prisoners for e.g. Engineer Tesfahun Chemeda in Kaliti prison, and many others.

6.  to set an example that the united resistance of the oppressed will be victorious

7.  to make sure that such actions will continue as long as our demands are not met

The protest was highly emotional but also disciplined and peaceful even though it took place in front of the representative of the tormentors of our families. As usual the TPLf spies in Consulate who were embarrassed of the Protest hid behind their glass wall and took video films of the participants which were intended to scowl us to silence but in vain.

On the contrary, the readings and the calls continued warmly committed till the planned end.

At the end of the event Mr. Mekonnen Gurmessa as representatives of the organizers made a closing speech highly acknowledging the active participation of the attendants. The Participants responded swearing to continue our protest and struggle till the freedom of our people.

The event ended successfully at 13:00 o’clock.

Waamicha Hiriira Nagayaa!

Call for Peaceful Demonstartion Against Tyranny in Oromia

Motummaa TPLF- Woyyanee, akka Abbooti ise  ammas Ummata  Oromo Hidha, ajjesa fi akka male Lafa isa fi Albuuda isa Saama jirti.  Oromoon biyya abba isa kessa mirga dhunfa fi waloo akkasumas Mirga Amnata dhabee kuno haalkanif guyyaa gara mana Hidha woyyaanetti guurama jira.

Kanaafi  kana mormuu fi Iyyaa Saba kenya dhagessisuuf

                     Gaafa:  30.08.2013,   Magaala Frankfurt tti

Bakka: U-Bahn Station Escherheimer Tor jedhamutti

Sa’a:  09:00 irra kaase walgahudhaan gara Karaa Escherheimer Landstraße 105-107tti deemun, Qonsila Motummaa Woyyaannee dura Mormikenya hadhagessifnu.

Akkataan iitin dhuuftan:

Frankfurt Haupt Bahnhof irra Stationii lama deemun => Hauptwache iiti bu’ani

gara fuula duraatti deemuun gadi bu`anii U-Bahn  U1, U3, U8, U9 keessaa tokko qabachuun Station Eshenheimer Tor bakka jedhamutti bu`u. Sana booda hunduu achitti walgenye walin sossona.

Warri konkolaataan dhufan yoo jiraatan Frtankfurt Eshenheimer Landstrasse 105- 107 , 60322 deemuu

Qunnamti fi Odeffanno dabalataaf:

0152 14035071, 017676590226, 015210110531, 0152 13802604

Gaaffi fi deebii Obbo Baqqalaa Tafarraa miseensa Ijaarsa Mirga Namoomaa fi Gargaarsa Oromoo/OMRHO/ waliin goone

Qophessa: Gamta Takkalaa Riqitu

Biiftuu Bilisaa: Obbo Baqqala duraan dursee akka isin of beksiftanin isin afeera.

Obbo Baqqalaa: Galatoomaa. Ani Baqqala Tafarraa Ayyaanaa jedhama. Umriin kiyya Bara 50 ergi qaxxaamure bubbulee jira. Fiigicha jiruuf jireenyaa cinaatti Godaanaa fi Liiban (Ijoollee kiyya) waliin Seera Oromootiin bultuu fi hinbulluu irratti wal falmaa bara lakkaawwachaa jirra.

Biiftuu Bilisaa:  OMHRO eenyu?

Obbo Baqqalaa: Gaaffii keessan kana yeroon deebisu akka miseensa OMHRO tokkootti wan ta´eef jechonni “ nu”, “ raawwannee jirra” fi kkf argitu. Kana jechuun OMHRO jechuu akka ta´eetti haa hubatamu.  OMHROn Jaarmolee Oromoo Mirga Dhala Namaa Waliigalaaf, keessumaa ammo rakkoolee bifa hedduu ummata Oromoo irra gahaa jiruuf, sagalee ta´uu dhaan biyya Alaa kanatti socho´an keessaa tokko dha. Kan inni bu´uureffame bara 2005 yoo ta´u kan inni seeraan galmaaye ammo bara 2006 dha. itti fufaa

Seminaara fi Qophii Aadaa Oromoo TBOJn Qophaa'ee Haala Midhagaan Xumurame

TBOJ magaalaa Nürnberg, Jarmaniitti guyaa gaafa 27.07.2013 seminaara fi qophii agarsiisa aadaa bakka Adam-Kleinstraße 6 jedhamutti sirna ho’aadhaa fi gammachiisaadhaan sa’a 13:00-18:00 geggeesse. Isa boodas sagantaan bashannanaa itti fufe.

Seminaarchi haala gurguddaa lama irratti kan xiyeefate yemmuu ta’u, kunis:

1. haala dhiittaa mirga namummaa mootummaan TPLF-Wayaanee caalmaatti uumata  Oromoo irratti raawachaa jiru, saaxila baasu fi

2. aadaa fi seenaa Oromoo keessumoota qaama garaa garaa irraa afeeramanitti beeksissu dha.

