Tokkumma Barattoota Oromoo Biyyaa Jarmanii (TBOJ)

Union of Oromo Students in Germany (UOSG)

Baga Nagaan dhuftan! Welcome!Herzlich Willkommen!

An international day of collective action against the Atrocities and military Rule in Oromia for the global Oromo community


Berlin, Germany, 11.03.2016



On March 11, 2016 Oromo communities in the globe have conducted a collective protest demonstration against the killings, jailing and harassment of dozens of Oromo civilians and the rape of hundreds of women and girls in Oromia, Ethiopia.The Oromo rallies that took place in Berlin, the capital of Germany on Bundeskanzleramt, British Embassy, French Embassy and USA Embassy including many other cities across the free world had two things in common: bringing the human right violation committed against Oromo civilians to the attention of the respective governments and elected leaders to take an immediate life-saving actions by doing their maximum pressure on the Ethiopian government. The rallies also aimed at publicizing the Oromo desire for self-government, freedom, justice and democracy.


In the past four months because Oromo civilians have peacefully demonstrated for their God given rights, regardless of age and gender many including a seven-month pregnant women, farmers and university students who are hope for the future of our nation have been massacred and injured. Besides, many Oromo girls have been raped by the army in their homes and schools.


In these global rallies, Oromo demonstrators believe that foreign aid helps fund the regime’s genocidal campaigns in Oromia and other regions of Ethiopia. In Berlin, Germany and in dozens of other cities around the world, demonstrators asked their governments to put a maximum pressure on the Ethiopian government to yield to popular demands. Foreign aid to Ethiopia means that tax-payers are funding the purchase of guns and bullets that are being used to commit these atrocities.



Victory to the Oromo Nation!