Namootni irratti Afferamanis miseensota hawaasa Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii keessa jiraatan, miseensotaa fi deggartoota qabsoo bilisumaa Oromoo hunda, Jaarmoole siyaasaa Oromoo (ABO-SG, ABO-J fi ADO), Waajjira Federaala Biyyaa Jarmanii (BAMF), Jaarmoole siyaasa Biyyaa Jarmani, abukaattota mirga namaa, Waajjira Bulchiinsa Magaala Nürnberg fi Erlangen, Oromtittii Frankfurt, fi qaamota mirga dhala namaa irratti hojjetanii dha. Qaamotiin miseensa TBOJ fi deggartoota qabsoo bilisummaa Oromoo ta’anii alatti akka irratti argamaniif affeeru dhaan seminara kana sagantaa addaa fi baayee kan xiyeefannoo guddaan qophaa’ee ta’uu isaa mulli’se. ittifufi

Waamicha Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii irra


  • Hawaasa  Oromoo
  • Jaarmoolee Siyaasaa Oromoo
  • Dhaabbilee Mirga namummaa
  • Waladaa warra Wangeela Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii
  • Oromtitti Farnkfurtii,  akkasumas Firoottan Oromoo  Biyyaa Jarmanii fi Awroppaa kessatti argamtan  maraaf

Tokkummaa Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

  • 1ffaa. Maddi fi hundeen cunquursaa kann sirna gabroomfataa (Koloneffataa) Abashaa ta’u isa hubachuudhaan;
  • 2ffaa. Gabroomfata Empaayeera Itophiyaa didu fi bilisummaa ummata   Oromootiif hawaasaa Oromoo haaraa ijaaruf;
  • 3ffaa.Warraaqsi ummata deggare akka fixaan ba’u , utubuu fi kessatti qooda fudhachuun barbaachisa ta’u isa amanu dhaan
  • 4ffaa.Ummatni kenya bilisummaa gonfachuuf qabsoo hadhooftu hidhannoo fi karaa maraan adeemsuun barbaachisa kan ta’eef wal’aansoon akkasi dirqama fi mirga ilmaan Oromoo ta’u beekudhan;
  • 5ffaa. Wal barsiifnee wal irra baruun dhaamsaa fi dirqama warraaqsi Oromoo nu dabarse hojii irra olchuuf;
  • 6ffaa.  Oromoon hundi bakka jiran maratti  wal ijaarani wal jajjabessuun warraaqsa bilisummaa Oromotiif bu’a cimaa ta’u isa hubachudhaan;
  • 7ffaa. Yaadaa fi gurmuu Oromoo qindessine jajjabeesuuf  kan bu’ureffame ta’u yaadachiisa, yeroo amma Ummatni Oromoo yeroo kamiyuu caala hidhamaa, ajjeefamaa qe’ee isa irra buqqifamaa fi biyya abba isa irra ari‘yatama jira


TBOJn  Qabsoo Bilisummaa Oromoo (QBO) waggoota darbani kessa guutumman hirmaachudhaan kaayyoo isa ijaarameettin yoo madaalame hojii boonsa hojjetee jira. Karaa kan biraan immo sababa rakkinni  Jaarmiyaa QBO tokkumman kan hoggana ture ABO kessa  umameen wolitti qabame dhibba gurguddaa kan nu mudate  ture ta’u waan dhoksine darbinu miti.

Haata’u malee TBOJn ammas bu’a bayii hunda kessa injifannon darbee humni isa cimse ijaarame kan jiru yeemu ta’u, kaayyoo isa durii eeggachuudhan QBO finnisuuf yeroo kamiyyu caala  qophii ta’u isaa ibsudhaan ergaa gaafa 17.09.2012ttin barrefameen waamichi isini dabarsukenya ni yaadattu.


Haluma kanan,   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen siyaasaa nu qunnama jiran gudda galateffachaa, ammas:

1.  Tokkumma humna ta’u amanudhaan;

2.   Hawaasni Oromoo fi Jaarmooleen Siyaasaa yaada adda addaa qaban diina tokko(Woyyaanne/sirna Koloneffata Abashaa) irratti akka xiyeffataniif akkasumas woligalanii yoo hojjetan male addaan bahani dina  moo’uun kan  hin danda’amne waan ta’eef qabsoon waloo itti  haa fuufnu jechaa, Waamicha kana irra debinee  isinii dhiheesina.


Kanaafu, TBOJn mana Ummata Oromoo fi deggartoota QBO ta’u isaa isinii mirkaneessina, dhimma Ummata Kenya ilaalu hunda irrattis akka nu  wajjin hojjettan kabajaan isin gaafanna.


Bilisummaa Ummata Oromoof!

KHG- TBOJ irra

Yaadannoon guyyaa Gootota Oromoo magalaa Frankfurt keessatti godhame

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarman (TBOJ) dame Hesen/TBOH/ guyyaa Gootota Oromoo waggaa waggaan kabajamu irratti miseensotaa fi hwaasa magaalaa Frankfurtii wajjiin yaadatee oolee jira.

Guyyaa yaadannoo gootota Oromoo kana irratti miseensonni TBOJ fi hawaasni naannoo baay’innaan irratti kan argaman yoo ta’u sagantichii akkauma aadaa Oromotti eebbaan erga eegalee booda yaadannoo daqiiqaa tokkoo gootota Oromootiif hirmaatota walgahichaatiin godhamee jira. Waa’ee guyyaa Gootota Oromoo fi sababa  kabajnuuf Dr. Mazgabuu Ifaa ibsa bal’aa hirmaatota walgahichaatif ibsanii jiru. Haaluma guyyaa goototaa kana ilaalchisee mariin bal’aan mana wajjiin gaggeefamee hirmaattonni hubannoo gahaa argatanii jiru.

Itti aansuun  waa’ee yeroo amma TBOJ keessa jiruuf kallattii fi karoora dalagaa TBOJ irratti ibsi bala’aan Koree Hojii  Gaggeesituu KHG/ TBOJ tiin kennamuun mariin haala gaafiif deebiitiin irratti godhamee jira. Haaluma kanaan Tokkummaan Borattoota Oromoo Biyya Jarman (TBOJ) kan Oromoo hundaa fi lammii Oromoo kamiiyyuu osoo naannoo, gosaan, amantaan, kkf  addaan gargar hin basin tajaajila walqixa ta’e kennuu akka qabu manaaf ibsi gahaan godhamee jira. TBOJ qaama siyaasa kamiiyyuu faana osoo hin masakamin irraa bilisa ta’ee Oromoo hundaaf haala jiddu galeessa ta’een tajaajila kennuu akka qabu irratti walii galamee walgahichi  haala kaa’aan  xumuramee jira.

Injifannoon Umata Oromoof!

Qbsoon haqa irratti hundoofte wal irraa hin cittu!


Caamsaa 5, bara  2013

Frankfurt, Germany

Guyyaan Gootota Oromoo  magalaa Munshin keessatti Sirna Hoo’aan kabajame olee

Tokkummaa Baratoota Oromo Biyyaa Jarmani dame Munshin /TBOM/ saganta kabajjaa Guyyaa Gootota Oromoo geggefachuuf miseensoota isaaf Oromoota nannoo magalaa Munshin afeera godhee akka saganteefateetti sagantaa isaa milkii gariidhaaan xumuratte jira.

Akkumma beekamu sagantan irra jaalan walsimana hirmatoota,eeba mangudoota, sirna ibsa /shamma/ yaadannoo gootota QBOfi waregamani, jaalewwan dargagoo ta qabsoo Oromoo keessatti qoda gudda qabanin, Ibsa seena qabeesumma guyyaa gootota Oromoo Obbo Kasim Alitiin; Gahe gootowwaan Oromo QBO keessatti Obbo Getachew Chamadattin; Walaloo mata dureen isaa “Oromiyyaa kiyaa” kan jedhamuu dhagefachuun; gahee gootowan Oromo QBO keessatti argamisisaniif haala QBO yeroo amma irra jiruuf gara fuula duratti kan jedhu obbo abba Milkitin ibsa kenname sirna caaaqafameeraRead more

Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, Father of the Oromo Liberation Army and Unrelenting Freedom Fighter, Passes Away at 77

It’s with great sadness that we announce the passing away of Jaal Jaarraa Abbaa Gadaa, the father of the Oromo Liberation Army and the unrelenting fighter for Oromiyaa’s liberation, at the age of 77 in a hospital in Yemen on March 3, 2013 at around 2-4PM local time, according to the Saphaloo Tv, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

 Read More

Waamicha hiriira nagaa magaalaa Berlinitti.

Guyyaa 02.05.2014

Gara Oromoota hunda.

Lammii keenya nagaan haa gayuu.

Akka hundi keenya quba  qabnuutti, yeroo amma kana mootummaan TPLF / EPRDF biyya keenya Oromiyaa jeeqaa , hunkuraa , uummata Oromoo mana hidhaatti guura fi ajjeesa jira.

Haala kana akka lammii Oromootti cal jennee ilaalu hin qabnuu.

Kanaaf, uummata keenya isa daraaramaa, dhiignii isaa dhangalaa fi dhumaa jiru, sagalee isa ta `u dhaan, mootummoota addunyaatti  beeksisuuf, waamicha hiriira nagaa isinii goone.

Ajjeechaa, hidhaa fi reebichii Oromoo irra gayaa jiru kun na ilaala, lammii irra qaba, lammii kootu dhiignii isaa dhangalaa jira kan  jedhuu hundii, hiriira kana irratti qooda fudhachuu qaba jenne hubana.

Tokkummaan humna!

Tokkummaan waliin dirmanee, biyya keenya fi saba keenyaaf  haa dhaabanuu.

Guyyaa hiriira: 09.05.2014

Bakka: Bundeskanzleramt fuula dura ( auf dem Platz zwischen Paul-Löbe-Allee und Otto-von-Bismark-Allee )

Yeroo ( Sa `aa ) : 9,00

Nagaa fi fayyaa isini hawwina

Koree Hojii Gaggeessitu-Hawaasa Oromoo Barliin (KHG-HOB)